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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And it doesn't take the 60 seconds.
And then I'll be there like I've got damn redheaded stepchild men Halverson off the jail.
And wrapping around you God Dam neck.
And you want to zip code?
Any self respecting white man wouldn't be having all ******* day to talk with you.
Call me Lucifer.
Call me one more time.
Do you know? Beat down to some really nasty ****** ******* are live in this world and I happen to be one of.
Get that The Rifleman. I'll give you the address ************
Go **** yourself.
Go get nightmares chamber with Michael Jackson. Try to make yourself be a white man like a president we got.
Going back to your pink rabbit.
Good **** ******
Here looking for nothing you *****
Here's his address *****
Here's the address ************
How ******* *** **** break the old lady and stick it back. Damn white baby up in her ******* *****
How do you spell it?
How long is it gonna take you to get there ****** ******
How much longer you need mustard?
How's that sound?
I bet you ******** ****** ******* asking spelling.
I didn't call anybody. You called me.
I don't have to do **** to myself.
I don't have to know you.
I give you my address. See you, I do not.
I got ****** ******* at work for me then ******* enjoy beating the **** outta you.
I got 2. Three cops should help me do it.
I got so much juice up but I cannot yes arrested for on 16 fictitious charges in less than 5 minutes.
I gotta ******* dog here. Little ******* suck your cock.
I guess that'll make you sleep a little less. More comfortable tonight. No one that I know who you are now.
I I'm your ******* daddy. That's who I am.
I just wanna know even ******* you dirty Skype.
I know your ***** and you won't do it.
I laugh about it.
I place this ******* number.
I spent ten years in the Marine Core ************
I think that might be on Hatcher.
I will come and rip you out of your *** **** House with your ******* kids in there.
I will come get you.
I will make you cry.
I will take **** **** out, cut it off and stick it. You got them over ladies ***** so which?
I'll ******* beat you and your ****** ******* kids if you never called me back.
I'll call you anytime I want. What are you gonna do?
I'll miss you. *** **** eyeballs in a *** **** Bowl of g****s and eat them. ****** ******* and be happy to do it.
I'll send some dark energy right up your ******* ***
I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'm a ******* Devil ************
I'm a ******* devil.
I'm going to hurt you and your family.
I'm in Chicago.
I'm so ******* dark and mean you ****** ****** I rip your *** **** guts out of your ******* *******
I'm waiting, I got plenty of money.
I've been in a ******* escort business and I got more horse and Carter's got liver pills working for me and more favors and Jesus.
Just wanted to call you.
Matter fact, why don't you give me your address?
Maybe you gotta push it.
My friends call me Lou.
No, just make sure you go to jail.
Right, you know what kind of God bless you be **** all over. You need to keep doing it.
Satanic Racist Soundboard Sound
Satanic Racist Soundboard Sound
Satanic Racist Soundboard Sound
Satanic Racist Soundboard Sound
Scott told you to write the *** **** aggression. That's what I know, ************
She only ***** I forgot that.
Sleep with one eye open.
So it's not a shame.
So what about your Mama?
So you can do that ******* GPS that you don't have.
So you got your pen and paper. I know you probably can't, right?
Still less than five minutes.
Take a lock your *** down so *** **** fast. If you ******* *** **** black will come off yet.
Tell me help you.
Test my resolve.
Thank you for calling.
That is, is that you're a cute.
That's all you are.
That's what I said.
The ones you ******* excuse better.
The only thing I'm gonna show you as hell.
Then get your *** kicked. Why you in a cage while rosewood process?
They went to a ****** like you wouldn't.
They will make you watch it.
This is a business.
This is Josh, who is this?
This is Josh.
This is Lucifer. Who is this?
This is your momma. Who is this?
We're talking about you giving me your address.
Well, what's up with you ******
What do you want?
When I know who the **** you are now.
When you said next tonight.
Where you at ************
Who is this?
Why are you calling me?
Why don't you just go ahead and give me your dress **** ******
Will introduce you to how things really work.
Yeah thanks good one.
Yeah you did ************
Yes, you know now don't you ****** ******
You ******** ************
You are staying there. Can you write?
You aren't having **** with me.
You called me ****** ******
You don't even have to Hawk.
You don't get me ***** give me your dress.
You don't get the maybe.
You don't have a job, so you know what I was right. You are *******
You don't have enough money to buy a ******* milk for babies.
You don't have enough money to buy a babies.
You got babies.
You got the heart to come. Write the address down.
You had no clue dog.
You have heard of Santa Rita ************
You know blue. Do you have heard of Santorini, ************
You know the power of the Internet, the wonderful ******* thing.
You know what that's typical coward or *****
You know what those cops are gonna do?
You know what we do to Negers?
You know what?
You know what? I'll give you my name *****
You probably can't even get a ******* chair and wipe your *** Might just feeding buddy says.
You talking **** about raising me.
You wonder what the ******* Devils like.
You're a lover.
You're such a coward ****** ****** You can't even call without blocking your number.
2.2 seconds you ******* **** ******
'cause I'm gonna kill you ******* kids.
****** ******