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All message for the british government 's plain and simple the working class people across this country and across europe have been ignored for too long and it's up to the working class people to r...
Fix it now
Good morning you must give you every side
I'm not super is over there I know super AI do not beat my wife or girlfriend you are a traitor and it is my intention to run against you in your constituency so brazen not say
If brexit isn't delivered more my words every single person that voted to leave the european union will be out on the streets and we will bring this country to it's knees it's time the people stood...
My name is james got out and i've been down at parliament since the fifth of december to challenge the remoaners who are attempting to subvert democracies we already had a referendum the people 's ...
Right is answering so why are you calling for a second bonus manga people i've not sword so why are you calling for a second vote and the people have already at their vote we chose to leave two yea...
So the people behind maine order undemocratic remoaners who are being paid to protest here they don't get in violent and what they're what they're actually doing at the moment is running over to pe...
Stephen lawrence will be having his own memorial day yay i'm not hateful person i'm not horrible person but I find it I find it I find it rather an audient and rather and in so
Tell me about
That being you stuffy AU
The argument i'm telling you to get down
This could go on for a while now but that's why that's the other thing that has now got to happen is we have to be absolutely I do object to being called an artsy actually apologize to if you're of...
This is I come this style pose everyone just turned their backs to him so they can keep talking keep talking
To be in relation to the elevator so i'm not the leader there is no lead up we're all leaders there was fairly for brave people that took action to block off westminster tower waterloo bridge
We want to true brexit we didn't vote for the european court of justice to have jurisdiction over as we didn't vote to remain in the customs union all the single market we want to be listened to an...
We will continue to cause chaos we will continue continue to see civil disobedience until the political class start listening to what we want
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