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The Flintstones

The Flintstones

The Flintstones, a beloved animated television series, has captured the hearts of audiences for decades with its humorous portrayal of prehistoric family life. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the show premiered on September 30, 1960, and ran for six seasons, leaving an indelible mark on the world of television.

Set in the fictional town of Bedrock, The Flintstones transports viewers to a Stone Age setting where dinosaurs coexist with humans. The series follows the daily adventures of the Flintstone family, led by Fred Flintstone, a lovable, hardworking, and occasionally hot-headed caveman, and his best friend, Barney Rubble. Voiced by Alan Reed, Fred is known for his catchphrase, "Yabba dabba doo!" and his love for bowling, gambling, and trying to find ways to make life easier. Meanwhile, Barney, voiced by Mel Blanc, is often the voice of reason, ensuring that Fred doesn't get himself into too much trouble.

The Flintstone household also includes their loving wives, Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble, voiced by Jean Vander Pyl and Bea Benaderet, respectively. Wilma is a caring and patient cavewoman who tends to be the voice of authority in the household. Betty, on the other hand, is a loyal and fun-loving friend, always ready to lend a helping hand to Wilma or join her husband in the mischief.

Throughout the series, Fred and Barney find themselves caught up in various humorous escapades, often involving their pursuit of wealth, employment, or acceptance by the high society of Bedrock. Their adventures often result in misunderstandings, causing their wives to step in and save the day with their wit and intelligence. The Flintstones also introduced a variety of memorable supporting characters, such as the affable Dino, the Flintstone family's pet dinosaur, who communicates like a dog and creates chaos with his playful antics.

The Flintstones not only entertained audiences with its charming characters and witty humor, but it also utilized its Stone Age setting to satirize the norms of modern society. Many of the show's storylines, albeit set in prehistoric times, reflected relatable issues faced by families in the 1960s, such as parenting, gender roles, and the pursuit of the American dream. This timeless quality, combined with the show's clever writing, ensured its enduring popularity and the creation of numerous spin-offs, movies, and merchandise.

With its catchy theme song and distinctive sound effects, The Flintstones soundtrack became synonymous with the show. From the iconic whistle signaling the end of each episode to the sound of footsteps on cobblestone streets, these audio elements added an extra layer of charm to the animated series. Fans can relive the nostalgia and play and download these sounds from a reliable source.

Whether you're a longtime fan or discovering The Flintstones for the first time, the series continues to captivate audiences of all ages. Its combination of humor, relatable storytelling, and unforgettable characters has cemented its place in television history. So gather the family around and embark on a trip back in time to Bedrock, where dinosaurs roam, rocks are used for everything, and laughter is never in short supply.

You can now relive the magic of The Flintstones by playing and downloading these timeless sounds here - a treasure trove for all fans of Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty!

A hard worker,
A little something to take that chill off. Take a swig of this.
A little village by the water Sign said Bedrock
A lot of guys here would like to get their hands
A loving husband,
A son. Someone to carry on the proud name of Rubble.
A vice president at Slate and Company,
A yabba dabba doo time
Aah! He growled.
About something you couldn't spread mayonnaise on.
Actually, the wife and I were going to have dinner tonight at Cavern on the Green.
Afraid? Now, let's get this straight, Rubble.
After a hard day at the quarry.
After all these years, how come they're canning me?
After everything that we've done for you. We took you into our home.
After I destroyed his quarry?
Ah, Barn, I admire ya. You've lost your job, your dignity,
Ah, Barn.
Ah, everybody loves you, Fred.
Ah, Fred.
Ahhhhhhhh oooh!
All I need's a brew and a good scratch. Which one do you want to do first?
All I want is my old job back and my old life.
All right, Wilma. Enough of this charade.
ALL: Surprise!
Am I interrupting?
An annual cost of livin' increase
An executive? This is my chance to be somebody.
Anarchy in Bedrock
And a 20 percent chance of meteor showers.
And delivered to discerning consumers worldwide.
And did I mention increasing our profit margin...
And every time we get ahead,
And frankly, I don't think this is going to help.
And Fred, let me let you in on a little secret.
And I adore you for it.
And I don't need this television set.
And I'll stick to mine.
And in conclusion, Mr. Slate,
And in the words of my beloved mother,
And increase productivity, um, um... A whole bunch!
And it should be us squanderin' all our money and treatin' our friends like dirt.
And just because an applicant was not selected...
And let me tell you, contractors can be real pirates.
And maybe a health plan with free foot care.
And my best friend since the first time I went through the fifth grade!
And our daughter, um... Um, um, um...
And our unsuspecting dupe is?
And promise you won't say anything like you did when you saw my sister's baby.
And right now I have a vision of you and me...
And somewhere down there is the ignorant stooge
And stack them neatly on my desk.
And that got mixed in with water and that came all down the hill.
And that makes you a winner in my book, pal.
And then I'll fire you.
And then, Cliff said,
And this quarry's safety record will be severely tarnished.
And those little packets of ketchup in the lunchroom.
And two weeks paid vacation for all the men in the quarry,
And we are currently in the process of refuting the results of that investigation.
And welcome.
And when I finally did, I turned into somebody I didn't like.
And when I think of all the sacrifices your father made for you.
And you have every right to know, my queen.
And, Wilma, what if the adoption agency finds out?
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, the B.C. 52's!
ANNOUNCER: The KAVE accu forecast for tonight calls for light seismic activity.
ANNOUNCER: This menace remains at large...
Are fraught with peril.
Are there six or seven "I"s in "Fli... Ah"?
Are you calling my husband a liar?
Aren't we lucky to have friends like them, Fred?
As a matter of fact, he thinks it was his idea.
At least I can walk around the house in my underwear again.
Atta baby!
Atta boy!
Attending to the every need of a helpless little boy.
Bamm Bamm Bamm Bamm Bamm!
Bamm Bamm! Bamm Bamm, wait!
Barn, I've been thinking about this executive job.
Barney Rubble Fred Flintstone
Barney, all my life I wanted to be a somebody.
Barney, do you have to do everything Fred does? (GIGGLES)
Barney, I can't accept this.
Barney, I thought you came to save me.
Barney, isn't he precious?
Barney, nice skins! Sit down, take a load off!
Barney, there's something we gotta talk about.
BARNEY: Come here! Give me that!
BARNEY: Help! Somebody!
Barney's still out of work, we've nearly spent all of our savings.
Because I don't have any friends to invite to dinner.
Because I have vision.
Because you lied on your resume?
Bedrock Twitch, twitch
Before I reach my destination
Before you go, there's something bothering me...
Believe it or not, the one who scored the highest was Fred Flintstone.
Best friend? I lost my best friend the day I became an executive!
Better acquainted.
Better than being a couple of petty ingrates.
Betty, please. We can work it out.
Betty, sit down and relax.
Betty! Towel.
Billing phony companies and keeping the money for yourself.
Bold choice, Mr. Flintstone!
Both of you!
BOTH: Nice goin'.
BOTH: Ooh.
BOTH: Thank you.
Break with the caveman
Bring the Dictabird to the quarry at dawn. No police.
Burrowing their lives away.
Bust a verse said what you think I said you're style is prehistoric
But Barney Rubble's my neighbor, my lodge brother
But I don't think you hired me to sit around and look pretty.
But I want you to know, if I had to have someone hanging next to me,
But I'll tell you what I don't need.
But I've graciously decided to give you all the credit,
But not your sense of humor.
But then again, I would be too if I had been raised by wild mastodons.
But this big thing here is your desk.
But today I am here
But today you haven't said two words.
But unfortunately, I'm gonna have to turn you down.
But when I went to take money out of our savings account...
But wouldn't this put a lot of my guys out of work?
But you have to admit,
But, Barn, none of that counts on an aptitude test.
But, Fred, isn't this all too much too fast?
But, Mr. Vandercave, he's got a new kid, a mortgage.
By a pack of rabid wolves.
By providing simple,
By V.P. Fred Flintstone.
By washing Fred's neck.
Called Bedrock Twitch, twitch
Can I have everybody's attention, please?
Can shovel rock down in the quarry, but up here...
Can you say da da? Say da da.
Carry the product to be shaped, cleaned, inspected
Carving out your lyrics on stone pages
Caught up in a treacherous web of power,
Check in the back.
Chisels down.
Cliff y, have I ever told you you have a very distinguished chin?
Come back now, and I'll forgive ya. (CHUCKLES)
Come here, little guy.
Come on, Barney. We are moving out, tonight!
Come on, Betty. Time to hit the road.
Come on, do it for Mommy. Who am I?
Come on, Fred, usually you're yakkin' my ear off,
Come on, now!
Come on, Sheba! That's my big girl!
Come on, twinkle toes.
Come on, we all said things that we didn't mean.
Come on, you lazy Cro Magnon!
Come take a look... It's a dish in the shower, you keep the soap in it.
Conceptualize, prioritize...
Conga line!
Cooped up inside some swank office all day,
Could you spot me a couple bucks for lunch? I'm a little short.
Creatures like this Flintstone are primitive,
CROWD ON TV: Flintstone! Flintstone! We want Flintstone!
Deceit and lust.
DICTABIRD: Let's discuss this, Cliff. May I call you Cliff?
Did I mention she chisels 18 words a minute?
Didn't know the time Didn't know about fly
Do it, come on, baby Do it, do it, do it
Do the twitch like you got an itch, itch
Do you have any idea why there's no money in our savings account?
Do you have to get Dino so wound up when you come home?
Do you know this guy?
Do you know why I'm up here and they're down there, Miss Stone?
Do your mother a favor.
Don't be modest, you go getter, you!
Don't forget to wash that off before you eat it!
Don't listen to him, Mr. Slate.
Don't worry about me, Fred.
Don't worry, Miss Stone. I'll tell 'em what you did.
Don't worry, Mr. Flintstone. I'll have that taken care of right away.
Don't you see? Thanks to concrete, man can now shape his own destiny.
Done... What? Fire Barney? Why?
Dripping with coconut oil on a beach in Rocapulco...
DRIVER: All right, all together, folks.
Drum solo!
Drunk as a skunkosaurus.
Even if things don't work out,
Even weekends.
Every night I go home and look at her and I think,
Everybody, listen to him.
Except for this lynch mob.
Excuse me, Mr. Slate. I know I'm the new man here,
Excuse me. I'm the executive, you're the office equipment.
Executively yours, Fred Fli... Ah!
Family hug!
Find anything interesting?
First thing, I want you to hire back all the men, Flintstone.
First things first. I demand an apology.
Flintstone gets the rock.
Flintstone, heard you were down in the file room.
Flintstone, kiss your bird good bye.
Flintstone, you're a genius!
FLINTSTONE: Well, you see, Mr. Slate,
Flintstone? Oh, this can't be right!
Flintstones Meet the Flintstones
Flintstones Meet the Flintstones