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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A bald faced liar
Alright i'll see you later
An AST elias
And I would
And i'll have a vanilla
Are you my cock asian
Baba yakitori ya sha la property I a copy
Bald asshole
Club soda and salt
Did he take the shrimp
Do I go around pushing lobster on people
Don't just say goodbye
Don't tell me what to do
Freaking asshole
Got the cash room
He got my apple turnovers
Hey listen your dad 's not wrestler isn't he
Him, I could kind of take him or leave him
I could work at the temple
I did accused you of being a shoe horn
I got a job
I got in a fight
I have a friend
I have something stuck in my throat
I just had this
I think I saw that people care
I would love
I'm a big expensive man
I'm pretty excited
I'm selling cars
I'm tired
I've got some
If you betray me you're going to die you'll suck on my dick
Larry David Sounds Sound
Love that
No I don't think so
OK bye
Scum sucking mother fucking whore
So somebody told me today that too much soy makes your brain shrink
Song up his ass
Sounds like pics fucking
Speakerphone please
Sure I know I don't care
These directions are shit you know that
Well how about honey I forgive you would you like to have sex
Well that's what I thought OK
Well then we play scrabble
What a moron
You don't talk much do ya
You know what you gotta stop the grunting
You're a small pet here small petting man
You're kidding