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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A ******* boat.
Are you in your deal with your phone in?
Are you stupid or something?
Be well.
Can you about himself a quality after you carry on, go for it?
Come on come on face.
Do you have a mother?
Excuse me, I haven't called you once my phone keeps ringing in your in the ******* end of it.
Go on asshole
Goodwill talking mom. While I got next to actually, I'll just stop affect Parkinson's. Hello to you.
I don't want any extra money. Why do you figure most stop calling Maine?
I don't want it.
I haven't called you to.
I haven't gave you any information. I don't even know where you got my number from.
I haven't ordered any information, that's why I'm trying to tell you.
I really, really ******* love ******* ****s
I slept like pink. They really ******* ugly, just like you. I must admit I do enjoy sucking ****ze.
I would actually say all your religious colleagues are actually ******* ourselves as well. In fact, far as living things are concerned, home leaving the ******* game and take it up the *** there's ...
I wouldn't do anything without my millionaire. I don't need your ******* money.
I'm glad you got to come here every second already told Tracy and nobody ******* busted you go for it.
I'm in England. You ******* also.
I'm not interested in doing anything that was. The ******* computer was com.
I'm not looking to make any money, I don't need any money.
I'm plastic, best **** ****** ************* had your mother.
In my second watch, Anya.
In the best ******* **** ****
It's still ******* baby. Are you little girl really? You must be any cake. Oh look at me I'm really ******* clever. I can find people from all over the world and keep him awake all night. I'm such ...
Look about a joke.
Look, you wanna talk to your mum?
Looks like.
Natural fact mate.
Next, looking at all makes pellet gun to your head. Come back for a gun to your ******* head and blow your ******* brains out.
No, ******* will not stop ******* Sony Wanna Boyer?
Nothing is wrong with Maine.
Now you're the ******** one.
Oh no, I missed talking Pacquiao Tonight. Planes ha ha ha. Let's make some calls and can be really funny. Yeah that's really good but right now 100 Kentucky can't hear being traced.
Oh yeah, I'm totally mentally ******** iPhone you did not.
Oh, are you gonna charge me to make this money or yeah?
Or just keep asking the same question.
**** shi**
Piss off and leave me alone!
Show me Cody conversation. So he's going to the peace tomorrow.
So don't look for it.
So what's it gonna cost me to make this money then?
Stop calling me.
Stop this ******* ********
Stupid ******* *****
The one keeping a hydrophone number. It is such a big man is so ******* clever. What you down it and let me know what number you darling from.
This call is being traced you ******* who about to get ******* busted.
Unless I'm beating you ******* stop.
Well, I'm reporting you now 'cause I've had enough of this.
Well, you about getting busted night because I'm just about and that's been on the phone long enough. No, not quite. A little bit longer and then trade we made.
Well, you can you talk a lovely woman.
What the hell you doing phoning me?
Why can't you ******* acceptor?
Would you wanna speak your sister?
Yeah ******* right, you stupid *****
Yeah I really like. Yeah I'm not ******* cops up here listening off.
Yeah, an actual fact. I mean I have ****** in both but they have been stretching really crap. You know and then.
Yeah, don't speak your mother.
Yeah, she's not sick **** ******* your Mother Fantastic.
You anything else you want to say to me come face.
You are.
You know country or phone in.
You ****, ****, ****
You really are ******* thick ain't ya.
You said I'm not looking to make an extra money. Always said no, there's your answer.
You've been calling me for fucking months!
**** *** and leave me alone.
**** *** stop ******* phoning me
******* your mother is great fun. She's a really good **** You know that.