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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A jelly donut
About time
Are you about to call me an asshole
Are you nervous
Because you are a disgusting fat body
Brown stain on the matress
Bullshit I can't hear you
Bullshit I can't hear you 2
Bullshit pt3
Did your parents have any children that lived
Do you suck dicks pt 2
Do you suck dicks pt1
Do you think i'm cute
Exactly 3 fucking seconds
Fairy god mother
From now on you're gomer pyle
Get on your kness scumbag
Good night ladies
Gotta be shitting me joker
Hell I like you, you can come over to my house and fck my sister
How tall pt1
How tall pt2
I admire your honesty
I am gunnery sergeant hartman
I do not look down on people
I don't believe I heard you correctly
I don't like the name laurance
I think you've been cheated
I will pt you all until you fcking die
I will pt you until you ass holes are sucking butter milk
I will punish all of you
I will skull fuck you
I'll be watching you
I'm gonna give you 3 seconds
I've got your ass
I've got your name, i've got your ass
If it wasn't for dickheads like you
Jesus christ
Laurance laurance whatever
More you hate me the more you will learn
No shit
Or I will definetly fck you up
Or I will shit down your neck
Sergeant hartman
Spoken to pt1
Spoken to pt2
There is no racial bigotry here
Was it you you scroungy little fck
Well no shit
Well thank you very much
What have we got here a cking comedian
What the fuck is that
What's your excuse
What's your name fat body
What's your name pt1
What's your name pt2
What's your name pt3
Where the hell are you from private
Who asking the fcking question here private
Who the fuck said that
Who's the cock sucker down here
Wipe that disgusting grin off your face
Wipe that stupid looking grin off your face
You are nothing but pieces of shit
You can come over to my house and fck my sister
You don't scare me
You forget your fcking name
You gotta be shitting me
You had best square your ass away
You know that don't you
You little maggot
You little maggots make me wanna vommit
You little scumbag
You owe me for one jelly donut
You slimy scumbag get on your face and give me 25
You trying to squeeze and inch on me
You will not laugh you will not cry
You'll fuck a person in the ass
You're not even human beings
You're so ugly you could be a modern day masterpiece
You're the lowest part of life on earth
Your days of finger banging are over