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Listen to the sound clip That way, my Rebel could be in it, too. from Arrested Development (2003) - Season 5:

That way, my Rebel could be in it, too.

This sound is from Arrested Development (2003) - Season 5

Arrested Development is a highly acclaimed television show that first aired in 2003. Created by Mitchell Hurwitz, this comedy series follows the dysfunctional Bluth family as they navigate their unruly lives in Orange County, California. Known for its clever writing, intricate plot, and eccentric characters, Arrested Development quickly gained a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim.

The main cast of Arrested Development includes an ensemble of talented actors who bring each character to life with exceptional comedic timing and impeccable delivery. The Bluth family is led by the charismatic yet clueless patriarch, Michael Bluth, portrayed by Jason Bateman. Michael tries to maintain some semblance of normalcy amidst the absurdity of his family's actions.

Portia de Rossi takes on the role of Lindsay Bluth, Michael's materialistic and naive sister, while Michael Cera shines as George Michael Bluth, Michael's awkward and socially awkward son. The incomparable Jessica Walter portrays the manipulative and eccentric matriarch, Lucille Bluth, while Jeffrey Tambor portrays George Bluth Sr., the family patriarch who is awaiting trial for various fraudulent activities. Will Arnett brings his comedic chops to the role of Gob Bluth, the arrogant and inept magician brother, and Tony Hale delivers a hilarious and unforgettable performance as Buster Bluth, the socially stunted and overly dependent youngest son.

Arrested Development season 5 continues the hilarious saga of the Bluth family as they face new absurd challenges and uncover hidden secrets. Released in 2018, the fifth season picks up where the fourth season left off, with the family dealing with the revelation of Lucille 2's (Liza Minnelli) mysterious disappearance.

While season 5 had a divided response from fans and critics, it still offers plenty of the witty humor and intricate storytelling that made the show a cult classic. The season explores the family's attempts to clear their names and rebuild their empire, all while dealing with absurd misunderstandings, money troubles, and dysfunctional relationships.

For fans or newcomers alike, you can play and download the sounds of Arrested Development – its iconic narration by Ron Howard, the show's creator and executive producer – as well as the hilarious banter and catchphrases of the Bluth family. Whether it's Gob's infamous "I've made a huge mistake" or Lucille's biting one-liners, these sounds will transport you back into the eccentric world of Arrested Development.

In conclusion, Arrested Development is a beloved television show that captivated audiences with its brilliant writing, talented cast, and offbeat humor. Season 5 continues the legacy of the Bluth family's antics, bringing more laughter and absurdity to fans. Play and download the sounds of Arrested Development to relive the show's iconic moments and immerse yourself in the comical world of the Bluths.

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