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A mansion shows off an individuals riches and social status.
Boss Maroni has sent some more idiots to their doom. Shall we feed them with our new toys?
Boss Maroni maroni's here along with his gang. Our men won't be able to hold out for much longer.
Boss, the building of club could help us increase the number of recruit we can recruit at a time.
Boss, this is our most recent development plan. Please take a look.
Boss, you got the lucky poker by tapping shuffle. The cards have returned. Choose a card to get the prizes.
Boss, you got the lucky poker. By tapping shuffle, the cards will be turned. Choose a card to get the prizes.
Boss, you're finally back. How I've missed you?
Build a healing Center for your boys. It will greatly reduce your losses in battle.
Build some defense weapons and show our invaders what is true despair.
But not now.
Cargo is an essential part of our business.
Clans also need some entertainment facilities to increase the faithfulness of your followers.
Congratulations, you are now at mansion Level 2 and this beginner gift pack is a gift for you dude. Take a look.
Damn, Maroni sure knows how to run. One day I'll freaking rip him to shreds.
During the first seven days of creating the account, certain jobs will be unlocked each day. You can complete them at any time to claim the reward.
Eat my copper.
Good day. The clan leader of Clan has asked me to give you this invitation. He hopes you will join us.
Hello my way.
Here is a few recommended jobs for you to develop your gang. Good luck boss.
I'll round up the men right now.
If you can supply morphine, we can heal any family crew members who are suffering from a coma.
Increasing a baby's favor can unlock new skills. This could help us greatly. Let's take a look at how to increase a baby's favor.
It's about time the curtain falls, boys.
It's only a matter of time till Maroni's boy sees him for what he truly is.
It's time to go full throttle.
Maroni has been secretly forming alliances with certain peoples, and all we do is stand and fight alone.
May you successfully become the true king of mafias through this bloody path known as battle.
Money makes the world go round. We are no different.
No man can skip meals without feeling hungry, even if they are made of iron and steel.
Now you can click on the speed up button and set the amount of speedup item to be used to replace the gold speedup to immediately train and give it a try.
Once our clan gets stronger, Maroney wouldn't even dare to openly challenge us.
Our hit me now. All the best in the business.
Our mobility shall inflict a heavy blow onto our enemy.
Piss off, asshole. Or else.
Protect us well and we'll be able to deliver a devastating blow towards the enemy.
Purely without reputation. If we create a clan, many will join us.
Revered boss, there is a mysterious lady in the swimming pool. She wishes to become your secretary. Click to view.
Sometimes even leader need a few high tech up his sleeves.
Sorry boss, he got away.
Such nice clothing. You will be sad to see everything all red.
Take it out, boys.
That makes sense.
The dead cannot speak.
The higher one climbs, the harder they fall. They got him to the top. They'll surely drag him down.
The more jobs you completed, the more gift boxes you can unlock.
The more we invest, the more we get.
The toys are all in place. There's no way he could survive this.
The vault will protect your assets more effectively.
The wall is the mansion's last line of defense.
There's more good than bad coming from joining the clan.
These high tech parts came from overseas. They can increase the strength of your family's members.
We are the experts in attacking the mansion and resource plundering.
We are the hidden forces of the major families. Your wish is our command.
We may be noobs in combat, but we are experts in keeping high tech weapons in shape.
We won't rest until we have collected enough family gold.
We're building insurmountable line of defence.
What are you looking at? Who's got an issue?
What do we have here? Once again, you dig your own grave. Do you ever learn, Maroney?
What is he willing to offer in return?
What you need to do is find the cup with the diamond. Do pay close attention.
When I talk. Talk to my boomstick.
While you were gone, Maroni and his men have been continuously attacking us. Hurry and take a look.
With clan members will offer their help in speeding up the building process. It will greatly benefit our developments.
Would you join the clan?
You should know, to me, you're nobody. What's yours will be mine, kiddo.