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The Omen (1976)

The Omen (1976)

The Omen, a spine-chilling horror classic released in 1976, dives into the terrifying tale of a young boy named Damien. His parents (played by Gregory Peck and Lee Remick) soon discover that their son is no ordinary child, but rather the antichrist himself. Directed by Richard Donner, this iconic film delivers gripping performances from Harvey Stephens as Damien and Billie Whitelaw as his sinister nanny. To immerse yourself in the unsettling atmosphere of The Omen, you can play and download the haunting sounds of the film here.

A church.
A comet changing shape into a glowing star...
A sequence of sixes.
Accept Christ each day.
Accept the Lord Jesus. Drink his Blood.
Ah, si! Padre Spiletto.
All right then. Mrs. Horton?
All right, darling.
All right.
All right.
All right. Stand by.
All right. What is it?
All the paperwork was there went up like a torch.
And a comet rips the sky...
And as for the rise of the Roman Empire...
And forms the center of the cross.
And if we do, I'll pick him out myself.
And it's actually making contact with the body.
And of the Holy Ghost, amen.
And rummaging around to see if I could find anything of use.
And should radiate outward... like this.
And so to their final rest do we commit these two...
And that was dated the day he died.
And that's why I started digging.
And the Holy Roman Empire rises...
And the rest, of course history.
And theologians have already interpreted the “eternal sea”...
And there was something about a comet.
And this...
And when he is certain to inherit all that is yours...
And, uh, well, some internal bleeding.
And, with proper care, she can still have children.
Answer me!
Anything wrong?
Apparently, there was a terrible fire and the old hospital burned down.
Apparently, yes,
Are there no relatives?
Are you sure that you don't want to call a doctor?
As a watchdog, I mean.
As meaning the world of politics
As soon as he was born.
At first, I thought this was just a fault in the film.
Beautiful, isn't he? We found him outside.
Birth records.
Bring him down!
Buried here?
But do you really think a five year old will understand...
But don't worry, sir. I can manage.
But he doesn't speak.
But he's only playing.
But the biopsy says it's a birthmark.
But the really important items are here.
But why three of them?
Come along, Damien. Excuse me, sir.
Come along, Mr. Thorn. We had better get to work.
Come along.
Come on.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Wait till you see this.
Creating armies on either shore...
Creating armies on either shore” That was the beginning of it.
Cripta Sant'Angello. It is nothing but ruins.
Damien, look at me. I'm over here.
Damien, stop. Let's go.
Damien! Damien!
Damien? Damien!
Damien's taken quite a fancy to him, sir.
Dark eyes, piercing eyes.
Darling, I don't know what's the matter with me. I just
Detail, atten hut!
Didn't Mrs. Horton say anything?
Do just what I say.
Do you notice anything unusual?
Does it mean something to you?
Don't be afraid. You'll be all right here.
Don't know what you're clapping for. You’ve just lost a bet.
Don't let him kill me.
Don't let him kill me.
Don't you think it's time I had a talk with him?
Donation time.
Drink his Blood.
Every inch of wall space covered, even the windows.
Except for one small thing in the inside of his right thigh.
Excuse me, Mr. President.
Excuse me.
Externally, his body was perfectly normal...
Externally, his body was perfectly normal...
Father Spiletto.
Father, Son and Holy Ghost, huh?
Five minutes, and you'll never see me again. Your wife is in danger.
Five years ago.
Five years ago.
For abandoning Christ.
For everything holy, there is something unholy.
For such a longtime.
Forgive me, Father, but didn't I understand that you have a matter...
Found him?
From the eternal sea, he rises...
Gave you a fright, did he, sir?
Get in there, you boys!
Get it down then! Down to the ball!
Get on with it. Say what you have to say.
Get ready to leave.
Go on.
Go on. Give it a try.
Go to the city of Megiddo.
Go, Torn.
God has given you a son.
God... help me.
Ha. Since when did two old college roommates not have much to talk about?
Have no fear, little one.
Having fun?
He bears a birthmark
He even needed to be close to his church.
He just... had a bad moment.
He said that he wanted to be forgiven by Christ.
He said that he wanted to be forgiven by Christ.
He says it's a matter of urgent, personal business.
He seems I don't know. He just seems scared to death.
He was an exorcist. I read about him.
He who will not be saved by the Lamb will be torn by the beast!
He will establish his counterfeit kingdom here on earth...
He will kill it while it slumbers in the womb.
He will kill the unborn child. Then he will kill your wife.
He will not allow the child to be born.
He'll kill until everything that's yours is his.
He's fallen from grace. Can you tell us why?
He's killed once. He'll kill again.
He's not responsible. I won't do it!
Heading north, Seven Hills Road. Over.
Heading west on Old Church Road.
Hello. Robert, is that you?
Help! Help! Help! Help!
High on morphine most of the time.
His blood must be spilled on the altar of God.
His mind is active, but, since the fire, he has not made a sound.
Hold it. Hey!
How can he know that? Maybe he's wrong.
I adopted a child here.
I am Bugenhagen.
I am here to protect thee.
I am talking about the ambassador to the Court of St.James’s.
I beg you, Mr. Thorn. Listen to what I have to say.
I beg you. Where is she?
I better stay here and fool around with Damien.
I can't explain it.
I can't...
I don't care what the article said.
I don't ever want to have any more children.
I found out about the town of Megiddo.
I happened to catch sight of my own reflection in that mirror.
I have a right to know.
I just can't stand that noise.
I just don't seem to be able to Ah, I don't know.
I know you must think I'm crazy, but I'm so frightened.
I left all that behind a long time ago.
I mean, we We have nothing to worry about with him
I never want to see you again.
I remember. People say it was un miracolo.
I saw its mother.
I sorry. I think everything was destroyed.
I think he was trying to keep something out. Don't you?
I think the best thing to do with a bad day like this is end it and to go to bed.
I think you'll be grateful on your long trips away, sir.
I thought we could use a good watchdog, sir, and Damien loves him.
I took on the day that you were at the rugby match.
I want Damien to die too.
I want you to leave London right now.
I was at the hospital, Mr. Thorn, the night your son was born.
I will. Of course I will.
I witnessed the birth.
I wonder if it would be possible to have a word with you here at my flat?
I, um l know it's a difficult time for you...
I'd like to know your reason.
I'll I'll try to be ready by the time he gets here.
I'll be along soon.
I'm afraid it will kill her.
I'm afraid, sir, that, uh...
I'm going to fight to see that it's not.
I'm here to take away some of your troubles and anxieties.
I'm leaving now, ma'am. ls there anything else you wanted?
I'm not here to listen to a sermon.
I'm pregnant, Robert. I just found out this morning.
I'm searching for some records of
I'm sorry. I am sorry.
I'm sorry. I must get home.
I'm the one that's supposed to kill him.
I'm what?
I've bathed him. I know every inch of him.
I've locked the door, Mr. Thorn.
If I may suggest, it even resembles.
If it is not visible on the body...
If only you could remember the name of the man you're supposed to see.
If there were anything... wrong, you'd...
If this is blackmail, come out and say it.
If this is what the doctor's doing to you...
If we're to get to the bottom of this, we've got to start here.
If you don't mind, ma'am, I think he'd rather go to the park instead.
If you wouldn't mind, Mr. Thorn, I'd like to help you try and find out.
In pursuit white estate car, north, Seven Hills Road.
In the name of the Father and of the Son...
In the same moment.
Infant boy. Same date.
Interesting, don't you think?
Is alive somewhere.
Is he ill?
Isn't it possible that there were some papers stored elsewhere?
Isn't that a little strange?
It didn't say anything about him.
It extinguishes physical life...
It is an old cemetery from Etruscan times.
It is by means of a human personality entirely in his possession...
It is my wish and my husband's wish...
It is perhaps 50 kilometers north of Rome.
It must be done on hallowed ground.