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Creed (2015)

Creed (2015)

Creed is a powerful sports drama film released in 2015 that follows the journey of Adonis Johnson, played by Michael B. Jordan, as he strives to follow in the footsteps of his late father, Apollo Creed. Determined to become a professional boxer, he seeks the guidance of his father's former rival and friend, Rocky Balboa, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone. Directed by Ryan Coogler, this emotionally charged film also features standout performances by Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, and Tony Bellew. If you're ready to dive into the heart-pounding world of Creed, you can play and download the thrilling sounds of this movie right here.

A challenger uninterested in a hero's send off.
A fact that was kept under wraps because Johnson
A fight they'll never forget.
A fighter cannot be saved by the bell.
A good right hand thrown at him.
A left and a right to the head.
A little history on Apollo Creed.
A little more vicious than that, little more power.
A little nervous?
A lot bigger since you last seen him.
A lot of people got their start.
A place where people find hope in the tales of their heroes.
A round of applause for these two warriors in the ring!
A second round TKO defeat in Philadelphia last night.
A very good chance of recovery.
A way to get inside of Conlan's long arms
About the kid? (CLEARS THROAT)
Adonis Creed wins the night.
Adonis got into a fight today,
Adonis Johnson, a little known boxer being trained by Rocky Balboa
Adonis was lucky there wasn't another 30 seconds in that round.
Adonis, I know you never met your father.
Adonis, I would like it very much
Adonis, these boys come in here, this how they survive.
ADONIS: Bianca!
ADONIS: Get some of these collard greens.
ADONIS: Hey, check you out.
ADONIS: I didn't lie.
ADONIS: I'm gonna knock that smile off your face.
ADONIS: I'm honored.
ADONIS: Just wanna talk to you about my job.
ADONIS: Let's go see Rock on Front Street! Ride with me!
ADONIS: Mmm hmm.
ADONIS: Nobody showed me how to do this.
ADONIS: One. Two? The deal was two!
ADONIS: So I heard you back there, jawn this, jawn that.
ADONIS: So where are we?
ADONIS: Y'all two are killing me.
ADONIS: Yeah, feel like an art museum.
After words were exchanged during the face off.
Ah! You cheated!
Ain't got nothing to do with me.
Ain't never had a steak before.
Ain't nobody around here knows me.
All of a sudden, this kid from Hollywood gets you out of the shadows.
All right, Amir.
All right, baby, let's go.
All right, Donnie. I'm proud of you.
All right, fellas,
All right, got it. Hold that real quick.
All right, I'll show you right now. My pops ain't here.
All right, I'll step on outside, Rock.
All right, I'm not gonna hold my breath.
All right, listen.
All right, look. Don't get rattled.
All right, man.
All right, one to the gut.
All right, Paulie!
All right, you guys get to know each other.
All right, you wanna warm up?
All right? I need somebody solid and who else better to go to?
All right? She died when I was young.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Breathe through your mouth.
All right. Come on, almost there.
All right. Donnie, get into your stance.
All right. I got a few.
All right. Mouthpiece.
All right. So his... His wife, that's not your mom?
All right. You just...
All the pain you had inside, everything that held you back.
All the time.
All you gotta do is land one clean head shot.
Almost there.
Almost there.
AMIR: All right, champ. Don't work too hard.
AMIR: Am I still taking them real shots?
AMIR: Come on, Creed!
AMIR: Take your soft ass back to L.A.!
An anonymous source confirmed to ESPN that Johnson
And Adonis Creed in the red, white and blue.
And Adonis is firing back!
And as my present to you, starting out on the right foot...
And backs Creed into the ropes.
And be mad at everything.
And Conlan really made him pay for it.
And create pressure on the inside.
And Creed does not know where he is,
And fighting out of the blue corner,
And for me, who's lucky enough to be knowing both of you guys.
And he's faster than you are.
And he's in holding.
And I do believe that in life, okay?
And I don't think I wanna do it.
And I don't think you'd be comfortable there.
And I got an apartment.
And I just moved in upstairs.
And I know he didn't leave me on purpose.
And I promise you, his head will fall.
And I think the family must have felt this embarrassment
And I think they're having a great old time up there
And I think you'll be a great singer.
And I wanna make it count.
And I want you to enjoy it, okay? Do that.
And I'm gonna focus on mine.
And I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna fight this thing.
And I'm gonna go to the restaurant and I'll be back.
And I'm just some bum just living in your crib,
And I'm pretty sure he'd catch my fade.
And knock that son of a bitch down.
And lost us millions in the process. Millions, okay?
And most of the time, you don't win it.
And now he kinda moves his feet along the side of the ring.
And now, after a discussion with Rocky Balboa between rounds,
And obey my commands at all times.
And over here is Elvis Grant.
And plus, I wanna make it on my own merit anyway.
And put it into a bowl or something
And round one was all Ricky Conlan.
And say, Hey! Here. I'd like to
And since he's the champion,
And start chemotherapy immediately.
And still the undefeated champion of the world...
And that's it.
And the millions watching around the world,
And then five rounds of...
And they sure don't know what we've been through.
And thinks it will be easy to use his jab
And this wasn't part of it.
And trading shots as they come to these last three minutes.
And trying to control that temper of mine.
And we'll, uh, see what you say, okay?
And we're gonna run some tests in the morning
And we've beaten everybody.
And what if I say no?
And what you take back with you.
And who's boxed his way from California streets
And with the Sporino fight, that makes you 16 0.
And you are the clown who couldn't control himself at a weigh in
And you're a better person than that.
And you're all right with that?
And you're doing it for yourself.
And you're doing it for yourself.
And you're gonna see if you got the right thing.
And you're part of him.
And your biopsy came back showing signs
And, of course, Apollo Creed, the world champion.
And, you know, he's getting better every day
And, you know, I hear from him now and then,
ANNOUNCER: Superfight Two with Rocky Balboa, the challenger
Another pitched battle between the two warriors.
Another right and another right thrown by the champion.
Anything else?
Anyway, I gotta lock up.
Anyway, it's a good day today.
Anyway, shall we see what's new in the world today?
Apollo had an affair with my mom.
Are they too tight?
Are you crazy?
Are you gonna find a problem with everything I say?
As long as you're talking, you're not listening.
As soon as he shows up, he's gonna start on you.
As the guy that you're gonna be fighting, right?
As the most sacred element of their identity,
At least let me get my shoes.
At least put on your head gear.
At least we got the speed.
Aw. It's okay.
Back off.
Back there, like all them guys on that wall.
Be first, Donnie. Come on!
Be first!
Because I got other plans for my life
Because I said to myself,
Because they kept it under wraps for so long.
Because we got a lot of stuff to do.
Because we're training.
Because you can get laid out.
Because you can hurt them.
Because you're a Creed and I love you, kid.
Because you're playing his game, Donnie.
Behind closed doors.
Believes he's the sport's future.
Better talk to your little pretty boy boyfriend, man.
Between Pretty Ricky Conlan and Danny Wheeler.
Bianca, you're beautiful
BIANCA: ♪ Grip, grip
BIANCA: Come on, Donnie!
BIANCA: Donnie! Donnie! Donnie!
BIANCA: I don't even know what fighters drink.
BIANCA: I made something for you.
BIANCA: North Philly.
BIANCA: Okay, mayonnaise.
BIANCA: You might as well have.
Bills are paid.
Blue corner, red corner.
Body! Body!
Body! Body!
Both guys landing!
Boxing fans have been waiting years for the Superfight
Boy's fast.
Breathe, Leo, breathe.
Bring back everything that's ever hurt you.
Brought you back.
BUFFER: Pretty Ricky Conlan!
Build, build, build.
But all the legends in the world
But for the undefeated best pound for pound boxer in the world,
But he does not look like a match
But he's gonna take a while.
But he's trading willingly.
But I found out right before your show.
But I got you.
But I never meant to let you down.
But I only need them in places with a lot of background noise.