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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A rat.
Ah, much better. Now I'm ready to dazzle everyone with my charisma and popularity again.
Ah, much better. Now I'm ready to dazzle everyone with my charisma and popularity again.
Alright, I'm bored. Bye.
And there's nothing you can do about.
Anyways, let's talk about me.
Are you crying out for attention or something?
Are you deliberately trying to be a social reject with that haircut?
Are you following me, you creep?
Are you insane?
Are you like going the wrong way on purpose?
Are you like totally sure about that?
Aren't you embarrassed to look like that?
Be careful, Jimmy.
Because everybody's safe. Oh, my God, Jimmy, please get them.
Both boys are better than the rest. Yay.
Bye, bye.
Can you believe Lola? I bet she's been with at least half the boys at this school just to make Johnny jealous.
Can you believe that Jimmy psychopath? Gary was right about him all along.
Can't wait to get out of these clothes.
Come on, dance for us.
Come on, Jimmy, you know you're supposed to bring me a present.
Come on, you can't do that. I'm like popular.
Come on. Jimmy follows the cheerleader.
Could we talk about something that's not boring?
Could you be less of a dork, please?
Could you go somewhere else please?
Could you, like not be a total jerk, please?
Did you get them all yet, Jimmy?
Did you hear about that plant they keep in Harrington house? Those preps are so weird. If it wasn't for the money, they'd be total nerds.
Did you see Pinky in that skirt? Poor girl. She's definitely getting fat.
Do I look like someone who cares?
Do your dance mascot.
Don't even think about it, creepo.
Don't look at me.
Don't touch me, you perverted, twisted sicko peeping Tom. Creepy son of a bitch.
Don't worry, he'll be here soon, I'm sure.
Dork wad.
Eat your heart out boys.
Edna what are you doing? You stink like cheap perfume. Like did you drink a whole bottle or something?
Everyone who's not a total loser is voting for Ted in the student council election.
Forgot to do your laundry again?
Get away from me.
Get lost, creep.
Get out of here, you sleazy, sick, slimy pig. Get out.
Get over yourself.
Go find some other losers to hang out with, OK?
Go, team, go.
God, I am so hot.
God, sometimes you're such a pain.
Gotta go to practice. Bye.
Guys, Ricky's being a pervert. Help me.
Guys, the mascot boy screwing up again.
Ha ha ha. Loser.
Haha, look at those dorks.
Have you ever been to new Coventry?
Have you ever copied someone's homework?
Have you ever had too many people ask you out on a date?
Have you ever tried to imagine what it's like to be a nerd?
Have you ever wondered what it be like to make out with Johnny Vincent?
Having a little adventure, are we?
He obviously has the hots for me. Not that I can blame him. I mean, who doesn't write?
Hello handsome.
Hello you.
Hello, I'm like, busy.
Hello, ma'am.
Help help. I'm being harassed.
Hey guys, our mascot hasn't been practicing enough.
Hey Jimmy, do you think you could help me with something?
Hey yo, that's my answer sheet. Help. I'm being robbed.
Hey, don't do that to him.
Hey, dork. What? I was watching that.
Hey, new kid, don't ever talk to me, OK?
Hi Sir. How are you?
Hi, Jim.
Hmm. Johnny Vincent is kind of cute. Why is he with that tramp Lola?
Hopkins, I see you there. You're so not getting away with this.
How am I supposed to know what a cosine is?
How'd you get Doctor Watts to go out with you, Edna? Like, did you drug him?
I am so sore to get a cheerleading scholarship for college.
I am so sorry about that shirt.
I bet Lola would wear something like that.
I bet you didn't see that coming.
I bet you think you look real cool doing that.
I can't believe he did it, but he totally did and it's totally not allowed.
I can't believe I had to sit next to that nerd Melvin. Like, doesn't anyone care about my feelings?
I can't believe someone threw something like that at me.
I can't believe you used to be my friend.
I don't care.
I don't get it. What exactly is a gong show anyways?
I don't know you, OK?
I don't know, but I saw some weirdo downstairs.
I got this huge zit the other day and my life is over.
I gotta go make Beatrice miserable. See you.
I guess I was wrong about you. Thanks.
I have to go get myself a pedicure. Bye.
I heard about those eggs. Loser.
I heard the swim team shaves all their body hair.
I hope everyone's looking at me. Of course they're looking at me.
I hope no one saw that.
I hope no one's getting hurt. Ohh Timmy, won't you save them?
I sure hope there's no math requirement for cheerleading college.
I think I'm going to ostracize Beatrice this week. She's been annoying me.
I think the flames are getting out of control.
I totally like your shoes, Jimmy.
I'll be right there, just have to get something from my locker.
I'll show you that I mean it, Jimmy. Just give me a chance.
I'm a cheerleader and I'm angry.
I'm a cheerleader and I'm gonna kick your ass.
I'm gonna make you so sorry.
I'm guaranteed to pass math this year, and I don't even have to study.
I'm like a natural born leader, that's why I'm the captain of the cheerleading squad.
I'm scared.
I'm so glad you're helping me, Jimmy.
I'm so going to hurt you.
I'm sure you're real proud.
I'm too good looking to wear something like that.
In your dreams.
Is it the football team?
Is the school, like, really on fire?
It was fun, but now it's over. Bye.
It's a boy in the dorm.
It's always like totally thrilling.
It's just so not right, you know? Like, how can anyone live with themselves doing something like that?
It's like I'm the queen of Bullworth. It's a lot of pressure, you know, but totally worth it.
It's not like anyone actually cares about the game. They're all there for the awesome cheerleading.
It's not the 4th of July, you doofus.
Jimmy help me.
Jimmy is just like so cool. I heard Mr. Burton is going to make him captain of the football team.
Jimmy the fire, please get the fire.
Jimmy, are you going to protect me or what?
Jimmy, I'm a little cold. Would you give me a hug?
Jimmy, please save the gym. Please.
Jimmy, you are so stupid. That's the wrong way.
Jimmy, you dress way better than most of the dorks here.
Just take it, OK.
Just you wait.
Keep trying. Maybe one day you'll get it.
Kiss* 2
Like did you make those shoes yourself?
Like I bother with nobody like you.
Like Oh my God, could you like do something about.
Like that's so cool.
Like you're a total reject.
Like, don't touch me.
Like, excuse me?
Like, that haircut is totally cool, Jimmy.
Like, why do you have to be such a jerk?
Lola's got Johnny all wound up, the poor guy. He should forget about that tramp and try out for the football team.
Look on the bright side. At least I don't have that problem.
Look where you're going, OK?
Maybe Lola's are bigger, but mine are definitely perkier for sure.
Miss Phillips obviously used to be one of those weird drama club kids. No wonder she got divorced and had to become a teacher.
Mr. Burton's such a nice man. He's always helping out with cheerleader practice, you know.
My reputation is ruined. Please help me Jimmy. I'll do anything.
Nice clothes. Too bad you're still a loser.
No one appreciates how much hard work it is to be this popular.
Nobody likes you.
Not ah, never.
Not bad. Maybe you should join our squad.
Oh look, Mr. I've been expelled 100 times. Thinks he's cool.
Oh my God Beatrice is such a dork. She thought she could hang out with me just because I copied my assignments from her.
Oh my God Edna I am so sorry. Did you like cut your face when you shaved your some?
Oh my God it can't believe you just did that.
Oh my God you were like totally sick.
Oh my God you're such a sleaze.
Oh my God, did you just touch me?
Oh my God, how can you even live with yourself?
Oh my God, I hope you die.
Oh my God, I think I broke a nail or something. Major emergency.
Oh my God, is that the cafeteria lady over there?
Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.
Oh my God, that can't be true.
Oh my God, that really hurt.
Oh my God, that zit is totally noticeable.
Oh my God, what happened to your pants?
Oh my God, why did you do that?
Oh my God, why do you have to be such an idiot?
Oh my God, you're such a jerk.
Oh my God, you're such a nerd.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Oh my God. I have like no idea what that is.
Oh my God. It's like it's the worst thing ever. I mean, Can you believe it?
Oh my God. This is disgusting. I'll have to go change. Oh my God.
Oh yeah, whatever, Mr. I'm such a jerk.
Oh, I just thought of something.
Oh, oh.
Oh, that's pretty cute. I'll make Ted buy it for me.
Oh, that's really nice. Thank you.
Ohh bullworth go.
Ohh for sure.
Ohh hello Jimmy.
Ohh I am so excited.
Ohh Jimmy, thank you.
Ohh thank you so very much.
Ohh thanks Jimmy.
Ohh yeah, very funny guy.
Ohh yeah. How come you don't have any friends then, huh?
Ohh yes miss.
Ohh, aren't you a real daredevil?
Ohh, but but I'm popular.
Ohh, that sounds like a great idea, Jimmy.
Ohh, that's pretty cool.
Ohh, you are the sweetest boy ever.
Ohh, you think it's funny now?
Once you come a little closer, Jimmy.
Only losers would like that.
Please, please, please don't do that.
Screaming 1
Screaming 2
See you later, OK?
So like please come down.
Social outcast.
Some weirdo threw something at me, I just can't believe it.
Someone should, like, totally demolish that little jerk.
Stop following me, jerk.
Stop following me, you perverted creep.
Sure, we can hang out.
Tattoos are for social rejects. Perfect for you.
Thank you, Mr. Hatrick.
Thanks, Jimmy. You're the greatest.
That hats really unfortunate.
That is so ugly.
That was cool, but don't tell anyone, OK?
That's like totally grody.