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Tony Blair Soundboard

Tony Blair Soundboard

Blair was appointed prime minister after Labour won the 1997 general election. He was the youngest prime minister of the 20th century. Blair supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq and had the British Armed Forces participate in the Iraq War. Blair resigned as Labour leader on 24 June 2007 and as prime minister on 27 June 2007.
See also: Premiership of Tony Blair, Tony Booth (actor), Euan Blair, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, The Trial of Tony Blair, and Tony Blair (disambiguation).

A brutal dictator?
And and I understand that.
Be a real force.
But the reason for that is very simple.
Exceptional person.
Get on with it.
I think there are possibility.
I was a young man.
It's a really good question. Thank you.
Need to build strong competitive economies.
Obviously I've been working very hard.
That's very difficult.
The United States of America.
The wider world.
There were a million casualties in the Iran Iraq war.
Why can't you do this?
Why is it difficult?
Without the Labour Party allowing me to lead it, nothing could ever have been done.
You were liberal in your values.