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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah jeez, not again.
Already told on you!
Aren't you scared?
At least it isn't me getting beaten.
But I just wanna be your friend!
Bye now.
Come back here, you big oaf
Come back here.
Come on Jimmy, we're friends.
Come on, I'm your friend, right?
Come on, Jimmy, I'll show you the way.
Come on, just leave me alone, OK?
Did someone mess with my bike again?
Did ya see that kid sleepin' in class? He's so bad!
Did you ever go to the office just to talk to Doctor Crabblesnitch?
Did you hear that Jimmy Hopkins is going to get expelled?
Did you know that most mutations are the result of radioactive radiation?
Did you know you can get punished for beating up other students?
Did you let me win on purpose?
Did you see that guy vomit?
Did you volunteer to do extra homework just so a teacher would talk to you?
Do I have to go to the hospital again?
Do I really have a funny face?
Do that again and I'll tell on you.
Do you want me to tell Mr. Hattrick? Huh?
Doctor Crabblesnitch is like a brother to Miss Danvers. He's always so nice to her
Doctor Crabblesnitch said that Jimmy Hopkins has really brought peace to the school.
Doctor Crabblesnitch says he won't tolerate any hooliganism at Bullworth.
Doctor Crabblesnitch says tattoos indicate criminality.
Doctor Crabblesnitch says we should be friends.
Doctor Crabblesnitch says ya HAVE to be nice to me, pleeasee..?
Doctor Crabblesnitch says you're a troublemaker.
Doctor Crabblesnitch will get mad when I tell him you did that.
Doctor Watts says those are dangerous.
Don't do that. It's mine.
Don't fight or I'll tell!
Don't hurt me.
Don't touch me or I'll tell Mister Hattrick.
Edna is right about you. You're awful.
Edna told me she had seven kids, that's why she works at bullworth
excuse me, would you help me please?
Fight someone, get a prefect.
Geez, I already got beaten up once today.
Geez, OK, I'll explain it to you.
Golly Gee, that was fun.
Golly Gee, that's neat
Gosh, did we really win?
Gosh, it just makes me so angry.
Gosh, Jimmy, can't we just talk about this?
Gosh, now you're gonna get it!
Gosh, sorry.
Gosh, that guy makes me very angry.
Grabbed by nose and swung around
Ha ha. Very funny.
Have you ever got locked in a closet by your friends?
Have you ever tried to weigh your head?
He calls me an annoying twerp, but I know we're friends.
Hello, Jimmy Hopkins.
Help, Help!
Here you go.
Hi, it's me, Sheldon.
Hi, ma'am.
Hi, Remember Me?
Hi, Sir.
Hi, wanna be friends?
Hit twice
I already knew that.
I already thought about it and decided not to.
I always lose.
I bet Miss Danvers would like that.
I can't believe he did that. Will you help me?
I can't wait to tell Miss Danvers that I won.
I can't wait until I'm big enough to do this to someone.
I didn't think that was fun at all.
I don't like that.
I don't look like a weasel.
I don't think I broke anything.
I don't think I can afford any of this.
I don't think I'll tell anyone about this.
I don't think it'll ever be OK.
I don't think you know what you're doing.
I don't understand why the kids at Bullworth can't be as nice as the teachers!
I give up.
I got locked in a closet yesterday. Those guys are such jokers.
I gotta get my friend out of class. He's gotta help me with my homework.
I gotta go talk to Mr. Hattrick
I have special training, you know.
I have to go help Edna.
I have to leave now.
I haven't told on anyone yet today.
I hope Dr Crabblesnitch doesn't forget about me.
I just knew I was going to lose.
I just knew they were gonna fight.
I knew we were going to lose.
I know how they did that.
I know the way, Jimmy
I know we were gonna win.
I know what you did.
I know you're just joking.
I like to stay after class and help Doctor Watts. We're friends.
I never told on you, honest.
I sure hope nobody gives me a wedgie today.
I talked to doctor Crabblesnitch for half an hour yesterday. We're good friends.
I think Doctor Watts is a real genius. That's why he's so hard to understand.
I think I might throw up.
I think I'd like to be a teacher when I grow up.
I think I'm going to go to the office. I really like hanging out with Miss Danvers.
I thought we were friends! 1
I thought we were friends! 2
I told Doctor Crabblesnitch that you don't make trouble.
I told him I'd tell, and now I'm telling.
I told you I'd get you back.
I told you we shouldn't have even tried.
I wanna punch you.
I wanna throw in the toilet, but I'm afraid I'll get caught. You're not afraid of getting caught, are you?
I want my bike back!
I wasn't trying anyways.
I won?! Really?!
I won't tell just don't hurt me!
I wonder what a stupid prat is?
I'll tell on you for that.
I'm going to see Doctor Crabblesnitch. He's my friend, you know.
I'm going to tell on you.
I'm gonna get you in trouble.
I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna kick you in the kneecap!
I'm gonna tell and you can't stop me.
I'm gonna tell Dr Crabblesnitch.
I'm gonna tell if you're not careful.
I'm gonna tell Mister Burton about this.
I'm gonna tell Mister Hattrick how bad you are.
I'm gonna tell Mister Hattrick.
I'm gonna tell Mr. Hattrick how well you did.
I'm gonna tell on you! 1
I'm gonna tell on you! 2
I'm gonna tell someone right now.
I'm leaving now.
I'm not gonna take it anymore.
I'm not surprised we lost.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm not your friend.
I'm ready to explode.
I'm sure he was just kidding when he called me annoying.
I'm telling!
I've been thinking...
If you tell, no one will believe you.
If you try anything, I'm gonna tell.
Is it allowed to have food fight?
It really stinks.
It's a monster.
It's OK. I don't mind.
Jeez Jimmy, that's the wrong way.
Just kidding.
Just wait. I'm gonna tell Doctor Crabblesnitch.
Leave me alone or I'm gonna tell.
Library fines are unfair, $20.00 is a lot of money.
Like you're supposed to be scary.
Miss Danver says everyone should be nice to me.
Miss Danvers is my friend, so you can't touch me.
Miss Danvers says it doesn't pay to be cheap.
Miss Danvers says toilets are unsanitary.
Mr. Burton says the Bullworth football team is going to win, even though they're a bunch of wimps.
Mr. Galloway told me he's never met anybody so keen as me before.
Mr. Galloway's going to be fired, I know because Mr. Hattrick said so.
Mr. Hattrick is so nice. He told me he'd show me a way to guarantee an A.
Mr. Hattrick likes me, not you.
Mr. Hattrick says he thinks we'll win.
Mr. Hattrick says that friendship has a price.
Mr. Hattrick says you should be sent to prison.
Mr. Hattrick says you're a good person.
Mr. Hattrick says you're no good.
No, I don't think that's allowed.
No, I'll be your friend. Just don't do anything mean.
Now I'm really angry.
Of course, everybody knows that.
Oh, and another thing.
Ohh geez.
Ohh gosh this is so much fun.
Ohh gosh. Hi, Jim.
Ohh I you're not nearly as mean as they say you are.
Ohh look at all those police
Ohh man I crashed
Ohh please I don't like fighting.
Ohh really.
Ohh sure.
Ohh why do I always get beaten?
Ohh yeah yeah of course.
Ohh yeah, tell someone who cares.
Ohh yeah, very funny.
Ohh, I knew that already.
Ohh, I'm gonna tell Miss Danvers.
Ohh, I'm gonna tell Mister Crabble snitch.
Ohh, jeez. Jimmy cut it out.
Ohh, my tummy hurts.
Ohh, please don't do that.
Ohh, that really hurt.
OK, Jimmy, very funny. Now please let me go.
OK, listen to me. I know what's going on.
Pain 1
Pain 2
Pain 3
People judge Mr. Hattrick unfairly. He's really a nice guy.
Please don't be mean.
Please don't hit me.
Please don't make me cry.
Please, you're the only hope I've got.
Pushed, held back, and tripped
Really nido?
Screaming 1
Screaming 2
Screaming 3
See. Isn't that fun?
Someone pulled the fire alarm!
Someone put mashed potatoes in my shoes while I slept. It was kind of squishy.
Someone told me about that already.
Stop bugging me, OK?
Teacher, teacher!
Teachers just don't pay enough attention to kids, you know?
Thank you, I guess.
Thanks. Wanna be friends?
That didn't taste very good.
That wasn't very good.
That's bad, right?
That's funny.
That's just grody.
That's my bike.
That's not what I heard.
That's OK. I wasn't watching anyways.
That's pointless.
That's probably not allowed, you know.
That's really funny.
That's really good, you know that?