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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Bad Kids #kings of comedy
I will fuck your kid up #bernie mac #kings of comedy
I'll kick a kid's ass #bernie mac #kings of comedy #grown enough to talk back #grown enough to get fucked up
If you're grown enough to talk back..
Look you ain't nothing all you do is spin records that's all you do
Okay you just stay here and keep your eyes on the front door man I got a situation keep your eyes open man!
Original Kings Of Comedy #bust his head
Pay no country boy nothin'! nothin'!
They done fucked up the church's money
Who you think you is dj quik kid capri
You ain't nothin'! you don't deserve nothin' you don't get nothin'
You better wear your bulletproof vest all day! all motherfuckin' day!
You sittin' down here bullshittin' and when you bullshit you mess with my percentage!