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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A hundred and sixty dollars
Actually my dick is in your mother 's mouth and she's loving it
America is a beautiful country it's very fair and balanced
Are you a stuttering motherfucker right now why you stuttering motherfucker
Because that's what you are
Birmingham alabama
Bitch is your mama
Call home
Call you
Can we make this happen then
Did you just hang up on me
Do you know a father beans and water T and T is
Do you want a cadillac
Do you want to cadillac should I buy you cadillac is your mom sucks my dick so good
Dumb ass
Enjoy the rest of your evening my friend
Excuse me
Fucking stupid
Glad you called
Go by your bucket of KFC
Good for you
How come you don't pick up
How did that happen did I call you and you said hello
I called you
I don't know i'm kind of layered ferrari I liked italian cars I don't know
I don't know what's going on I don't know if you have anything to do with it i'm not saying that you do
I don't want to waste my time with somebody that has no money
I drive a ferrari what do you drive
I have a big insurance policy i'm worth more dead than alive that's good
I I would really appreciate if you do that
I i'm going to make it easy for you you keep fucking around and you're gonna realize who your fucking with OK I don't have time for you OK
I love it when your daddy watch is me
I miss you
I never called you
I never called you I picked up the phone and I said hello and you was on the other end
I suggest you buy a punching bag
I'm a boyfriend
I'm four hours away from you my friend
I'm going to educate you very simple OK very simple my friend
I'm good
I'm not a therapist OK i'm not a doctor but I can help you through this
I'm sorry
I'm the only one in the building right now nobody was calling you
Is this my buddy what's going on this is ray
It's kinda funny how I answer the phone and say hello and you're telling me I called you don't you find that ironic
It's your mama
Katt williams
Let's be business partners
Long beach
May god bless you
My name is ray
No no no
No you're my I don't want it I really don't wanna talk to you because you can make me money your momma can make me money
Nobody 's calling you OK
Nobody called you
Nobody is called your phone is what i'm trying to tell you
Nobody is ever called you why would anybody call you for what
Nobody really gives a shit
OK I have to go now
On my free time i'd by building
On welfare
Only two things come from her birmingham alabama losers and bigger losers I don't know which category urine
People like me better evolve my dead cells with people that are losers you know I hang around with people that have money 'cause I have money you don't have money so why would I lower my class
Please keep calling here
Please keep calling here because I love talking to you
Ray williams
Rhode island
Sad when somebody that son is as honest educated as you are trying to use words that you truly don't know how to put together in a sentence in the english language so I thought but I appreciate you...
She cooks me everything I like
She real good
So could you please instead of calling thirty times a day could you call fifty times they because it's so funny and we're having a good time
Stop eating your KFC and maybe you'll do make something out of your life
Thank you phone shark
That's exactly what i'm looking for
That's great
That's how big of a fucking loser you really are
The phone rang here
The rims that move when you're at a stop light
They always say it is like a double out there somewhere
This is beautiful
Threaten people you're the one threatening me
Twelve dollars
We are working with the authorities as we speak it's OK man
What is your number and it 'cause I will do an investigation
What's going on my friend
When I talk to loses like you it makes me feel i'm so lucky
Where are you going to be all day
Who's your stupid fuck
With good man we can make money let's be business partners
Would you like an ice key auntie with some fava beans
Yeah you're right I do
You are threatening maine
You called here my friend
You called here that's how I picked up the phone my friend
You don't even know how to spell technology my friend
You don't find that bizarre
You don't need to worry
You got nothing else better to do
You got nothing else better to do with your time then the coldest number can two inch dick
You have a ferrari
You keep saying bitch I understand why you keep using the word bitch 'cause you only graduate from the second grade
You know nothing about anything
You might get a free sandwich or a free chocolate chip cookie
You would not harassing us at this point
You're a joke
You're gonna be there all day playing with your fucking two inch dick
You're in birmingham
You're not impressing anybody
You're welcome to call me every day
Your momma
Your opinion really doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot