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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 12

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 12

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is a television show that premiered in 2005 and is currently in its twelfth season. Created by Rob McElhenney, the show follows a group of self-centered friends who own and operate an Irish pub in Philadelphia.

The main cast of the show includes Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito. Day plays the lovable and somewhat deranged Charlie Kelly, while Howerton portrays the narcissistic Dennis Reynolds. McElhenney takes on the role of Mac, the overly confident but often clueless character. Olson plays Sweet Dee Reynolds, the only female member of the group, who constantly seeks validation and success. And lastly, DeVito brings his comedic genius to the show as Frank Reynolds, the twisted and morally bankrupt father of Dennis and Dee.

Season 12 of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" continues to provide audiences with the irreverent and often controversial humor that the show has become known for. Each episode delves into various social and political issues, tackling them in a satirical and darkly comedic way.

From hilarious schemes and elaborate pranks to absurd situations and outrageous characters, the gang never fails to entertain. Whether they are exploring topics like gun control, social media, or global warming, the show consistently pushes boundaries and challenges conventional norms.

With its sharp writing and brilliant performances, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" has garnered a loyal fanbase over the years. The show's unique blend of humor, often described as "Seinfeld on crack," has made it a cult favorite and a critically acclaimed series.

If you're a fan of the show and want to relive some of the best moments, you can easily play and download these sounds here. Whether it's Charlie's unforgettable rendition of "Dayman" or Frank's wild outbursts, these sounds will transport you right back to Paddy's Pub.

So, grab a beer and prepare for a wild ride through the twisted minds of the characters from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." With its dark humor, memorable characters, and clever storytelling, Season 12 is sure to keep you entertained and leave you eagerly anticipating what's to come in the next installment.

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A Abby...
A genius whose fate is controlled by an idiot?
A gifted child who should be treasured.
A little bit touchy for me to say,
A little more like... ♪ The Hot Chick, The Change Up ♪
A man, uh, you know, that Frank came
A urine delivery system
Aah! Aah, my back!
Aah! Aah!
Abigail! What is going on in here?
About their buttholes, okay?
Actually, no. You know what?
Ah, the sun's just blasting me
Ah, we're free!
AIDS, coming through. AIDS, AIDS...
AIDS, I got AIDS. I got AIDS, we're coming through.
AIDS! Everybody out.
All aboard. Chug a chug a toot toot.
All right, all right, but let me do the talking,
All right, how can I explain this? Um...
All right, it's not a great analogy,
All right, now I bet you guys are wondering what's going on
All right, so let's let's figure this out, soon.
All right, well, good luck with that 'cause you got, like,
All right, well, that's great. We don't give a shit,
All right!
All right? That being said, it is difficult to decipher
All right.
All right. I'm going for it. I'm just pulling on one of 'em.
All right. Okay, yeah.
And as somebody who's been down that road,
And brought to Dee's apartment to, uh,
And check the back door, actually, 'cause sometimes...
And I have some questions.
And I was looking for... Okay.
And I, for one, have no intention
And it's all free, too, if you know how to get it.
And just want to thank you again
And raw dog the shit out of it!
And that cuts back on the excess
And the song helped.
And there's no way we're gonna figure this out
And while black people may not feel like it,
And you haven't given me any money.
And, um, help him out, you know?
Anything for my little...
Are we in a dream? Do we got, we got to, like,
Are you kidding me?
Are you serious?
At this point it does feel like the path of least resistance.
Aw, screw it. Try it.
Based upon whether or not we have stuff in our pockets.
Because we've been learning lessons left and right,
Because, you know, guys like Z, they don't like strangers.
Before you go,
Being a black person in America, you know?
Besides, it's triple laminated.
Blacula, like a black vampire.
But are they gonna look like us, though?
But he didn't know it unless he saw his reflection.
But I don't mean to, I'm sorry.
But I'll tell you what, you know what the first thing I need to do is?
But I'm telling you, like I said,
But listen to me.
But only in our reflections.
But Sherman can chew through it!
But you get my point.
But, dude, I think we've got bigger problems on our hands.
But, I mean, I don't know why it took 'em so long to realize
But, uh, you know, black people...
But, you know, you got to...
Can I please have $20?
Can you just move past it like they did?
Can you put it down for a sec, so we can talk?
Car 559, responding to robbery in progress.
Chew like you've never chewed before.
Children, did you find him?
Children, did you find him?
Church people.
Clearly, yeah, that's what's happening.
Come on, Abigail, let's go.
Come on. Ah, this friggin' dome's like a magnifying glass.
Cover that butthole, kid!
Daddy, Daddy, can I borrow $20?
Dee, if God put the sun there,
Didn't work.
Die horrifically?
Do do the Quantum Leap thing. See that thing through, in case
Do not go near the pool drains,
Do not panic, that's the worst thing you can do.
Do not put your genitals or your butthole
Do you guys remember that electronics store
Does this mean you didn't learn your lesson?
Don't force the Wiz thing.
Don't kid yourself about the water, buddy.
Don't question him; we need God!
Don't steal our leap.
Don't you do it, Dee! Don't you do it!
Drowning. Kind of ironic,
Dude, can I admit something to you?
Dude, you... you have to stop. And you have to stop. I mean...
Dude. That could be...
Ever since her mom...
Every ride!
Excuse me?
Find Reggie Williams.
Fine. Fine, Scott.
For a lot less than that, hon.
For all the work your parish has done
For being the first adult to actually give a shit about me.
For children with leukemia,
Forget how. We're past that.
Frank. Look at this!
Freeze! Get on the ground!
From the insufferable prison of motherhood.
Get him through, I can get him.
Get your mouth to this bracelet and chew!
Go away. Come back when we're open.
Go home! Go home! Go home!
Go home! Wake up!
Go home. It's morning. You know the routine.
Go home. Or wherever the hell it is you go during the day.
Go, Sherman, chew!
God didn't put the sun anywhere.
Goddamn it, Sherman, I ordered you not to pee!
Goddamn it!
Got to get back out there and live life...
Got to kind of rock the car a little bit. Wiggle it down?
Guess we got that in common, huh, kid?
Guys, I gotta take a poop.
Guys, I think we found ourselves in a Quantum Leap
Guys, I think we really are in The Wiz.
Half the things you did today.
Has anyone seen my son?
Has nothing to...
He got it from a gay guy in the '80s.
He probably does have priors. You prob...
He right over there laying.
He wants me to learn a lesson from his dream.
He wants when somebody's looking right at him.
He's calling the cops 'cause he thinks we're insane people.
He's definitely calling the cops.
He's got a gun!
He's, uh, about... this tall; he has...
He's, uh, old, and, uh, um...
Her prolapsed anus and chewed herself to freedom.
Here I go.
Here we go, here we go, here we go!
Here we go.
Here, I... I want you to have it.
Hey, go for it, go, go, go!
Hey, guys, guys, guys.
Hey, Hollywood.
Hey, open up! We need your help! Open the door!
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Suck on that, river rat!
Hey. So we were right?
Hey. What's all the hubbub about over there?
Hi. Off duty, of course.
Hmm? What the hell's a Quantum Leap?
Hmm. Although I still do suspect that we were arrested
Holy shit, what have I done? Um, okay, look,
Honestly, I want to thank you for everything.
Hot food, cold beer, bikini'd women seeking relief
How come he can cut to the front?
How is this happening?
How much does this guy sleep? Is he a cat?
How would that work?
How would you even describe something like that?
I apologize about any inconvenience
I appear to be a guy named Reggie Williams.
I can maneuver his body pretty easily.
I can't ever tell which way is north on a map.
I can't get any actual leverage on it.
I can't...
I don't give a shit.
I don't have a daughter.
I don't know if I'm gonna be able to hold it much longer.
I don't know, Ziggy? They don't...
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't want to have to sing that song again.
I don't, I don't know how to describe him.
I feel like that's the nicest the police have ever treated me.
I gave Frank a couple hickeys
I gave you $20 to buy whatever you wanted.
I got AIDS!
I got some boy to give me this.
I got to cancel my credit card, 'cause this Reggie guy might have it, you know?
I grabbed Dee's VCR, 'cause I'm thinking
I had the craziest dream.
I hate this goddamn water park!
I haven't paid to get in here since I was 14.
I I didn't mean us, I meant them.
I I'm a vagina guy.
I just feel it. We're just gonna find Old Man.
I just forgot I was wearing them!
I know, I know, but we needed to start at the northmost point
I mean, I can't think of a better way to have a movie night
I mean, I think we're experiencing something
I mean, it's very difficult
I mean, look, this may be
I mean, really, our lives aren't all that different.
I mean, that that's not on the map... what ride is that?
I mean, they they've always mattered,
I mean, what about the whole, like, Black Lives Matter thing?