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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Al Wood - Anti Trump Rally Soundboard Sound
And it it just as I finished work, lighten it, come to pass in my mind, and I thought about it, and I thought.
Anger paella suddenly something ain't fucking right here. They're all getting together on a Friday. Hello, isn't that a working day that will work on a Friday?
Fucking wankers go out and get a fucking job. That's my message to you.
Guess what? They're not fucking working there all social fucking ponses like that go around hugging fucking trezel die you lazy to Bob Cunts.
How come all these cunts ain't fucking working? How did they get the time off of fucking work to go on this protest?
How many did they say that without it? How many was there 10,000? How many 10,010 thousand, 50,000? So there's 50,000 people all day on a Friday time off of work.
I got a message fulldome Andy Trump supporters in London today open congregating all day old. I'd have been congregating, and I've been thinking about it on.
On the wall, open at work all day long, you know working my bollocks off like I do. Every Friday palm sweating my bollocks off like you know.
One way to March we have to go on a weekend why? Because he's had day off lot. We take the fucking time on their day off to go on the March.
The only work that they ever fucking dumb as fucking pressing a fucking cable down the computer. What a bunch of lazy cunts. I've just done it.
We can't go marching on a fucking job day as we all fucking work where artwork in people on our side of the fucking fence.
We've done more time fucking working, fucking getting on with your lives. In fact, it would never Tommy Poncing about moaning with your snowflake fucking friends. But as much juice is a dose of cla...
What are you gonna do something constructive and go out and get a fucking job and pay your taxes instead of bumps into the banking system? You fucking hypocritical fucking snowflake. Fucking muggy ...
What are you look fucking dope for society, you muggy cunts.
100,100 pounds 1000 points in bastards that there probably never done a day's work in their life.