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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Be a real man (rant)
Call my house again the cops will be at yours
Do not call my house again (louder)
Do not fricken call my house again
Do you hear me you idiot
Don't be an asshole hang up
Don't call my fricken house again (muzzle rant)
Don't call my house again (even louder)
Don't push me dude
Get a life for yourself put your hand down pants
Get the fuck off my phone you idiot
Get the muzzle off your phone
Hang up bye
Hang up the fucking phone (rant)
Hang up the phone
Hang up your phone and dont call my house again
I can trace any number
Im gonn have att on your ass
Im gonna have att on your ass (long)
Im gonna trace your number (rant)
Intro I got the police tracing
Pick another number gotta wake up for work
Quit calling my fricken house
Shut your bastard mouth (rant)
Stay on the line long enough
You hear me dude
You're a fucking asshole hang up your phone
You're an asshole rant 1
You're an asshole rant 2
You're an asshole you drunk
Youll have my son to wake up to
Your not coming in cause you star anything