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Archer (2009) - Season 4

Archer (2009) - Season 4

Archer (2009) - Season 4, is the fourth installment of the critically acclaimed animated television series, Archer. Created by Adam Reed, the show first aired in 2009 and quickly gained a dedicated fan base for its unique blend of espionage, comedic satire, and witty dialogue.

The fourth season of Archer takes viewers on another wild ride through the world of Sterling Archer, a suave and egotistical secret agent working for the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). Voiced by the talented H. Jon Benjamin, Archer is surrounded by a dynamic cast of characters who bring the show to life with their hilarious banter and over-the-top personalities.

In Season 4, the core cast remains intact, with Aisha Tyler voicing the fearless and no-nonsense field agent Lana Kane, Judy Greer as the eccentric and ever-ditzy secretary Cheryl Tunt, and Jessica Walter as the manipulative and conniving head of ISIS, Malory Archer. Other notable voice actors include Chris Parnell as bumbling comptroller Cyril Figgis, Amber Nash as the lovable and slightly psychotic Pam Poovey, and Lucky Yates as the eccentric scientist Dr. Krieger.

The season kicks off with the aftermath of the dramatic events that unfold in the previous season. Archer finds himself suffering from amnesia after being shot, leading to a series of zany and unpredictable adventures. The writers expertly blend humor and intrigue as Archer gradually rediscovers his true identity and becomes entangled in a sinister conspiracy.

Throughout the course of the season, viewers are treated to a myriad of hilarious situations, including Archer's attempts at becoming a pirate, the gang's escapades while robbing a mafia-owned casino, and their involvement in a royal coup in the fictional country of Turkmenistan. The season also reveals surprising character developments, with Lana's pregnancy becoming a central plot point and Archer grappling with his newfound fatherhood.

One of the standout episodes of the season is "The Wind Cries Mary," an homage to the iconic musician Jimi Hendrix. Archer's love for all things Hendrix leads him and the gang on a quest to recover a stolen pair of the musician's pants, resulting in a chaotic adventure filled with drug-fueled madness and hilarious misunderstandings.

Fans of the series will also appreciate the stunning animation and intricate attention to detail that has become a trademark of Archer. The show's distinctive visual style combines retro flair with modern sensibilities, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience for viewers.

For fans eager to relive the hilarity of Archer (2009) - Season 4, the sounds of this exceptional season can be played and downloaded here. From the unforgettable catchphrases to the uproarious banter, these sound bites will transport fans back into the world of the hilariously dysfunctional ISIS team.

In conclusion, Archer (2009) - Season 4 continues the series' streak of delivering clever humor, intricate storylines, and unforgettable characters. With its outstanding cast and top-notch animation, this season of Archer is a must-watch for any fan of the series!

...for feline AIDS. We get it!
...he is... Hey! Hey!
...put on some Al Green and... No!
...water. Well, what the hell was it?
...were totally free. Score. Right? Wow.
"Naysayers" walk in on you while you're helping Barry build a rocket.
"No, shit." No, I'm serious.
A monkey could do this stupid job. And yet I pay you to do it.
A true citizen of the world. Right?
Aah! Ha ha.
Ah, Archer! Shh.
Ah, Gurpgork. Gurpgork
Ah! Ha, ha, ha! Whoo!
Also yes. No.
And probably Mexican cartel gunmen. What'd I just say?
Archer! Drive the fricking car. Ow!
Archer's gonna come crawling back to you, tail between his legs from...
Asshole. Ew.
Attempting to breach my perimeter?
By Shithead Squadron.
Cyril I mean Chet? Archer?
Do you hear me'?
Ew. Gross.
For a dog. You know how insulting that is?
Give it to me. Unh! I will.
Grappa. Tsk. Aw.
Ha! Shut up.
Ha! What?
Has a thing about church stuff.
Here. You are crazy.
Hey, I can see St. Peter's from here. Archer, look out.
Hey, is that it? Where?
Hey! Well?
Hm. I wonder if Lana has a date. Yes.
I quit. Lana, believe me...
I was tired. Ew.
I will accept the charges. What? Carol, hey, shut up.
I'm letting them catch up. Why?
I'm right here, you know? Why?
I'm sorry? You should be.
I'm sure you do. What is ? ls something burning?
Is that we saved the pope's life.
It will save me God knows how much on exterminators.
Keep trying. Ugh!
Krieger? Oh, my God.
Lana? Yes.
Let's focus on the mission.
Like a closed circuit deal or...? No.
Me too. Since when?
Nine, 10. She's out.
No shit. Yeah.
No, that's not it. Is that it'?
No! No!
No! Please!
No? Why not?
No? Yes
No. Carol, open this damn door.
No. Maybe you're having a stroke. I'm not having a stroke.
No. You're half heroin already. Unh.
Now? Really? Trust me, if you knew my mother.
Oh, blow it out your cassock. Ron!
Oh, blow me. Why? You couldn't feel it.
Oh, for Deescalate your dick. De
Oh, my God. What if I'm gay for Tolkien? Dude.
Oh, really? Yes, really.
Oh, so now I'm a monkey? No, because a monkey
Oh, yeah, nice technique, Randy. Thank you, chef.
Oh! Oh, shit!
Oh. Then... Aah!
Okay. What the hell is this?
Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ha ha ha!
Ow! I mean, totally shit job? Cheryl.
Pam? What?
Permanent damage to my earballs...
Rocket launcher, si, molto pronto. Hmm.
Take me with you! Shut up!
Tempers were kind of high about the illegals in the truck.
The pope could drive better than you. No, no.
Then why are you bothering ? Cheryl!
Transport. Are you shitting me?
Truckasaurus? Cyril?
Ugh! No way, that is so unfair. What, are they banging?
Ugh! Not with all this damn racket. What ?
Ugh. full. Goodbye.
Unh! Cyril, hit the deck. Wait. Why just ?
Unh. Uh, couple things.
Wait, are you guys? No, we
Way station. I beg your pardon?
Well, I assume in the hotel room, but God Ugh!
What do you think you're doing? My job, Lana.
What the hell are you doing? Gonna see if his breath fogs it up.
What, to five, dick nuts? Krieger!
What? First of all, shit ass. Or take criticism
What? Oh! Heh, heh, heh.
What? When were you planning to tell me? I was.
What's going on here? Sterling?
wheel, exactly. 80... Kazak?
Who are you, Jaime Sommers? Yes.
Why aren't you in position? I am, this is how I do it.
With who? Damn it.
Yes. No.
You got another one in you? Ew.
You guys can edit that out, right? Yes. But we won't.
You heard that? Yes.
You want me to look for what? A station wagon.
You'll need one to get out of there.
You're late.
...20 mark two fragmentation grenade.
...a singular same sex attraction. Can I, uh Um...
...after I paid him to get his teeth drilled to match my dental records
...all the while assuming What? That we'd totally blow ?
...almost impossibly light on her feet.
...and for some inexplicable reason, they have to do that undercover, so...
...and get me 1000 rounds of nine mil wadcutter.
...and get the access code to the pope's apartment.
...and give the other one back to the church?
...and got ISIS hired to do security.
...and Hop Sing's just
...and I assume you're not sending Ray
...and it's clear. That's the good news.
...and just generally make her life hell...
...and let's go start our weekend. All right, but don't miss that flight!
...and maybe I push Lana's buttons on purpose...
...and maybe you're good for Mother, and
...and not being weird because we had sex last night.
...and play an acoustic set while I slap some sense into you.
...and quacks like a duck and murders a bunch of its fellow ducks
...and render what's left into soap," you'll think about it?
...and second of all, here's your refund. I really thought that would work.
...and second, these bowls are the worst.
...and sent you a note to come to her room.
...and smash the defense grid so Skynet !
...and tell me Archer filled out your stupid forms...
...and that you, the long suffering Lana Kane...
...and the four minutes of free time I have today, I'm talking to you cockwits.
...and the night nurse is, like, Brazilian and 20.
...and the Rat Patrol just tore ass all over North Africa, hassling Rommel.
...and the rhinoceros blindly stampedes into a phone booth...
...and then it's, ha ha, beep, and then somehow Pm the idiot.
...and then laughing because I murdered you.
...and then strapped himself into the still burning Wreckage?
...and then toss him to the gators.
...and there goes a sign for Catskill, so
...and two grenades as per the note from your mother.
...and when I finally do, instead of Casteau's world famous risotto...
...and, in a croaky whisper, explains that Mr. Archer is totally incompetent...
...and, uh, Chet here so... So scoop it into a bowl.
...apparently we have stumbled into...
...Archer shot out the engine block.
...Archer's missing, and you want us to do nothing?
...are the only one qualified to run ISIS and you weep shameful tears...
...are you maggots not prepping? I Wait, are you doing a bumper? American with that hillbilly accent? they fight to the death through the streets of Manhattan
...associated with this physical address.
...because I have no soup!
...because I still have some pretty strong
...because that's the only way to fill the
...because the unlicensed vet drank all his tequila.
...because you were jealous of our relationship.
...because you're too chickenshit to take your candy ass to the future...
...before it's too late.
...between his great nation and ours.
...blaze orange is the safest color to wear to avoid being accidentally shot at.
...but after a few years of feeding tubes and colostomy bags, I resent her...
...but after the Dutch co eds left.
...but are you seriously just getting me back for the Scotch?
...but do not tell me how to discipline my servant.
...but especially to our highest scoring recruit, Lucas Troy.
...but how many Mexicans does it take to hook up a car stereo?
...but I do still believe there are some things that only God should do.
...but I wanted to bring you a birthday present.
...but I'm gonna jump on the truck. So I need you to take the
...but I'm pretty sure I said I didn't wanna see this.
...but I'm, uh, getting an extremely gay vibe.
...but if they were gonna tip 20 percent, I just hosed myself.
...but it has tons of potential.
...but it sounded like it'll be pretty heavy on n****es and jazz, so
...but let's, you know, deescalate the situation.
...but maybe you know someone who values money
...but now she won't even take my call?
...but that's only because I didn't wanna be rude.
...but the guys making the real money own the chop shops
...but what is your problem?
...but when those State Department dweebs see just how good ISIS really is...
...but you're not getting any younger.
...but, uh' I make the rules.
...but, yeah, let's go with peppercorns. Thank you.
...but, yeah, let's go with peppercorns. Thank you. not performing your wifely duties
...calls New York somehow and says, "Hey, go kill this idiot Ron for a suitcase!"
...cleverly disguised as a large man.
...closely guarded by people I deem acceptable.
...compliments of the Socialist Republic of Canada
...cops got all of them
...digging this goddamn jeep out of this goddamn sand!
...doing the right thing? him out to the Everglades, slather him with chicken fat...
...during the coming nuclear winter. Ugh.
...equal responsibility with Lana. Wh ?
...far and away the best thing that ever happened to me
...female scientists up here. All of them.
...for an undercover mission protecting the pope from assassination.
...for which you have neither clearance nor written permission...
...for which, spoiler ahead, they don't pay taxes.
...four ODIN agents were dead, the uranium...
...get back to Earth so she'll dump him for you?
...getting Tom Dempsey'd in the tits. Ooh. Archer...
...ha, ha, ha, the ground. Whoo!
...has been infiltrated Sorry.
...have profoundly influenced your life'?
...he can drink Ireland under the table
...he goes to work for ODIN.
...he said he must go for work to London.