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Home > Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 1
A dash of peeing with the door open."
A few gunshots, shoulder and chest.
A fun safe house is a safe safe house
A group of armed men entered an embassy
A likely story, pontiac
A man uses statistics and logic
A non violent option.
A personal trainer, bouncer,
A skootch of gingivitis
A young kevin costner type.
A.K.A. Me, here at 10:00.
About being a washed up pencil pusher.
About eight years ago.
About the benefits of exercise
About the nature and origin of my injury from my office
About you getting hurt.
Absolutely, sir.
According to Boyle's email blast,
According to charles,
Actually not bad.
Actually, hilarious story.
Actually, ray and I met over the phone.
Actually, teddy asked me to get dinner,
Actually, we can handle it on our own, ma'am.
Add a little levity. I love that.
Add stuff. Embellish your asses off.
After today's shift, I'd like everyone
After we put the cuffs on this guy,
After you. Yes, sir.
Again, sarge, it's so good to see you.
Agreed. Take care
Ah, ah, ah.
Ah, and look, he brought us some wine.
Ah, I hate that I'm so by the book.
Ah, interesting, classics.
Ah, pepper relish on your arancini.
Ah, samesies!
Ah, Santiago.
Ah, so expensive.
Ah, there he is!
Ah, there they are. Kevin, let's greet our guests.
Ah, welcome.
Ah, yeah, that's really messed up.
Ah! [gasps]
Ah! Ah, spicy! Why is that spicy?
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ow!
Ah! Oh, that's so hot!
Ah. So may I pour you
Ah... [laughs]
Aha. Mm hmm.
All I remember about that article is the title.
All in a day's work.
All of it sounds good.
All of this teasing, this elaborate date,
All right
All right
All right, all right, I was lying about the holdup.
All right, all right, my fingers are off the triggers.
All right, back to this plate
All right, Boyle.
All right, gang, diet day four.
All right, huddle up, everybody.
All right, I pushed it a little bit on that one.
All right, I'm gonna go talk to vivi
All right, Isaac said the account book
All right, just go home. Get out of here and regroup.
All right, let's get started. Scully
All right, listen up.
All right, pretty boy, where is it?
All right, so let's see that mole.
All right, so there's Hitchcock.
All right, this is useless.
All right, we're all set for the sting.
All right, we're doing this.
All right.
All right. We should set up a tactical team and hit the gym.
All right..
All the meals are pre planned and delivered to your doorstep.
All you win is a children's karate trophy, so...
All: She doesn't.
Almost never?
Also, "std" stands for "sexually transmitted disease."
Also, I'm sorry
Also, I'm sorry for making fun of you during my book club.
Also, I'm sorry that I didn't take the time
Also, I've loaded all of my favorite karaoke backing tracks
Also, please stay out of the way
Also, you should buy nana's place.
Although I did start a new category.
Although they can't see us.
Always happen to the best people?
Amateur ballroom dancing competition.
Amy chose the restaurant
Amy, you studied art history.
An effective use of your limited time.
And a native english speaker referred to captain holt
And a new course record.
And a solitary g****.
And a super weird soul patch,
And after that swim, I might take another swim
And all I wanted was to be captain
And as a token of my appreciation,
And assistant manager at petsmart.
And behind you is Captain Holt.
And charles has eyes.
And congratulations to you, captain,
And depicts the classic Greek fable:
And don't say money, because I know you're in debt
And everyone bring a bottle of wine.
And get revenge for ruining my life and everything.
And gets hair all over my computer.
And guess what else, "Captain"?
And have a real conversation with her?
And have taken hostages.
And have you freak out again.
And he clearly was. Chop chop, ted. Let's roll.
And he doesn't bring home cop stories.
And he said, "who cares what holt thinks?"
And how you're blowing this beyond repair.
And I am playing a character:
And I could be there in half an hour.
And I don't want it to happen to them.
And I have ten loose diner mints in my purse
And I need you to trust me
And I promise it won't be weird at all.
And I quote,
And I will answer in due time
And I'll prove it.
And I'm gonna go full boyle and scare her off.
And I'm wearing shorts, there is no fly.
And I've always considered movies a writer's medium
And I've totally read that.
And it took a while for dispatch to find me
And it turns out there were a bunch of references
And it was in couch mode.
And it's centered at a gym called brooklyn total body.
And it's gonna sound crazy, but it's important,
And it's just all a rich tapestry.
And it's what I do.
And just be altogether good with it
And just the fact that you're willing
And keep interrogating jacoby for as many hours
And ladies' man
And let the detectives settle in?
And let you know I'll be running for president.
And loose hair.
And make sure that nobody is smoking there.
And more importantly,
And my mom was so happy.
And my penis and my feet.
And no.
And nod slightly
And not just in your weird, awful wedding decisions.
And not to brag, but I think we just set
And now I'm inside your head.
And now, the piece de resistance.
And obstruction of justice.
And once I buy coasters made out of geodes,
And one of whatever this guy's having for that guy,
And out of respect for you and everything
And out of the tear gas rises the Phoenix.
And search the words "pigs" and "jet skis,"
And shaving cream in this locker,
And some chocolate I was saving for a special occasion.
And stop playing this inane garbage. It's embarrassing.
And that is plausible, because we're detectives.
And that's a Peralta guarantee.
And that's an order
And the fallout from this bet has the potential
And the good news?
And the score is all tied up
And the Vickers street aggravated assault?
And their romantic advice is not great.
And then Boyle spent 30 minutes
And then I've contracted a youth choir
And then she broke up with me. And then she broke up with you.
And then the barbershop quartet I hired started to sing.
And then waiting for them to call back
And there's wheels
And to celebrate, Santiago is taking
And to make up for what I did, I'll cover
And to the ginormous, dead fat man
And we bumped into each other on the street.
And we have to keep it quiet.
And we've been together ever since.
And what does the ebony falcon do?
And whatever it is you gotta deal with it
And with a record five felonies solved in one week,
And you have to publicly state
And you should let him pursue it.
And you tell me what you think?
And you want us to all wear that same uniform.
And you were right. She didn't dump me.
And you weren't cops, wouldn't you be scared?
And you would turn a small profit.
And you.
And, I'm gonna guess, not what you're intending.
And, no, your wedding is gonna be incredible
And, uh, I wish you the very best. Thank you.
And... that
Any more meds in the bathroom.
Any way I can get up onstage by the podium?
Anybody seen Boyle?
Anyhoo, ten more for Peralta.
Anything you wanted.
Anyway, we did a lot of work for this dude
Anyways, charles wanted me
Anyways, I was riveted.
Are losing... badly
Are you also taking me to the knee hospital?
Are you back in the field?
Are you familiar with the story of moneyball?
Are you stifling a yawn?
Are you sure I shouldn't go get him?
Are you... here to turn yourself in?
Arnie, shut up.
As "hilarious
As a "bother" figure,
As a boot and the IP address
As for you, Santiago, well, now you certainly
As someone who's read many of the older chapters
As you would imagine, I'm normally up
Asian dude, 5'8", spiky hair.
Ask him about his bank..
At raymond's birthday party."
At sunset.
At the last minute 'cause you don't want us there?
Author of stone fruits and stone stones:
Awesome, right?
Babysitting you on every one of your cases.
Based upon my skill set, dance ability, and bloodlust.
Baton to the knee.