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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And Jacob's talking with that meathead Mark Lewinsky.
And that's why I would be sneaking.
Are you even allowed to be here?
Can I get you guys a little taste of cherries? Do you believe? No anybody. Banana bowl, 4 people, 4 spoons shared in the booth. Anybody. It's hot out there.
Do you have 1/4?
Hi, ladies. Didn't see you there? Would you guys like to set sail on this ocean of flavor with me? I'll be your captain.
Holy shit.
I can count.
I can read too.
I could just take him out.
I don't care about Tina or Uncle Jack's party. Your mom's not going to be able to find us if we're dead in a Russian elevator.
I give you the advice you follow through, not the other way around. All right, pea brain.
I make 3 bucks an hour and I have no future.
I'm Steve Harrington.
I'm taking a leak look away.
Just speak louder.
Look away.
Nancy Wheeler.
Not a nerd, all right?
Ohh really?
Ohh, Jesus Christ. Whatever happened to standards? I mean, Lewinsky never even came off the bench.
Ripp brain.
Shit happens. Life goes on. And I Ice cream. Ice cream. OK, you guys know what ice cream is? Everybody loves ice cream. You. I don't know if you have Russian ice cream or if that's considered Gelat...
So we're the other knucklehead.
Some stupid shit you learned to camp.
Steve Harrington.
Thank you.
That's great. Proud of you, man. That's that's kind of romantic. That's like, wow.
The Russian Guard.
Well, you've got to be kidding me.
What a sneak up behind him. I knock him out and I take his key card. It's.
What does that mean?
What the hell is Promethium?
What's the catch?
When was the last time you paid your pants?
Where are you going?
Yeah, I'm sure.