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Are you a typical american I think it's important that I should know
As a matter of fact I think you're doctors evil ones I mean
Dear it's unlucky to have someone spit at you unless you spit first
Harry wouldn't have let them do it he had a sense of dignity I have a sense of survival
He's dead he's dead and i'm left with a fool like you
I don't remember either I was listening to your voice I wasn't listening to what you said
I knew you weren't dead I knew it you couldn't be I counted 13 backwards 13 times
I understand he's in coffee you make it sound like total immersion
I'm awfully intelligent really
If you don't let me spit I shall feel like standing here in the streets and just screaming with terror
Well let's say she uses her imagination rather than her memory
What a wonderful car it looks as if it had won the grand prix d'elegance many years ago oh it did
You know i've seen americans on the street and in the cinema of course but uh i've never talked to one before
You ought to know that the business of one of these businessmen is murder