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Bob's Burgers - Season 4

Bob's Burgers - Season 4

Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom that first aired in 2011 and is currently in its 12th season. The subject of this particular discussion is Season 4, which premiered on Fox in September 2013. The show centers around Bob Belcher, the owner of a struggling burger joint, and his eccentric family that helps him run the restaurant.

The main cast of Bob's Burgers includes the voices of:

- H. Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher, the dedicated and slightly eccentric burger chef.
- John Roberts as Linda Belcher, Bob's loving and quirky wife who manages the restaurant alongside him.
- Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher, the eldest daughter who is socially awkward and obsessed with boy bands.
- Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher, the middle child who is full of energy and constantly wears a burger suit.
- Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher, the youngest daughter who is cunning, mischievous, and always wears bunny ears.

Season 4 of Bob's Burgers features the same hilarious and heartwarming storytelling that has made the show a fan favorite. The Belcher family finds themselves in various comedic situations, from trying to save their beloved Wonder Wharf amusement park to dealing with quirky customers and rival restaurants. The episodes are filled with witty dialogue, memorable musical numbers, and offbeat humor that keep viewers entertained throughout.

One notable storyline in Season 4 involves Bob and Linda participating in a quirky local theater production, which leads to a series of hilarious mishaps and unexpected twists. Additionally, Tina continues her quest to be noticed by her crush, Jimmy Jr., leading to several awkward encounters and romantic misunderstandings. Gene, as always, provides his unique musical talents with catchy original songs and quirky dance moves, while Louise masterminds elaborate pranks and schemes.

Fans of Bob's Burgers can enjoy the sounds and music from Season 4 by either watching the episodes or accessing the show's official website, where they can play and download the various sounds. From Gene's whimsical musical compositions to Louise's mischievous laughter, there is no shortage of entertaining audio to immerse oneself in the world of the Belcher family.

In conclusion, Bob's Burgers - Season 4 is a delightful continuation of the beloved animated sitcom. With its talented voice cast, witty writing, and memorable episodes, it's no wonder that the show has garnered a loyal fan base. Whether you're a longtime viewer or discovering the show for the first time, Season 4 is sure to deliver laughs and heartwarming moments that will keep you coming back for more.

A $50 gift certificate from
A 15 second local Super Bowl commercial
A a restaurant. Oh.
A banquet recognizing campus community service.
A bathroom where anything can happen.
A better eye on your kids, Bobby.
A big deal out of it.
A big, dangerous boy! Baby.
A brand consultant!
A bunch of kids' stories, Frond. Come on. But... but...
A burger for a raccoon.
A burial at sea... it's what the carousel would've wanted.
A California Central Coast Syrah.
A cavity?!
A coffee filter filled with taco meat?
A cold, unfeeling, dead inside cheer bot!
A commercial during the Super Bowl.
A commercial with you to air during the Super Bowl.
A convenience store parking lot
A couple of handfuls of crushed pretzels.
A couple's lesson but my husband's being a jerk.
A fellow babysitter in the back?
A few more times, take notes and... And all these.
A foamy substance. This is ridiculous. Stop.
A football player in a Super Bowl commercial...
A girl went home. Wouldn't it be perfect
A gold plated Minnie previously owned by Jon Hamm.
A Guide to Not Cheating
A guy who used to be in the NFL; I bet you could get him.
A ha.
A head to head competition in a public place
A healthy camping man.
A hero? He wants to destroy the school with farts.
A house full of boys? I can't go. I have plans.
A jar of mayo.
A jar of mayo.
A little lunch would really hit the spot.
A little more? Like that?
A little more. That?
A little old to play with dolls, you know?
A little rinky dink, huh? Except for that tub of mayo.
A little too much.
A long suffering wife stuck in a bad marriage.
A long, hard look at your lifestyle?
A lot of kids aren't lucky enough
A lot of parties to meet your Ginger.
A magician's assistant's costume.
A microchip of our plans
A motorcycle with four side cars.
A nice place you got here. Thank you.
A nice thick layer of chocolate squares make up the base.
A one, two, three, four.
A packed stadium show to get to, and then
A plan bee.
A plumber to fix the pipe!
A plumber today? Twenty twenty!
A plus. Thanks, Mr. Belcher.
A professional flight instructor is going around
A rat with a hanger.
A real case. This is the big time.
A real ham is currently in our oven.
A real psychic. Amateur.
A really long handkerchief up their sleeve. Anybody? Hmm?
A sarcastic mall rat.
A saw in my pocket right now?
A Saz attack.
A secret from the kids, right?
A slow hand.
A song bird.
A ta... a taxi?
A Tale of Horror."
A tasting trio for the afternoon.
A tattoo!
A thousand years of darkness.
A trip to merry go round town.
A truck driver was mean to you?
A truly outstanding young man...
A turkey in every toilet.
A turkey murderer.
A two day brine,
A warm spring? Don't you mean a hot spring?
A wig stapled to his baseball cap, and those roller shoes to get away.
Aah, gross! Ew!
Aah, let go!
Aah, we're losing stuffing!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Aah! And mayo!
Aah! Buckle your seat belts, kids!
Aah! Come on, come on, we can do it.
Aah! Don't eat me!
Aah! Give it!
Aah! Hmm?
Aah! I can't breathe. Home Ec sta what?!
Aah! I don't want to die!
Aah! I shouldn't have come here! Why, whale?
Aah! I thought that would work.
Aah! I was so close!
Aah! I'm not decent!
Aah! I'm okay.
Aah! I'm the slowest one!
Aah! Oh!
Aah! Ow, what what's going on?
Aah! The Scream i cane!
Aah! We have to hide the chocolate. Oh...
Aah! Why did I think this would be a good place to talk?!
Aah. Aah!
Aah. Aah. Oh, I can't believe my baby ran away!
Aah. Great, great.
Aah. I don't know.
Abort! Abort! Take your cyanide capsule.
About $2,000 less
About how all this could have been avoided
About how fat your butts got
About how great my turkey is while you're trying to sing.
About peeing during Jerry Maguire or the turkey?
About the Equestranaut multiverse.
About the picture, the rope.
About this slumber party thing, Lin.
About whether we should tell Mom and Dad.
About your husband and you're all set.
Abraca yeah bro! I support ya!
Absolutely not.
Absolutely. Not necessarily. Hmm... No.
According to the Thundergirl handbook, we should...
Ach! You guys are so bad at drowning.
Action! Only I say "action,"
Actually took Gene's keyboard away.
Actually, I should get into the kitchen.
Actually, I'll make time.
Actually, it's like 50% the costume
Actually, my Thundergirl handbook says
Actually, yes. This kid. Me.
Add some stuff.
Adios, Yap!
Adjusting myself without anyone noticing.
Admit you're a hack, and I'll do it.
Afraid?! I'm not afraid!
After all that fun, it would be great
After apparently being knocked off the pier into the ocean.
After everything that's happened, Lin.
After I finished shooting your commercial, I came here
After I had kids. Destroyed.
After our lesson. She lives upstate.
After the game and meet a real NFL player.
After you
Again. Oh, Bobby.
Ah ah ah ah, stay on your side.
Ah choo! Oh, I wish somebody had
Ah, back from the bathroom
Ah, better check on Jessica.
Ah, denial. A woman doesn't take flying lessons
Ah, excuse me. Excuse me. What is going on here?
Ah, finally, something fun happened at school.
Ah, God, this feels so great!
Ah, great commercial, Bob.
Ah, hello, Louise.
Ah, hi... But good to see you.
Ah, hmm, looks like Jimmy Pesto's big Super Bowl weekend
Ah, hope you're happy, Bobby.
Ah, I give up!
Ah, I see.
Ah, I'm not such a good sleeper
Ah, my face!
Ah, my only sister,
Ah, no! My pee penny!
Ah, nothing like seeing a good dock, right, Dad?
Ah, okay. Oh, my God, what's that?
Ah, quit being such a baby, Bob,
Ah, she adopted one last week.
Ah, that's him!
Ah, there you are.
Ah, they probably taste the same.
Ah, they stole my idea for breadstick ropes.
Ah, time to get some shut eye.
Ah, Tina, since I caught you,
Ah, we'll be home in 15 minutes.
Ah, well, your delicious fries have left my fingers greasy.
Ah, you gettin' that?
Ah! 'Cause England's old
Ah! Ah!
Ah! Flamethrower!