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The Brady Bunch Movie

The Brady Bunch Movie

The Brady Bunch Movie is a delightful comedy film released in 1995 that pays homage to the iconic television show of the same name, which aired from 1969 to 1974. Directed by Betty Thomas and written by Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, this movie captures the essence of the original series while embracing its own unique humor.

The film centers around the Brady family, a wholesome and lovable bunch who find themselves transported from their familiar 1970s suburban existence to the bustling and unfamiliar 1990s. The movie hilariously juxtaposes the conservative values and fashion sense of the Brady family with the cynicism and modernity of the 90s, resulting in a clash of cultures that leads to countless laughs.

The cast of The Brady Bunch Movie perfectly embodies the beloved characters from the TV series. Shelley Long stars as the iconic Carol Brady, the warm and caring matriarch of the family. Gary Cole delivers a fantastic performance as the ever-optimistic and dutiful Mike Brady. Together, Long and Cole capture the essence of the Brady parents, bringing their exceptional chemistry to the big screen.

The Brady children are played by an ensemble of talented actors who bring their own spin to the iconic characters. Christine Taylor shines as the kind-hearted and well-meaning Marcia Brady, capturing her trademark passion and beauty. Christopher Daniel Barnes portrays the charismatic and confident Greg Brady, while Jennifer Elise Cox delivers a hilariously exaggerated performance as the highly enthusiastic and accident-prone Jan Brady. The lovable Bobby, Peter, and Cindy Brady are portrayed by Paul Sutera, Jesse Lee, and Olivia Hack, respectively, who infuse their characters with charm and innocence.

The Brady Bunch Movie also features several memorable supporting characters, including Michael McKean as the scheming neighbor who tries to buy out the Brady household, and the flamboyant and eccentric Zsa Zsa Gabor as herself. Additionally, Henriette Mantel portrays Kay Hanley, a reporter who becomes embroiled in the Brady family's zany adventures. With a talented cast that embraces the spirit of the original characters, The Brady Bunch Movie successfully captures the magic of the TV series.

The film cleverly incorporates many iconic elements from the original show, including the Brady family's trademark split-screen intros, the iconic hairdos, and the catchy theme song. The attention to detail in recreating the Brady household is impressive, with its dated decor and abundance of sunshine, perfectly capturing the 70s aesthetic.

The Brady Bunch Movie proves to be more than a simple nostalgia trip, however. It uses the nostalgia of the original series to cleverly satirize the cultural shift between the 70s and the 90s. The Brady family's traditional values and wholesomeness are consistently challenged by the cynical and opportunistic nature of the modern world. This clash leads to numerous hilarious situations, as the Brady family remains steadfast in their own beliefs while adapting to the 90s.

With its whimsical humor and endearing characters, The Brady Bunch Movie has become a beloved cult classic. Whether you are a fan of the original series or looking for a lighthearted comedy, this film is sure to entertain. Relive the magic of the Brady Bunch and download or stream the sounds of this iconic film for a trip down memory lane.

A $20,000 advance?
A big bully.
A big day ahead of us.
A big rock star like that
A building he designed completely collapsed.
A check made out to the Brady Bunch
A couple of self serve pump
A fresh, young musical group.
A good time.
A little punch?
A little work on yourself.
A new look.
A residential mini mall.
A ride?
A very talented fellow...
A way out of this mess.
About a "Search for the Stars" contest.
About something really important.
About taking Mr. Dittmeyer up on his offer.
About the dance, Charlie...
About the offer, the answer's still no.
After all, you are my best friend.
Ah ha ha ha!
Alice, I want you to stick out your hand
All finished.
All right, but no hot rodding.
All right, everybody.
All right, let's have a big hand for Phlegm.
All right, now, remember, everyone, act happy.
All right, troops, off to school.
All right, you have my permission
All right.
All right.
All right. Good bye.
All those cute, little visiting grandchildren...
Alone, we can only move buckets, but if we work together,
Am I a hit?
Am I invisible?
Amongst children of blended families.
And a Slurpee machine.
And Alice!
And all we could come up with was $110.
And as a wise man once said:
And become some big, flashy rock star,
And can block the view of the street
And checked out the sight lines myself.
And close your eyes.
And from now on, no more secrets.
And go to a new school.
And God bless!
And I get very confused.
And I have it right here.
And I invited him
And I never did see a toilet.
And I said yes.
And I say to myself, "Jan, put on your glasses."
And I thought Sam had magic fingers.
And I'm a part of you,
And I'm not going to let you talk to Marcia like that.
And I'm still growing.
And it's a really great plan.
And losing about 30 pounds, my little sausage.
And make new friends.
And my nose still hasn't gone down.
And my tapes.
And not enough about the kids.
And now he can get that $20,000 advance.
And now we can stay in our house after all.
And our garden...
And pretend I just said
And see if they've gotten any of our mail by mistake.
And she's harder to get into
And singing one of Greg's songs,
And take the pointer... and we will trace
And that really works?
And that smile...
And that works?
And that would be using bad judgment.
And that's why I called this meeting.
And the surge of hormones
And the tax bill?
And there's a first prize of $20,000.
And there's no escaping that...
And they're not for sale.
And this family can accomplish anything.
And this family is our home.
And this is my sister Marcia.
And we may lose this house,
And we owe them $20,000 by the end of the week
And we'll never find neighbors like the Bradys.
And we're staying.
And who'll answer the phone:
And who'll help me...
And with Sam, ten,
And you are all making out like bandits.
And you are?
And you know something? Yeah.
And you run these letters to the Dittmeyers
And, after all, he is the big man on campus.
And, after much consideration, Mr. Swanson,
And, by tattling on someone,
And, excuse me...
And, girl, you better work.
And, if your sister would wear her glasses,
And, of course
And, well, we decided
Another neighborhood like this.
Anyone out there?
Anything for my number one fan.
Apart from your siblings.
Are just eight...
Are you all right?
Are you okay?
Are you up there?
As long as it's not Betsy Wetsy.
As long as we have our family,
As much as we can.
As our judges
As soon as we get to school.
Assorted colors and textures.
At school...
Autographing her new perfume!
Available up in Utah.
Aw, shut up, you loser!
Bad news, I'm afraid.
Because home is where your heart is,
Because one family is willing to stand up
Because she's taking it in the rear.
Because they owe
Because we're Bradys,
Because, after the auction tomorrow at 2:00, I'll own it.
Before we go down.
Besides you.
Besides, all my friends at school
Besides, she doesn't do everything around her.
Better myself, Jan, but I'll try anyway.
Better than that!
Big man on campus, huh?
Blond, blue eyed, answers to the name of Jan.
Blow off, cheeseball.
Blue eyes, blonde hair, answers to the name of Jan.
Blue skies, clean living, Osmonds.
Bobby, people like to be corrected
Boy, he's worse than Marcia.
Boy, is she a good tipper.
Boy, this is crummy.
Boy, you sure have
Brady girls?
Brady residence.
Bravo... Johnny Bravo.
Breaker, one nine, breaker, one nine,
Breaker, one nine, do you read me?
Breast implants?
But Brady's right.
But can my doll help, too?
But don't worry. I'll call AAA
But first, you're going to have to do
But Greg Brady does.
But he's not in a good mood
But here he is...
But how can I use my good looks and sparkling personality
But how will we sing without you?
But how?
But I can't tell you,
But I didn't want to get all your hopes up.
But I don't do things like that.
But I want you to remember
But I was just kidding myself.
But I'd hate to ask a law enforcement official
But I'm president of his fan club
But I've been here for hours!
But it makes me feel really special.
But it sounded better coming from Marcia.
But it's going to get better.
But it's her job to ask questions.
But it's too...
But it's very important that you tell someone...
But Jan could be dead by then!
But my name's not Jack... it's Greg.
But our house is at stake.
But ten separate, just ten.
But then I say, "You look like a super creep.
But there are only two days left
But these things are important
But tonight, I'd like to introduce you to...
But we Bradys follow our own drummer.
But we used our savings
But we were counting on you to give us a ride to our house.
But we'll always have our family
But we're still hurting from the recession.
But we're still nowhere near $20,000.
But when I was out in the real world,
But where else are we going to find
But why does Marcia get all the socks?
But you don't want to be a tattle,
But you needn't worry.
But, as a member of the safety patrol,
But, Daddy...
But, Doug, this isn't the school dance.
But, Jan, you don't have any friends.
But, Jan, you don't have any friends.
But, Marcia, he gets millions of letters.
By the county of Los Angeles,
By the power authorized me
By the time he proposes,
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
Bye, Bobby.
Bye, honey.