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The Accountant (2016)

The Accountant (2016)

The Accountant (2016) is an action thriller film directed by Gavin O'Connor. The story revolves around Christian Wolff, a highly intelligent accountant with extraordinary mathematical skills, who works for dangerous criminal organizations. As he takes on a seemingly ordinary job for a legitimate business, he discovers financial discrepancies that put his life at risk. Starring Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff, alongside Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson, this intense film follows Christian as he unravels a conspiracy while facing his own personal demons. To experience the thrilling soundscape of The Accountant, you can play and download these sounds here.

A den of stone cold killers? Where is this?
A funeral home.
A mile out?
A percentage of your workspace relative to your overall home.
A year later, it was trading at $75.
Absolutely makes no sense.
Accounts receivable, earnings before interest...
Actuarial sciences are experiencing tremendous growth as well.
Address and phone number. Get it.
Again! Louder!
Again. Play it again.
Aggression, correctly channeled, overcomes a lot of flaws.
Ah, fuck it.
All clear.
All describing the same man. An accountant.
All due respect, Director King,
All of those are in the same strip mall south of Chicago.
All over the age of 60. Sorry.
All right, get your chin up, Simon. No pouting on my watch.
All right, just put me in touch with the client.
All right.
Am I saying that correctly?
American. Shocking.
Analyst is a good fit.
And a hard time abandoning tasks once I've taken them up.
And Caltech.
And do not make my mistake. You keep moving your ass around.
And getting out alive.
And goes on a seven man killing spree,
And he got it.
And he was there for his pound of flesh.
And how about you, sport?
And I didn't have that, so...
And I drove down to Harrah's in Joliet.
And I enjoy the work, so...
And I met our accountant.
And I took everything I had, which was $183,
And I turned the Naperville North math club into a little Vegas.
And I was 10.
And maybe,
And obviously had no idea what she was looking at.
And right now, changing my routine for you is jeopardizing that.
And so, it's incongruous.
And some change.
And that a shipping container packed with Chinese nationals
And that was the end of Solomon Grundy
And that's where he needs to learn to live.
And the fertilizer costs, and insurance...
And the last five years here at Treasury.
And the leak is...
And the, like, dorky pocket protector and...
And then he cycled it through Panama and put it back into his stores.
And then one day, a guard told Wolff
And then one day, that break you should have been looking for.
And then, the phone rang.
And they might not.
And they'll stay there.
And this time, Little Tony got it right.
And widower identified the colonel by name.
And yet, profits go up. And they continue going up.
And you know this how?
And you say...
And you think Wolff is what to him?
And you're gonna come at me like we just saw each other yesterday?
Anybody could roll up in the front.
Approaching the twilight of a spectacularly dismal career.
Are actually the result of a whistleblower or the NSA.
Are diagnosed with a form of autism.
Are quite dangerous.
Are they dead?
Are they dead? Answer me!
Are we good?
Are you aware of Living Robotics' three income streams?
Are you gonna fight?
Army collects both men.
Art doesn't pay the mortgage, young lady.
As far as I'm concerned, whatever he did is forgiven.
As much as I'd like to take credit for this,
As president of Southern Gulf Bank,
Aside from what that would say about me as a human being,
At church fairs now and again.
At least there's honor among thieves.
At my apartment.
At the end of the month, one of two things will have occurred.
Ate together, sat in the TV room together.
Attaboy, Simon. Proud of you.
Attempted murder.
Autism's nearly impossible to identify visually.
Balance sheets, profit and loss statements...
BANK PRESIDENT: (ON PHONE) Mr. King, you have wandered
Bank statements, complete list of clients and vendors.
Because dogs would never bet on things,
Because I wanted to study art at the Art Institute of Chicago,
Because if you go down this road, this road...
Because this was a team effort
Been looking for you for 10 years,
Before I do, I need to know who he is, how he does it.
Believe me, I wrestled with the same decision.
Birmingham or Bahrain, it is now Treasury business.
Blackjack. I'd never played a hand,
Bloody hell.
Bonjour, fellas.
Boole. Obviously.
Born on Monday
BRAX: Boys, let's have a situation report.
BRAX: Hey! Hey!
BRAX: How will I find you?
BRAX: No, no.
BRAX: North of six feet, short hair, athletic build, yes?
BRAX: Shut up. Sit down in the chair.
BRAX: Simon Dewey.
Buried on Sunday
But between the property taxes
But cut short.
But do it with dignity.
But do you ever sell them?
But first, I'm gonna ask you a question.
But for none of those reasons.
But he changed my life.
But he ran another $287765 through Kim's Nails,
But I lost all but $20 in the first 10 minutes.
But if you can put aside for a moment
But it's been at my client's expense.
But not in a commensurate fashion.
But one sunny Mexican day,
But that I didn't screw up.
But the only way she's gonna collect on that policy, Ed,
But then he came up with a better idea.
But there's a leak.
But Vera Wang made this black, strapless classic.
But when I got that first call,
But why would she hire you in the first place
But you did speak to the man, am I right? You spoke to him?
But you'll stop now. Correct?
By all accounts, an ordinary life, well lived.
By Defense Department contracts and prosthetics at two and three.
By weighing it in 18 wheelers.
Bye, Chris.
Call the bookkeeper in.
Can be especially difficult for someone like your son.
Can we sit down for a second?
Can you give us a minute, please?
Care to comment?
Charitable contributions here to Harbor Neuroscience.
Chris, why are we here?
CHRIS: Ask for Bobby.
CHRIS: Everyone's hiding something.
CHRIS: Explain the 376,109... 6,500,000... 6, 008,000...
CHRIS: Good night, Francis.
CHRIS: Just the Renoir.
CHRIS: Semion Ivankov. 79 Primorsky Boulevard, Odessa.
CHRIS' FATHER: 90% probability they're all right handed.
CHRIS' FATHER: Here we go, here we go.
CHRIS' FATHER: Not in here.
CHRIS' FATHER: You're different.
CHRIS' MOTHER: The only friend he has is his little brother.
CHRIS' MOTHER: When it's somebody else's child,
CHRIS' MOTHER: Who goes crazy when you turn the vacuum on.
CHRIS' MOTHER: You want it your way? You got it!
Christ, man! It's rhetorical.
Christ! What'd he do, hit him over the head with an adding machine?
Christened on Tuesday
Christened on Tuesday Married on a Wednesday
Christened on Tuesday Married on Wednesday
Christened on Tuesday Married on Wednesday
Christened on Tuesday Married on Wednesday
Christened on Tuesday Married on Wednesday
Christened on Tuesday Married on Wednesday
Christian Wolff, I presume.
Christian Wolff, last year, ran $75,543 through his accounting firm.
Christian Wolff.
Cleaned cash from Monte Carlo to Havana to Vegas.
Collects his fee, goes through all the trouble of laundering it,
Come in! Come in, come in, come in. You have to see this. Look at this.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come with me.
Communicates with a digital translator now.
Communicating, eye contact,
Comprised of long hours of good old fashioned investigative work.
Comprised of long hours of good old fashioned investigative work.
Consumer electronics, next generation prosthetics,
Consumer products is your highest source of revenue, followed closely
Contact an individual capable of coming in cold,
Could have turned my career around
Could have used the small box.
Crazy Eddie Antar, he started stealing almost as soon as he opened business.
Cummings, you're needed in
Dad's tastes ran more to Dogs Playing Poker.
Dana found a mistake, and you wanted to be sure it was safe to go public.
DANA: None of this makes sense.
DANA: Scared of getting caught?
DANA: Yes. You, too.
Data mining, cluster analysis.
Define normal.
Deloitte and Touche? H&R Block?
Deposits, withdrawals, cashier's checks, credit cards.
Deputies respond.
Did the work of five men.
Did you even wonder where I was?
Died on Saturday Buried on Sunday
Died three years ago. (SIGHS)
Difficulty with social interaction, communication,
Dimensions which are perfectly adequate for one person.
Do it again.
Do you consider what you do important, Mr. Wolff?
Do you even know what that's like?
Do you fish? I got a two acre pond
Do you know who the fuck I am?
Do you like it?