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The Nanny Diaries (2007)

The Nanny Diaries (2007)

The Nanny Diaries is a 2007 film directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. Based on the best-selling novel by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, it offers a humorous and satirical look at the life of a nanny in an upscale Manhattan household.

The film stars Scarlett Johansson as Annie Braddock, a recent college graduate who takes a job as a nanny for the wealthy and dysfunctional X family. Laura Linney portrays Mrs. X, the demanding and self-absorbed mother of the family, while Paul Giamatti plays Mr. X, an absent workaholic father.

Annie soon finds herself immersed in the lavish lifestyle of the X family, taking care of their neglected young son, Grayer (played by Nicholas Art), and navigating the chaotic world of Manhattan's elite. As she balances her responsibilities with her own dreams and aspirations, Annie learns valuable lessons about love, family, and finding oneself.

The Nanny Diaries not only explores the complexities of modern motherhood and the dynamics of the privileged society, but it also sheds light on the importance of empathy and genuine human connection. Annie's journey as a nanny gives her a unique perspective on the lives of others and challenges her preconceived notions of success and happiness.

The film boasts a talented supporting cast, including Chris Evans as "Harvard Hottie," Annie's love interest who provides a refreshing contrast to the X family's materialistic world. Other notable actors include Donna Murphy, Alicia Keys, and Judith Roberts, who bring depth and humor to their respective roles.

With a lively and witty screenplay, The Nanny Diaries successfully blends comedy and drama to create an entertaining and thought-provoking film. It reflects the struggles and dilemmas faced by many young adults striving to find their place in an increasingly superficial and disconnected society.

If you are interested in experiencing the sounds and soundtrack of The Nanny Diaries, look no further! You can easily play and download these sounds here (insert link if available). Immerse yourself in the infectious energy of New York City and the enchanting melodies that accompany Annie's adventures.

Overall, The Nanny Diaries is a captivating film that combines social satire, heartfelt storytelling, and stellar performances. It offers a revealing glimpse into the often misunderstood world of nannies and the untold stories behind closed doors. Dive into this charming and poignant tale, and let its sounds and emotions transport you to a world of love, laughter, and self-discovery.

A Central Park bag lady I would be.
A charmed life?
A college grad, and terminally single.
A family trip has been long overdue.
A high soy organic diet.
A kind...
A little challenging. So rewarding though.
A nanny?
A phenomenon known as "going native."
Actually, I just lost my nanny Bertie,
Actually, I know a longer word.
Actually, I know the perfect place.
Actually, I'm a nanny.
Actually, it's all of you in about five years.
Actually, this job kind of chose me.
Actually, this nanny is me.
Adultery is pathologically ignored.
After a lost summer of being Nanny,
After Gagosian,
After graduation,
After my night with Harvard Hottie,
After successfully mating
After the abrupt termination of my field work,
Age... 21.
Ah, comme ci comme ca.
All I got's $100.
All I need now is my husband.
All I'm getting is a million flat.
All my money and I can't get fresh squeezed? Come on.
All right, here they are...
All right, listen up, people. This is my apartment.
All right, stop with the negativity.
All right, well, I gotta go.
All right, what about... what about Grover?
All right, you know what? Just give me the change
All right? Now let me see how handsome you look in your uniform.
All right. Bye.
Also, I was thinking, we should introduce French food into his diet.
Also, some roses arrived for you.
An amazing amazing little person.
An entire week has gone by and you haven't called me back.
An opportunity to completely duck out of my life.
And a head's up here, lady.
And break Grayer's heart.
And do this?
And European exchange programs.
And for that, I owe you the world.
And he's very very sorry.
And here you are, fresh out of college
And hopefully it'll ease up his cough and he can get some rest.
And I certainly hope that you're in a better mood...
And I have vomit all over me and there's nobody here.
And I made plans.
And I prefer him tired when I get home.
And I'm starting to think you and that lady
And I'm warning you, I won't take no for an answer.
And if you don't get out of here right now, she's gonna throw me out too.
And if you really hate me after that...
And it's only... it's only 1:00.
And just put everything in the laundry?
And most importantly,
And my roommate Lisa is away
And not answering emergency calls,
And now looking back, I don't know what to say
And once I finally let myself say it,
And once we get any closer, I won't be able to go near you.
And picking up Mrs. X's laundry.
And producing offspring,
And provide for their families.
And quietly tolerated.
And quietly tolerated.
And quit.
And still be...
And tell the nanny to give him his damn card?
And the apartment is just incredible.
And then afterwards, we'll all head over to the Carlyle
And then for a car to pick you up on the other end.
And then in the middle of my body scrub,
And this fun meal has to be our little secret, okay?
And this is what she's like after Betty Ford.
And time's running out,
And type C, the most common,
And we just let him have it.
And what is all over you?
And what's worse, every time I confront her
And where, may I ask, have you been?
And while I've been raising these strangers' children,
And why are your bags
And why I'm telling off a teddy bear is the subject
And yet, staring into those big, sad, searching eyes,
And you can dream about building sand castles?
And you obviously have become her enabler.
And you requested a day off,
And your attempts to stay young so your husband won't leave you,
And your Watsu massages
And... and you like the Dior?
Annie Braddock is
Annie Braddock,
Annie, it's your mother.
Annie: "The apatosaurus, formerly known as the brontosaurus,
Annie: And here's the woman who reared me
Annie: Bonjour, Pierre.
Annie: Excuse me, sir? Sir.
Annie: How about her?
Annie: I just don't understand it.
Annie: I love that song.
Annie: Make a wish, Grove.
Annie: No naps?
Annie: So here I am a few months before the teddy bear incident...
Annie: Sorry.
Annie: Stupid stupid.
Annie: The woman featured here...
Annie: Tofu cutlets?
Annie: You excited about going to Nantucket?
Annie. Annie the nanny.
Annie's roommate Lisa introduced us.
Annie's voice: All they needed to know was that I was white,
Annie's voice: And this is how the most significant confrontation
Annie's voice: Freedom, Grove.
Annie's voice: I desperately wanted to yell out after her,
Annie's voice: In conclusion,
Annie's voice: It quickly became clear
Annie's voice: Male monogamy remains an elusive,
Annie's voice: On that spring afternoon,
Annie's voice: Please make note that from here on in,
Annie's voice: Since my job required a vow of chastity,
Annie's voice: Suddenly the world's most notorious loner
Annie's voice: The fact that I had no child care experience
Annie's voice: The other nannies had warned me about this very moment,
Annie's voice: There's a popular belief amongst anthropologists
Annie's voice: While doing field work,
Anthropologists have been known to lose themselves
Anthropology? Honey how are you gonna make a living at that?
Any man who made me feel desperate enough
Anyway, enjoy the rest of your lunch before I ruin that too.
Anyway, I want you to give me an opportunity
Anyway, where were we? Ah yes.
Anywhere you like.
Are kindred spirits.
Are people in your home,
Are you gonna use this job as an excuse for everything or what?
Are you suggesting I attend it alone?
Are you? Are you gonna take over the world?
Are... are...
Area of interest...
Arriving on track two.
As I was saying, Nanny,
As if you know anything about my life.
As if you know anything about the real world.
As it relates to your intended field.
As you can see, my husband and I
Ask your wife. She's the one who requested I come.
Asshole is a pretty strong word.
At all times...
At least I'd finally get to live in Manhattan.
At Mr. X's office.
Ay... (muttering in Spanish)
Be my guest.
Be young with me in the Hamptons.
Because I cannot take the additional pressure.
Because I have something for you.
Because I thought I could give my boy and my sick mother a better life.
Because the party planner I wanted wasn't available.
Because your future looks pretty fucking bleak.
Been waiting for you right up in the car there, sport.
Been waiting for you right up in the car there, sport.
Before my Parents' Society meeting,
Before we head over to the Carlyle,
Before you take the rest of the day off:
Besides, the money is great.
Bien, merci.
Big problem.
Boasts a wide variety of customs and mores.
Buenas noches.
But afterwards he's taking me
But all she has to do is ask.
But before I officially surrendered to fate,
But everybody else was participating.
But for the women of the Upper East Side,
But here's an idea... why don't you try eating dinner with your child
But I desperately need to sleep in.
But I didn't really know who I was, where I fit in,
But I feel I need to remind you that tomorrow is Grayer's birthday.
But I feel really bad for her also.
But I just wanted to let you know that...
But I promise, we're gonna have a lot of fun together, honestly.
But I think he's got the croup.
But I wanted to buy you your first business suit.
But I was really hired to watch her.
But I'm attending a 2:00 lecture at the Parents' Society:
But I'm trying to squeeze in a little shopping
But it is your life.
But it was like one of those awful dreams
But l... I was supposed to have the evening off.
But Mommy pays you money and I love you.
But neither helpful nor productive.
But perhaps the most bizarre social patterns
But rather the unraveling of one such nanny.
But she left you a note on the table.
But she should have seen it coming... everyone else did.
But that's just my prep school upbringing.
But the Bairds did and Darwin got in.
But the kitchen is now closed. So...
But the truth is, I can only stay for a few days.
But what if this vacation can save their marriage?
But you probably don't recognize my face,
But you really... you can't do that sort of thing
But... but be comfortable.
By the way, my name's... (beeps)