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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bar but the fucking with that smoke man we gotta couple hanson employees smoke ring for pricing
Along out there in mineola mrs additives reps on W K P T R X
Alright now you're using your fucking head
And suddenly they got very interested in when you were by later story down nice and thick told me with the biggest mexican I never seen
And when we start training for that
At this correct
Beam me up scotty
Because i'm a genius
But you want to pair brainpan I want a westinghouse prize when I was twelve big deal published in nineteen so what I gotta double doctorate from MIT at twenty two chemistry and geology I thought it...
Captain america here
Do you have any amount you shouldn't flip over my ass
First thing you said in the last four hours
Have you heard the man hit the deck like smoke you
He's a grumpy someone gave you a break once
Help you just such a pie hole and keep working
Hey you you such your mouth tickets a confederal fab your eyeballs out peppers all over your brain
I don't believe in it
I don't have her
I'm not going to debate you i'm not going to sit here and debate
I'm very sad about that this unfolds locking in something
It's about time I haven't thrown up in about an hour
No but this is damn good
Now I want to kill anybody
Now i'm sorry I can't help you
Oh fuck it I don't have to talk to him and see how you like it just total fucking silence
OK cyclops lady starting above me
She smells like piss man
So this is the best beer i've ever had
South take smoke
That's a geyser I mean what daddy sam back man
That's a that's a found the conversation man
They killed the woman you loved OK and they shot through your hand two points eight wake up there is no payback for that
Tony bunny
Total silence
What are you doing i'm banging that girl
Who is the pink sounds like mister pussy
Who played that game smart guy and just see how you like it
You want to look at first you fucking think i'm nothing like a professional