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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
American girls
Anerxrexic aliens
Argh argh
Argh argh ba argh
Argh ha ha ha
Be a little more grateful
Bear claw in my ass
Big piece of groatchy pie
Bitch 1
Bitch 2
Calm down
Can someone tell him to back off
Clean that up bitch
Dammit I don't care
Dating a pool guy
Did you see where they went
Didn't order rude service
Dimmer switches
Do you know what you've done
Don't be starting
Don't cry
Don't you know I like you
Every 6 years
Fat ass carpet bagger
Giant load of crap
Go to hell
Hello 1
Hello 2
Hello 3
Hey dumbass
Hey i'm roger nice to meet ya
Hi can you please help me
Hibernation cycle
Honey i'm home
How dare you
How else can I get you to listen
I am beutiful
I am not a loser
I am not ugly
I can't die
I could't help it
I don't deserve to die for that
I got an idea
I gotta go
I hate this place
I thought I was your pal
I'll come down there
I'm a good listener
I'm a star
I'm gonna make you cry
I'm not ugly
I'm praying to you
I'm so so sorry
Is your refriderator running
It's not my fault I don't feel well
It's past noon you're already high
Jamacin me crazy
Let me talk to the fish
Lets give it a few more minutes
Look in your heart
Mind your own buissness
Morning everybody
Morning friendly
My reproductive cycle
My species is ammune
No 1
No 2
No 3
No i'm not in the mood
No of course not
No you wouldn't want to hear about it
Now I never want to see you again
Oh come on
Oh god im out
Oh god the guilt
Oh i'm sorry to fabulous
Oh ouch
Oh that was classic
Oh what fresh hell is this
Oh yeah
Oh yeah blame the alien
Oh yeah ok no problem
Ok 1
Omg 1
Omg everything is gravy
Omg how upset are you 1
Omg how upset are you 2
Omg I am freaking out
Once every 7 hours
Pretty sure I asked for
Right I should probably wait
Roger 1
Roger 2
Roger the clumbsy alien
Saudi arabia
Shh shh don't speak
Smells like crap
Soon as your dead
Sorry about that
That is an outrage
That sounded
That's for taking my cookie
The black guys
Thinking something vibrant
This is gonna be life changing
This is not us
Treat me like a door mat why don-t ya
Was gonna do it yesterday
Water and power department
Well I could get my feelings hurt
What 1
What are you doing
What the hell
What the hell is this
What ya doing
What year is it
Where am I gonna get my fix
Whores bath
Woah no at ah
Yeah 1
Yeah 2
Yeah run
Yeah the boss is being a real..
You bastard 1
You bastard 2
You can't do this it-s not right
You disgust me
You don't respect me
You gotta come get me
You take that back
You're a beast a beast
You're going to jail
You're so adorable