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Created by WBPrank 728 7,733
Foxy Furry

Foxy Furry

The Foxy Furry is ready to pounce on your bulgy wulgy uwu

Using a prefix code like with Shitfaced Virginian. Call-Pertaining to phone calls, Cop-Police related, Fur-Furry Stuff, Int-Introduction, Loc-Location, Num-Numbers, Out-Outro, Q-Questions, Res-Responses, Sex-Sexual, St-Statements, Swi-Lines for switching to another board, Y-Yes

Call ButYouCalledMe
Call Couldbeanyone
Call SexyCalledMe
Call WasntMe
Call YouCalledMe
Cop AreYouGonnaArrestMe
Cop ArrestMeForEachCall
Cop BendOverCar
Cop UseFuzzyHandcuffs
Cop UseHandcuffsAndLeatherOnMe
Fur ImAFox
Fur ImAFox2
Fur ImAFoxWhatCanYouExpect
Fur ImNotABitchImAFox
Fur PrettySmallForASona
Fur uwu
Fur UwU2
Fur UwU3
Fur YouMustBeAFurry
Int Helloooo
Int Hey
Int Heyyy
Int ItsYouAgain
Int UwUWhosThis
Int UwUWhosThis2
Loc Grangeville
Loc Springfeel
Loc Springfield
Loc SpringfieldMass
Loc SpringfieldsALongWay
Num 0
Num 1
Num 2
Num 3
Num 4
Num 6
Num 7
Num 9
Num Intro
Num NoNoNoIts
Out AfraidImustgetbacktoit
Out GonnaGoToBlueWebsite
Out GottaGoBacktoBlueWebsite
Q AreYouEnjoyingThisCall
Q DoYouLikeKnotting
Q IsThatWhatWereTalkingAbout
Q ohdidwe
Q PromiseOrGuarantee
Q What
Q WhatchaDoin
Q WhatDoYouWant
Q WhatsYourSona
Q WhatWasThat
Q WhereYouCallingFromAgain
Q WhosThat
Q YouKnowWhataKnotIs
Res 8inchesisSmall
Res Alright
Res AlrightGetOnOverhere
Res BigDifferenceBetweenTheTwo
Res CanBeanExperience
Res DoneDeal
Res DontTemptMeWithAGoodTime
Res EnjoyingThis
Res GiveMe5min
Res Goovertothecomputeretc
Res GottheRightNumber
Res hardtosaynoto
Res hmveryinteresting
Res IcandothatTomorrow
Res IKnowThatWeDid
Res IWantTheKnot
Res LayinginBedThinking
Res Let'sSeeHere
Res MaybeThatsWhatILIke
Res MayOrMayNotBeFirst
Res Metoobuddy
Res MeTooMeToo
Res MostPeopleDontLikeThat
Res OnlyonFridayNights
Res Presumptuous
Res Really
Res TheWayTheEconomyIs
Res WannaTalktoHimMore
Res What
Res WonderedWhyItWasQuiet
Res WondrousHealingProperties
Res YeahKnots
Res YourMother
Sex 3wayPhoneCall
Sex 60NuttingInMommy
Sex 8Inches
Sex CanYouHandle9in
Sex DeepVoiceForThat
Sex DontSuckDickbutNothingWrongwithCock
Sex DontSuckDickbutNothingWrongwithCock2
Sex DontWantAnotherMrHands
Sex FurryCumALot
Sex GiveMeCummieWummies
Sex GotTheVoiceandMouthForIt
Sex G****fruitTechnique
Sex HandsDownMyPants
Sex HotInHere
Sex Ihave9inches
Sex ILikeKnots
Sex ImAMasochist
Sex ImGettinHard
Sex InMyExperienceTheyreBetterAtOtherThings
Sex LikeHoldingHandsbutBetter
Sex MakeMeAGoodBoy
Sex PutItInMyAssOutMyMouth
Sex SuckingNoise
Sex TeethMightGetInTheWay
Sex UsuallyHowItEndsUp
Sex WhatAboutTheBalls
Sex WhatsWith8InchesIHave9
Sex WontHaveToForceMe
Sex YeahGettinHard
Sex YouThinkIGiveGoodHead
Sex YouveGottaBeAMasochist
St 2Ends1Call
St BadNewsForYa
St EyesonthePrize
St GonnaDoThatNow
Swi IThinkMyAssociateWantsThat
Swi TalktoMyAssociateAboutThat
Y Definitely
Y Definitely2
Y IAgree
Y OhYeah
Y OhYeah2
Y ok
Y Uhhuh
Y Yeah
Y Yeah2
Y Yeah3
Y Yeah4
Y yep
Y Yep2
Y YesICan