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Already got come on the masters dog
Alright you talk to becca i'll talk to that retard fogell don't worry
Are you are you excited about the play
At your grandma 's vagina and there's dick going into it
Before by those I was just about to make my frontal assault to rescue you but like fifteen inches tried to attack me so I had to beat him up and I did they were all like crying and so uh
But even when it's not there you're living a fantasy there is no easter bunny there is no tooth fairy and there is no queen of england
But how much money
Come out you little freak I wanna see what that big brain looks like on the payment
Cortana i'm thinking
Do you know how good it is to have you back in this office
Do you like buffalo little kids ugly wife
Don't wake up my dick fluid on the redeye hasn't gotten a wink of sleep
Draw pictures of dicks
Father so you like my space dad yeah i'm like you space there
Fuck it off the phone sorry my teen son I love you honey doug E doug douglas aquarium show shares are down stop
Fuck man
Fucking kill you OK i'll get a knife and stab you for your fucking heart
Funding about my back is is as located on my cock
Give me fast fox bill doing today when the emperor 's god is it is it mayhem a people looting and raping
He's gotten older brother if you could have asked him but she asked me she would be in the eyes and said set mom is making a pubbie salad and I need some sense own dressing she's DTF she's down to ...
Here is a shit load of cash or shit load alcohol or you're going to fucking prison
Hey listen I quit
Hey paulie what's up
How are you
How come you never made a move you pussy
I basically you know what the capers retarded I would I would you know drive it up to the country i'm just like you know open the door and let a set you free now you know like one free
I can't i'm fine just being a tree or something
I don't believe this bullshit I can't believe this is happening
I don't know I actually didn't I didn't get a letter anything
I feel like you're addressing right now but you're not already feel like the mona lisa they find eye contact like wherever you're standing in the room and and a lot of it you know but there
I know that
I love you i'm not you and embarrassed to say I just I i love you
I prefer not to
I quit my job right now and I work for you
I see all of you this is crazy this is my cousin 's a fucking faggot and I go on vacation whenever his boyfriend I love you might be in charge
I tell you what
I think we live in the same building
I think you look cool with a black guy
I want you to put your pants again
I was in your room like three weeks ago are you taking a shit
I wash and dry i'm like a single mother look we all know homec is a joke no offense is just like everyone takes his class to give nate is bullshit and i'm sorry I did not bring down your profession...
I would do terrible disgusting things to build with jewels
I'm doug
I'm doug mcquaid
I'm doug mcquaid
I'm in a cab right now i'm on the way to a liquor store
I'm just saying that she looks like a good fucker OK she looks like she could take a dick some women pride themselves on their dick taking abilities
I'm not going to let someone else fuck my cousin you know if anyone is going to fuck my cousin is it's going to be me out of respect
I'm not going to let someone else fuck my cousin you know if anyone is going to fuck my cousins it's going to be me out of respect
I'm not stupid i'm smart
I'm sorry my mom such a dick she's like smothers me with affection it makes me feel like i'm five years old
I've got her cry I just the cleverest fellate was ever my fortune to know I taught a trick to my shadow to stick to the tim might say
If I have to suck somebody 's there I will
If you're happy god bless you buddy fucking happy no one is married his fucking ass
Is it cool fucking story ever heard my entire life that's insane can hear it again you have time
Is that your cancer decides did cure cancer that's the problem they were the plus one they were expensive
Is this about becca is about some girl man
It's alright
It's making my girlfriend for the summer
It's my last chance and I fucked it up
It's schmidt schmoke sure it's doug smoke mcquaid
Jonah Hill Soundboard Sound
Let me come on I don't see a problem here this is doing
Making your kid smaller it's like slapping god across the face for giving you a gorgeous gift
No but I would get killed for pussy no questions asked
No don't be sorry I should be sorry I was being a dick under your big dick to you
No ones gonna hand job in cargo shorts since nam
Note but they can wait you can take me to jim oh no no no I was thinking more like them or you're dead
Now you know everything is fine
Oh no when I brought some flowers didn't know what you liked so I just grabbed you know all of them
Oh really
OK i'd like that that was weird for everybody 'cause you accele hugged him instead of being
OK well so lovely talking with you you're a lovely person
Shit i'm gonna have fun
Shit out of my body I movement along admin kid or whatever takes risks whether you fucking cousins at night
Should be on main
Shut the fuck
Slam poetry yelling angry waving my parents are lot specific point of view on things cynthia
So do you like weather
Some made up dumb fucking fairy tale name you fuck
Something like that happen are basically you know indicators retarded I would I would you know drive it up to the country i'm just like you know open the door and let a set you free now you know li...
Sound like that
Sweetheart you have my money taped it it's OK technically you do work for me
Thank you kindly
The enunciation too
The fuck
The fucked up thing is I actually do
There was this one month or she bought me forty three stuffed animals the doctor thought I was going to spontaneously grow a vagina I didn't go just to be clear
This is how much money you make
Time to know me this is the first time we've hung out socially and it's when i'm about to destroy the city want to talk
Twelve floor
Twenty two
Uh i've got a crook Z
We were supposed to go to college together ever since we were little kids elementary school that's all we've ever talked about was us going to cause together and you got in a fucking dartmouth
What are you talking about man
What is funny joke funny
What is that
What the fuck are you doing
What's up
What's wrong with maine renting a bouncy house she's still not bounty houses they like crowns
When I was a little kid I kind of had this problem and it's not even that big of a deal something like eight percent of kids do it but whatever it's some reason I don't know why just kinda sit arou...
Where are you a six year old
Where is my car
Which is clearly the party and he's gonna be drunk as she likes me at least a little enough to get with me at the very least i'll make out with julie san job month or whatever whatever and then I m...
Who i'm sorry what were you saying I can hear you over the sound of me saving your life
Yeah but they don't really showed it going which is a huge concern
Yeah but when I was when your dad 's pants last night I realized if I wear pants that are like a little too small might encourage me to lose a little weight and also chicks can kinda see like you k...
Yeah definitely I would love to do that
Yeah i'm gonna get one for show shao i'm getting at for shout
Yeah that's really nice I don't think i've ever done anything that nice
Yeah well you guys are dartmouth i'll be over at state with the girls are half as smart and us twice as likely to flash me
Yeah you did
You bailed on me
You bailed on me
You bailed on me this morning with jesse spat on me and you're bailing on me next year
You bitched out man fucking judas
You just fucking listen OK jewels you're stupid fucking friend came up to me and they asked me to buy your alcohol but not just her for a whole party note that means by some divine miracle we were ...
You know it's a love hate thing so like you know right now I really love them though
You know when you hear girls saying like I was so shit faced last night I shouldn't have fucked that guy we could be that mistake
You like the coolest person that's ever talk to maine
You must got huge tits
You said you were going to do something and you didn't do it that's failing
You should kiss me bro
You wanna hang out
You wanna hear the best part becca you same thing with her when you guys are shitfaced at the party you get with her this is our last party 's high school people I bully ignored my hatred for becke...