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The Untouchables

The Untouchables

The Untouchables is a classic crime drama film directed by Brian De Palma and released in 1987. It stars an exceptional cast that includes Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, Charles Martin Smith, and Andy Garcia. With an intense and gripping storyline, The Untouchables captivates audiences with its portrayal of the battle between law enforcement and corruption during the Prohibition era in Chicago.

The film takes us back to the 1930s when the notorious gangster, Al Capone, played flawlessly by Robert De Niro, ruled the streets of Chicago. Kevin Costner steps into the role of Eliot Ness, a young and determined federal agent tasked with bringing down Capone and his powerful empire. To achieve this, Ness assembles a team of incorruptible lawmen known as "The Untouchables", including the street-smart beat cop, Jimmy Malone (played by Sean Connery), rookie agent George Stone (Andy Garcia), and accountant-turned-investigator Oscar Wallace (Charles Martin Smith).

As the story unfolds, we witness the relentless pursuit of justice as Ness and The Untouchables face constant danger and ethical dilemmas. The film beautifully portrays the cat-and-mouse game between the gangsters and the outnumbered but determined lawmen. The cinematography captures the gritty and dangerous atmosphere of 1930s Chicago, with its dimly lit streets, smoky speakeasies, and grandiose architecture.

One of the most memorable scenes in The Untouchables involves a baby carriage rolling down a flight of stairs during a shootout on a crowded train station. This pivotal moment showcases De Palma's directorial skill as tension builds, and the audience is kept on the edge of their seats. The film also boasts a memorable score composed by the legendary Ennio Morricone, which enhances the suspense and emotion throughout the story.

The Untouchables received critical acclaim upon its release, earning four Academy Award nominations and winning for Best Supporting Actor (Sean Connery). The film's success can be attributed to its stellar cast, gripping narrative, and exceptional direction, making it a crime drama that stands the test of time. The chemistry between Costner and Connery is particularly noteworthy, as they bring a palpable authenticity and depth to their respective characters.

Those intrigued by the sounds of The Untouchables can easily access and enjoy them. An online platform offers a wide range of options to play and download these sounds. Listeners can indulge in the unforgettable score composed by Ennio Morricone, which perfectly complements the film's thrilling sequences. The platform also features dialogue snippets, allowing fans to relive iconic moments and memorable lines delivered by the stellar cast.

Whether you're a fan of classic crime dramas, historical films, or mesmerizing performances, The Untouchables delivers an enthralling experience. The combination of De Palma's masterful directing, the incredible acting performances, and the gripping narrative make this film a must-watch for any avid cinema enthusiast. So, play and download the mesmerizing sounds of The Untouchables to immerse yourself in the world of 1930s Chicago, where lawmen battled corrupt forces that seemed untouchable.

A convoy of 5 10 trucks with good Canadian whiskey ...
A huge international shipment's coming.
A man ...
A man becomes pre eminent, he's expected to have enthusiasms.
A man should take care, see that nothin' happens to them.
A man stands alone at the plate.
A man undercover here for some time now.
A message from my wife.
About face!
Ah, bullshit! Fuckin' bullshit! Look at yourself! Look at yourself!
Al says we got to get out of town until he can fix this subpoena thing.
All aboard.
All right ... Okay, I want to know the name of the bookkeeper.
All right now ... Let's do some good!
All right, all right, but I got nothin' to say to ya.
All right, all the way down and no stops.
All right, boys, I think that's enough.
All right, stand easy, son. I want to ask you something.
All right! Drop the gun!
All right! Enough of this running shit!
All right! Move out!
All right.
All right. How do we link him to the money?
All this stuff is impounded! You're all under arrest!
An article, which I believe appeared in a newspaper, asked why,
And all the business is legitimate, and none is owned by Al Capone.
And all this talk of bootlegging. What is bootlegging?
And as we are going to enforce the law, we must do first by example.
And conspiring to evade Federal Income Tax.
And enter a plea of Guilty.
And he won't go into court without a witness.
And I know that you will put a stop to them.
And I tried to save your life.
And I'll tell you how I feel about prohibition.
And if you believe that, I'll tell you another.
And in that neighbourhood it might've been true.
And not by anybody I employ. And I tell you why, because it's not good business.
And policemen.
And put your man down.
And sometimes your reputation follows you.
And surprise, as you very well know, Mr. Ness, is half the battle.
And that this is real for you, that these men cause us tragedy.
And that's why I'm walkin' the beat. Thank you, no.
And the one I want to try first ... is this.
And then what are you prepared to do?
And then, we bust through ...
And what are you doin' in a club for cops, Jimmy?
And what of your reputation is that you control your business through violence?
And without Capone's bookkeeper, Walter Payne.
And you do that, now.
And you got a heading here ... 'Circuit Court'.
And you personally distributed monies ...
And you will decipher these coded entries for us?
And you've still got some energy left?
Andy! She's boilin' over!
Anything happens, shoot first. You understand me?
Anything you say, Mr. Ness.
Are there any questions?
Are you all right? Thank you.
Are you crazy? You're crazy. I warned you to get out of town.
Are you gonna go after the organisation?
Are you my 'tutor'?
Are you okay, pal?
Are you ready to do that?
Are you ready to meet the men?
At ease!
At risk to more than our standing. So don't you dare stop now.
At the request of the City of Chicago, the federal Government, specifically ...
Bahama Ship to Shore, Miss Lucy Togs ... the list is endless!
Bailiff, clear the courtroom!
Bailiff, I want you to switch the juries.
Bailiff! Bailiff!
Barry! I want you to meet Mr. Eliot Ness.
Barry? Who is consistently the best shot of this class?
Bats himself the live long day, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and so on.
Because he'll do the same to you.
Because I swore to uphold the law.
Because they won't give up the fight until one of you is dead.
Believe me, I understand.
Brings a knife to a gun fight.
But ... I get nowhere unless the team wins.
But ... I just think it got ... more important to me ...
But he's paid no taxes, nothing's in his name.
But I'm not doing them right now.
But in the field, what?
But it's against the law.
But now we must be pure, and I want you to stop.
But they're angered at me. So what do they do?
But we can get him on income tax evasion if we can show ...
By my office this morning, for the crime of evading ...
Can we step outside?
Carry a gun.
Cleaning up a little.
Closer in ... Oh, that's great. Okay, ready? Hold it.
Come in.
Come on here, Capone. You want to fight? You and me, right here?
Come on! Come on, let's get out of here.
Could help ... the force.
Could we speak to you a minute, please?
Could we talk for a minute? I'm John O'Shea, Alderman ...
Cover the south entrance.
Damn it, I can't, it'll break.
Did he sound anything like that?
Didn't you see him? He just went down in the service elevator.
Do we understand each other?
Do you consider yourself a crusader, is that it?
Do you have any political ambitions?
Do you know what a blood oath is, Mr. Ness?
Do you really want to get him? You see what I'm saying?
Do you want to tell me?
Doctor up some income tax, for which they got no case, to annoy me.
Don't cry, sweetheart. We're almost home.
Don't just stand there! Harass me!
Don't let those cars off the bridge!
Don't push me.
Don't tell me about makin' a fool out of yourself.
Don't wait for it to happen, don't even want it to happen.
Don't worry about it, Pops, we won't come back.
Don't you have more important things to do?
Don't! I'm gonna tell ya whatever ya want. What do ya want to know?
Don't. Let him go.
Drive to the station. She'll let you know where to go when you get there.
Easy ...
Easy. It's me. It's me!
Eliot Ness, Special Agent of the Treasury Department.
Eliot Ness.
Eliot, I want you to do one more thing for me.
Eliot? Okay, it's all right!
Enthusiasms ...
Enthusiasms ...
Everybody knows where the booze is. The problem isn't finding it.
Excuse me, that's all. Thank you.
Excuse me.
Federal officer. You're under arrest for violations of the Volstead Act.
Fine. But that man does not go back into that courtroom.
Finger out of the trigger guard! Eject those cartridges!
First, who can you trust? Nobody. The cops, nobody.
For individual achievement.
For ten years I can't say that I'm a cop for the shit that's goin' on!
For which I must commend the excellent work ...
Geez, I'm sorry.
Gentlemen! A subpoena was issued for Alphonse Capone ...
George Stone, that's your name?
George, the count's right.
Get 'em up. Drop it.
Get back to the D.A. And stall him.
Get him out of here.
Get it off the tree ...
Get it off the tree.
Get me the bailiff.
Get out of here, ya dago bastard!
Get over here! Leave the stuff in the cars!
Get some support. What do you say? Let's be real, let me help you.
Get this shit out of the way!
Get your hands off. You owe me, Jimmy, I don't owe you nothin'.
Go on and live the charade, with your soft clothes and federal stooges.
Go on, get your ass out of here!
Go to sleep, Oscar.
God bless Mommy, God bless Annie, God bless Daddy. Amen.
God, didn't ya hear what I said?!
God, you're beautiful.
Goddamn! Stone!
Going over ... kitchen colour charts or something.
Good night.
Good. Give me that axe.
Good. The Department of the Treasury's had ...
Goodbye, George.
Green Light Laundry, Midwest Cabs, Jolly Time Playthings ...
He dies, and you ain't got nothin'.
He has not filed a return since 1926.
He is to be seconded to the Treasury Department. We have the full ...
He says he can't be unprotected.
He says he won't make a fool out of himself,
He sends one of yours to hospital, you send one of his to the morgue!
He will be bringing full payment for the shipment in cash.
He will not go into court without a witness ...
He'd have wanted a cop to have it.
He's as dead as Julius Caesar.
He's at the D.A. 's.
He's been saying, "I will speak up."
He's crazy! Don't let him do this, I'll tell you what you want to know!
He's dead! And the D.A. Is gonna drop the case!
He's in the car.
He's on this train.
Here endeth the lesson.
Here endeth the lesson.
Here I am, Treasury Man. Come on! Harass me!
Here we go. You ready?
Here. Sit down.
Here's how you get Capone: He pulls a knife, you pull a gun.
Hey ... Wait a minute!
Hey, come on, you, on your feet!
Hey, Mister! Wait!
Hey! Nice house!
Hey! This isn't right! Hey! This is no good!
His name wasn't in the ledger!
Hold it right there!
Holy mackerel, Andy! Listen to that Bearcat motor!
How come I'm walkin' the beat, then, at my age?
How did you know I had a gun?
How do you come by this information?
How do you think Capone knew about your raid the other night?
How do you think he feels now? Better ... or worse?
How is everything there?
I am content that I have done right. That man must be stopped, you must ...
I and other agents of the Treasury will be working ...