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According to lol one hundred percent of you think Draven will win
An ult from Draven ha ha ha
And let's see what draven 's up to
And of course draven counters everyone
And our MVP for this game draven
Buying time for the rest of his team with that sacrifice
Check out these draven rotations
Coming up after the break more draven ha ha ha
Did you know draven can catch another draven 's axes haha you should read the hits more often ha ha ha
Don't touch that browser draven i'll be right back
Draven doing a little face check in
Draven fires his ult
Draven going full on aggression
Draven is finished his bloodthirster
Draven is just owning the map
Draven showing some excellent positioning
Draven throwing the other team of bone ha ha
Draven trying to keep the pressure on
Draven warding out the map
Dravin's improving those stats once again
Dravin's looking to make plays
Dream is just showing off now
Enough about draven what do you think about draven
Fantastic ward coverage
Ha ha should a band raven
Hashtag dreven big play
He's applying a lot of map pressure
If Draven does it it's not kill stealing
It looks like draven 's taking a draven break
Let's check out our featured matchup of the day draven versus draven ha ha
Let's check out our featured matchup of the day draven versus some loser
Let's check out R O P players of the game draven draven draven draven and raven
Lookout draven 's got his infinity edge ha ha ha
Meanwhile draven uh
More vision for driven
Nobody 's got an answer for this draven
Please speak directly into the microphone ha ha ha
Ravens giving a master class and how to play draven
Ravens got his shoes laced up and he's making moves
Ravens looking really sharp right now
Ravens making some good map movements
Shocks better interview me after this
That's a phantom dancer on draven
There was definitely some miscommunication there
Very nice move by draven
We'll be right back with more draven
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another exciting edition of the league of draven championship series
Why would draven get a nashor 's tooth because draven
Worth ha
Wow that's tons of damage
Yeah draven was an excellent pick this game and every game