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Community (2009) - Season 4

Community (2009) - Season 4

"Community" is a beloved television show that aired from 2009 to 2015, captivating audiences with its unique blend of comedy and heartwarming storytelling. Season 4 of "Community" holds a special place in the hearts of fans, despite some notable changes behind the scenes.

The main cast members of "Community" include Joel McHale as Jeff Winger, Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry, Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir, Alison Brie as Annie Edison, Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennett, Donald Glover as Troy Barnes, Chevy Chase as Pierce Hawthorne, and Ken Jeong as Ben Chang. This diverse and talented ensemble brought their characters to life and created an unforgettable dynamic within the show.

Season 4 of "Community" was released in 2013 and was met with a mix of anticipation and apprehension from fans. This season marked the departure of showrunner and creator Dan Harmon, resulting in a slightly different tone and direction. Despite these changes, the cast remained as strong as ever, delivering top-notch performances and keeping the essence of the show intact.

The fourth season of "Community" continues to follow the misadventures of the study group at Greendale Community College. The group embarks on more hilarious and absurd escapades, from epic paintball battles to alternate timelines and everything in between. Each episode brings its own brand of humor and sends the characters on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Perhaps one of the standout episodes of this season is "Intro to Knots." In this episode, the study group must navigate through a complex series of lies and deceit, all while learning the art of sailing. The episode showcases the brilliant comedic timing of the cast and the witty writing that "Community" is known for.

Another memorable episode is "Basic Human Anatomy," where Troy and Abed find themselves in an uncanny Freaky Friday situation. The duo's chemistry and ability to play off each other is on full display, resulting in some of the funniest moments of the season.

The music of "Community" also deserves a special mention, as it plays a significant role in setting the tone and enhancing the overall experience. From the catchy theme song to the hilarious musical numbers throughout the series, the music adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the show.

If you want to relive the magic of "Community" Season 4, you can play and download the sounds and soundtrack on various streaming platforms. With its talented cast, clever writing, and unforgettable characters, "Community" Season 4 continues to be a fan-favorite and a testament to the show's enduring legacy.

A babbling brook like I described?
A banner and some soda Troy forgot to bring?
A big man. A huge, throbbing, sweaty...
A bird named Troy, and a hamster named Troy.
A C minus is not a failing grade. To me it is.
A cartoonishly large cake.
A church going mother of three to be smart, huh?
A cool, smart lawyer like yourself
A craigslist ad an hour ago
A dozen scouts got buried in an avalanche.
A few shadows, a couple of mirror tricks.
A few times, if that's okay.
A few times, if that's okay.
A gift creates obligation. I don't see it that way.
A gym is a building,
A little late to the hipster party much?
A little less short term corporate housing.
A little less time in the library
A little much on the much much?
A little, custom built latex walls,
A long time ago, I'd watch Game of Thrones.
A lot of filmmakers use crane shots to elicit emotion.
A lot of somethings.
A lovely place. Very feminine.
A man made structure inside which
A mom, an activist,
A peat bog.
A perfect student, a lifelong learner,
A prank on a prank.
A quantum spanner.
A rain forest theme and buy palm fronds
A real History class we'll lose, like, $40,000 in grant money.
A really good PE teacher I know
A reminder of a bygone era when men were men,
A sidekick, and Abed.
A small one.
A sock hop Britta has all but "Britta'd"
A Sophie B. Hawkins dance
A spike in production in June,
A string quartet.
A strong, independent woman,
A student is choking on a plastic golf ball.
A third reason.
Aah! Pierce, just let go.
Abed brought me here to prove to all of you
Abed gets it. Oh, you're all hiding out in here.
Abed seems to be having a good time, which is all that matters.
Abed was having some anxiety about all the changes this year,
Abed, a pop culture reference is more of the same.
Abed, do not write that down.
Abed, I know it's disappointing to you,
Abed, in the real world people can actually get hurt.
Abed, it's amazing.
Abed, Shirley is our friend, and we're guests in her home.
Abed, sit.
Abed, the gluon photo line looks really long.
Abed, we don't have origin stories.
Abed, when you brought this group together,
Abed, where have you been?
Abed, you can't
Abed, you gotta teach me how to use that camera.
Abed, you ready for our last first day of school?
ABED: Coming.
ABED: Hey, Troy. Hey, Abed.
ABED: I'd like to tell you Annie avoided Shirley's doctor sister in law,
ABED: It did feel like a prison,
ABED: One thing was clear to me and the crew.
ABED: Pierce was our last hope, or so we thought.
ABED: That's how it went for the afternoon.
ABED: We never got to do a Shawshank homage.
Abed. Abed.
Abed. This is Kat.
Abed's Happy Community College show is filmed
Abed's right.
About all that stuff you said about messiness.
About Changnesia.
About graduating, am I?
About how I...
About how to impress the Macguffin people.
About showing growth, and I was thinking
About the nature of I'm so sorry.
About the thing you plan to make a documentary about?
About who misses me the most.
About you wanting to play house with me? Pshaw!
According to dean law, I must now give her my amulet.
Actually, can we stop at the post office first?
Actually, having dual careers has put a lot of stress on our marriage.
Actually, he's kind of going through some stuff.
Actually, I figured that these paintball warping guns
Actually, I was thinking about coming clean.
Actually, I'd like to stay for a little while.
Actually, it's not that bad, but this keeps the story moving.
Actually, Jessica did mention that she's cold.
Actually, no.
Actually, that sounds good. No hugs. Wouldn't want one.
Actually, these will also work for Valentine's Day,
Actually, they told me my birth name is Benjamin Chang,
Actually, we were thinking this is our last hurrah.
Actually, why don't you go with Britta?
Actually, you can count me in on this one.
Actually, you know, I was talking to the ladies.
Admit it, Kevin.
Admit it, Thanksgiving softened that Winger underbelly.
After a night of running in circles,
After I got shot, I faked my death
After I took summer classes.
After just one Forensics class,
After knowing Chang.
After our father died,
After seeing it on Law & Order.
After that day, Jeff seemed like a man unburdened.
After we got back from the woods,
After we had taken the ice cream class together.
After we met, I abandoned my evil goal
Again, apologies. Changnesia.
Again, we thought you were dead.
Age, 22, total years spent in high school, seven.
Agh! You? You're pre med!
Ah ha.
Ah, but let me reveal the fortune inside this cookie.
Ah, great! My "G"s are back.
Ah, here we go. Let's keep going. This is our library.
Ah, here's the answer.
Ah, I shouldn't have heard that.
Ah, Jeffrey.
Ah, quite a turnout, Britta.
Ah, stupid.
Ah, that will never get old.
Ah, this is the best thing ever.
Ah, what a day we have planned for young Archie.
Ah! Here we go! We're back!
Ah! Here we go! We're back!
Ah! Now, I have time to hit the seamstress.
Ah! Oh, geez!
Ah. ♪ Here in the woods ♪
Ah. Good.
Ah. There you people are.
Ahem. But what it really means
Ahh! A little friction. That usually indicates heat.
Ahh! Not so fast, you two.
Alessandra, come on up.
All for one, and one dude we can all leave behind.
All I need is a disguise.
All of our wishes come true.
All of this was once the future.
All right, Abed, get us in panning singles
All right, action. Okay, you going to make an entrance? Great.
All right, all right.
All right, Britta doesn't have one. Who else?
All right, I may have been play acting that we were married
All right, I mean, I guess I'll go talk to him.
All right, I'll pass flyers at Yogurtsburgh.
All right, let's get one more for safety.
All right, man. Change Up.
All right, Mr. Winger. Et al. Britta.
All right, Mr. Winger. Et al. Britta.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Are you ready?
All right. Good night. Good night.
All right. Got money, bro?
All right. Simmer Dean.
All the time.
All the way out of town.
All these balls.
All these years like a sucker?
All this hoopla is not what Greendale really is.
All this time, I wondered what it was
All true, but I'm probably not your best target.
All we need is a clever ruse Strike that. All we need is a ruse.
All we needed was a passing grade
All: Delta Cubes! Delta Cubes!
All: Delta Cubes! Delta Cubes!
ALL: Hi!
ALL: Oh!
All: Pop pop!
ALL: What do we want? ALL: Justice!
ALL: What?
Almost blew up the school,
Already forgotten.
Also plumbing and air conditioning are things I think about.
Also the space travel.
Also, and I hate to bring this up,
Also, I didn't like the way you were being such a jerk to her.
Also, what the hell is going on?
Also, you may have experimental monkey fever.
Alternatively, someone might just happen to have a pair of tickets
Although I have no way of knowing.
Although it did get pretty hairy after that
Although, he did seem disappointed
Although, no one's seen him
Am I the only one freaked out by that? Abed was just showing
Amdeansia. Amdeansia. I'm all turned around.
Amelia Earhart?
An "End of the Video Store Chain Industry" sale,
An "entrepreneu her," if you will.
An appletini. Oh, God, don't make me order that.
An asteroid could hit.
An excellent attempt, Winger, but we are smarter than you.
An illegitimate half Brother he never knew he had.
And a C minus means I fail to get Valedictorian.
And a marriage.