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The Simpsons - Season 21

The Simpsons - Season 21

"The Simpsons" is a renowned American animated sitcom that has been captivating audiences worldwide since its debut in 1989. With its witty humor, unforgettable characters, and satirical take on American culture, the show has continued to thrive for over three decades. Season 21 of "The Simpsons" aired in 2009 and brought a fresh batch of hilarious and thought-provoking episodes to loyal fans.

The cast of "The Simpsons" includes talented voice actors who have breathed life into the iconic characters for years. Dan Castellaneta portrays the lovable patriarch of the Simpson family, Homer Simpson, as well as a myriad of other characters like Krusty the Clown and Barney Gumble. Julie Kavner lends her voice to the matriarch, Marge Simpson, while the mischievous Bart Simpson is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. Yeardley Smith brings Lisa Simpson to life, and Hank Azaria contributes his vocal talents to a wide array of characters, including Moe Szyslak and Chief Wiggum.

In Season 21, "The Simpsons" continued to push creative boundaries and deliver memorable storylines. One standout episode from the season is "Treehouse of Horror XX," the show's annual Halloween special. This installment parodies popular horror movies like "Avatar," "Transformers," and "Twilight." With its signature mix of humor and horror, this episode became an instant fan favorite.

Another notable episode from Season 21 is "The Squirt and the Whale." In this heartwarming episode, Lisa discovers a beached blue whale and becomes determined to save it. The episode tackles themes of environmentalism and the importance of preserving Earth's creatures, all while delivering the show's trademark comedic moments.

"The Devil Wears Nada" is yet another standout episode from Season 21. In this parody of "The Devil Wears Prada," Marge becomes a victim of Carl Carlson's pranks at the nuclear power plant and decides to get even. She lands a job at an upscale clothing store where she must navigate the demands of her eccentric boss, voiced by guest star Jodie Foster.

Throughout the season, "The Simpsons" welcomed several notable guest stars, lending their voices to both original characters and parodies. In addition to Jodie Foster, other guest stars in Season 21 included Sarah Silverman, Ke$ha, Seth Rogen, Wren T. Brown, and Christopher Lloyd. These talented actors brought their unique energy and comedic timing to the animated world of Springfield.

If you're a fan of "The Simpsons" and want to relive the sound bites and memorable moments from the show's 21st season, you're in luck! You can now play and download these sounds on various online platforms dedicated to the show. Immerse yourself in the iconic catchphrases and one-liners that have made "The Simpsons" a cultural phenomenon.

"The Simpsons" Season 21 continues to entertain fans with its blend of humor, social commentary, and heartwarming family moments. As the show remains one of the longest-running animated sitcoms in television history, fans eagerly anticipate each new season, eager to see what adventures the Simpson family will embark on next. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the comedic genius of "The Simpsons" Season 21, available for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget to have your favorite sound clips ready to share and relive the laughter with family and friends!

[Note: The sounds and episodes mentioned in this text are purely fictional and not available for play or download.]

A baby whale.
A beached whale!
A bird eating potato chips,
A biweekly human interest columnist.
A box? No way!
A branch must have knocked out the power lines.
A brand new side of you me.
A break from you?
A brilliant little boy receives an "A"
A brown hair... Megan!
A Buddhist!
A bump named seymour!
A chance of severe thunderstorms
A chance to be the kind of boss I want to be.
A Christmas goose, Spanish lemons,
A churro you can eat in the shower?
A couple of patrollers spotted us.
A credenza?
A crispy chicken sandwich and a wonderful blue pill.
A deal's a deal, little sister.
A deal's a deal, little sister.
A desperate plea for affection,
A dime?!
A disc?!
A double funeral!
A fat baby,
A female that gives birth to alcohol.
A few more minor adjustments, and...
A fitting epitaph.
A fortune cookie...
A garage stuffed to the rafters with illegal fireworks!
A genetic "chosen one," if you will.
A gig? Don't take it personally, home team.
A half man, half bug that knows what's best for everybody.
A hamburger!
A letter's coming from school, and I need to be home
A license plate from Canada,
A little late or not at all.
A little ler...
A little more... employee friendly.
A little schmutz, a little schmear, and presto!
A little!
A little.
A little.
A lot of his time.
A lot of people sound like Sideshow Bob.
A lot of people think bullies are born awesome,
A lot of suicides in that group
A lot of things come and go in life, But not fame and fitness.
A matching pair.
A medical plan that covers illness,
A million dollars!
A million dollars?
A mirror that gives me advice?
A montage of me turning a ragtag little league team into state runners up?
A new co star?!
A new washing machine?
A nice new family adopted him.
A phony bird call?! That means Marge is coming!
A phony bird call?! That means Marge is coming!
A place to meet... Some snacks...
A pleasant surprise.
A prank that changed Skinner from cool to tool.
A prankster that awesome
A promoter has arrived
A Rastafarian, and he's comin' back up on ya!
A Rastafarian, and he's comin' back up on ya!
A real life Jaws bit off my dad's wiener.
A romantic dinner?
A sand horse: car of the desert!
A shark's reptilian brain understands only one thing...
A shirt that says "Yo!"
A snow plow is coming to seal us in.
A sport that encourages hand holding.
A ten year old can't adopt a child.
A toaster wide enough for bagels.
A town where everyone's got a story.
A truckload of applesauce! Eh...
A VH 60N Whitehawk!
A wakeup call for all of us.
A wedding is a complex thing, Bart.
A week?
A whale needs help!
A woman her age married to a man of...
A woman sunbathing topless on R 15!
A word about today's show.
A young innocent, into their evil coven.
A'ight, a'ight, you know what?
Aah, it's the boogeyman!
Aah! Blasted Wiggum! How did you find us?
Aah! What was that? Your other hand.
Abe can't come to the phone right now
Abe passed away peacefully in his sleep."
Abe, I never knew you were so full of...
ABE: And if this is Homer, you're too late for my love.
ABE: You've reached Abe.
About an Eliza Simpson, but I did find this.
About being drunk outdoors.
About brothers, and you ruined it.
About California or Los Angeles?
About our family and Virgil.
About performing in front of all those people.
About this fantastic new sandwich?
About Virgil.
About washington crossing the delaware.
About you doing bad things, you stupid kid!
Abraham Lincoln?! (gasps)
Absolutely! All you have to do Is tell your army of internet dweebs
According to the only honest newspaper:
Ach. Take it outside, lassie.
Activity and exercise.
Actually, after taxes,
Actually, Drederick and I are very good friends.
Actually, God made some fish
Actually, I like it.
Actually, I'm here to help you.
Actually, it's called "curling."
Actually, Milhouse and I are next.
Actually, those were carl's shirts.
Adam and Eve Simpson,
Afro Cuban?
After 11 years, the thrill is gone.
After all my years of stock jobbing, gun running, attempted murder,
After I perjured myself for him during a deposition.
After it goes down at night?
After sex, I'm not talking to you.
After the heart and brain have been
After the title page, it's Bob Dole's memoirs.
After them! Obviously.
After this, it will be featured
After we see the stations of the omelet bar.
After work.
After work.
After you try some of my wheel cakes.
After you.
Again with the blonde!
Ah, a peaceful Saturday afternoon,
Ah, good enough.
Ah, got it!
Ah, Halloween:
Ah, here come the witches.
Ah, here we are. A delightful buttermilk
Ah, here we go.
Ah, I got you now.
Ah, I was just doin' what comes naturally to me;
Ah, I'd rather be a happy schnook than a noble shlumpf.
Ah, they all suck.
Ah, they shouldn't be playing quidditch at all.
Ah, yes, Jerusalem syndrome:
Ah, you guys are the meanest parents ever.
Ah! Here it comes.
Ah! Okay, I'll talk.
Ah. Fatov.
Ahh, oily!
Ahh! A beating stick!
Ain't nobody gonna take my H from me.
All (chanting): Burn the witch! Burn the witch!
All aboard the final run of the Tinseltown Starliner,
All dad needs to do is put his stone
All for you.
All he does is reminisce about his pranks.
All her monogrammed table linens.
All her monogrammed table linens.
All I've had are my meals. And the worst thing is,
All in favor say, "I have sex with animals."
All low level criminals from our prisons.
ALL Moe! Moe! Moe!
All of 'em. What is this, tough love?
All of the awful movies we see now today
All of you, out of my office.
All over the world, I was a high achiever.
All panic!
All parents eventually commit the heinous act of love.
All right
All right, all right, um, your ankle goes there...
All right, Andy.
All right, Bart.
All right, boys.
All right, buddy, I'm gonna do to you
All right, calm down there, 'Pu and She Pu.
All right, here it is.
All right, I put in a hundred hour work week,
All right, I'll tell ya.
All right, I'll watch a DVD.
All right, it's all hooked up.
All right, new kids,
All right, step away from the old masters
All right, Walt Warren.
All right, what's our next big summer franchise? Come on.
All right, who's my next sexy historical lady?
All right! All right!
All right.
All right. Let me get my tool belt.
All set to go to the state finals.
All set to pick the new you.
All thanks to The Answer!
All thanks to... The Answer.
All that's left is to pick Junior up from school.
All the good men are either gay or have no face.
All the time.
All your money and influence don't mean nothin' on the inside.
ALL: * He washed his face in the frying pan *
All: Boo!
All: Oh, queen of magic, show our persecutors that they are blind.
All's quiet in Murder Town.
Allied forces will land on the beaches of Normandy
Almond butter, soy milk,