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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A second hurts really bad in the face of eternity.
Aah! My soul!
Adventure Time
Adventure Time
After all, you're one of us.
After making sure neddy was safe
All right. The deck is ripe.
All unarmed and tethered like this
Also, I used to be dead.
And could come from anywhere at any time
And instead of a wax idol,
And someday, when you die,
And we're all like, "It's still good. Look
And you were still nice and pink.
Announcer: A shocking move!
ANNOUNCER: A solid move from the veteran Jake.
ANNOUNCER: He's right..
As the once powerful and dignified Princess Bubblegum
Be content.
Being mortal was good
Blah, blah, blah, blah!
But by tourney rules,
But now her milk is nonfat
But now your bravery is essential
But what if you lose?
CHARLIE: Be cool.
Come on, grab your friends
Commodity speculation,
Dang, girl. Aaah!
Dang, Marci. Have some faith. Geez.
Dang! Lost him!
Desist resist!
Do it, chicken! You make me sick!
Do it! He's getting away!
Don't forget to check out our merch table.
Each deriving its power from one of the 16 themed elements..
Each of us play a vital role,
Ew! Ew! [ Smooching ]
Finn, heads up!
Finn, I got one!
For real? Why?
Get in me!
Git, git, git!
Goodbye, Marci
Granary Weevil..
Guys, look.
Ha! [ Laughing ]
Have you seen cards like..
Hey, do you know if I can drink this?
Hey, don't worry... we won't tattle
Hey, get back here!
Hey, you should come, too
Hey! Who's my hunny bunny?!
How many times do you want to do this, Marceline?
Huff! Cow... teeth and...
Huh? Aah!
I am not playing without it
I can't even deal with all this modern nonsense!
I cast Bean Ball Bomba
I don't do cards to follow rules.
I know I am.
I know you're in there, you skunk
I like where this is going.
I see you're getting your strength back.
I want you to do the procedure, the one we talked about.
I wonder where they ran off to.
I'll check your vitals in the morning.
I'll draw you a map!
I'm a pbht! Vampire! Pbht!
I've always wanted to be heard by everyone.
If a baby snake was a baby baby.
If an ant hill were a girl.
If he tries to run, stop him.
If you are going to caterwaul like this,
In another week or two, you won't even have to leave.
In case a certain frenemy of yours
In little ways
It fell upon you two
It means you're nice.
It'll be like fighting a cutting board.
It's Adventure Time
It's called I got arthritis.
It's like a beautiful voice singing with itself,
Jake and Charlie... A.K.A. Team Dignified..
Jake did excessive force on me
Jake, check me out
Just do something!
Just like where you and me first met
Let me in!
Let's do it.
MARCELINE: You've lost a step!
Marceline? Marceline? Marceline?
May I come in?
Mm hmm!
Most days, we're busy running the screen printing shop,
My 70s.
Nah, that's not right.
Never. They're pens painted to look like pencils.
No, kid!
No, no, no!
No... big deal
Now you're it.
O... kay
Oh no, my bomb!
Oh, geez. Oh, geez
Oh, getting dizzy...
Oh, hey, I was thinking so, once I usurp crunchy,
Oh, Marceline!
Oh, no.
Oh, so good. I had a hoagie for lunch.
Oh, that's really great.
Oh, yeah!
Oh! Look!
Oh! Ugh!
Oh. Nice pipes.
Ohhhh! Blah, blah, blah!
Okay, listen up, hayseeds.
One of the first things I did
One, two, three, go!
Or if I was like a dangerous candlestick.
Or that reminds us of something in ourselves
Perhaps you should protect your people?
Princess Bubblegum: Oh! Surprise.
Resuming objective.
Right where you left it
S she's beautiful
See? It's okay
Shh! I'm trying to listen to the frightened caller.
Sit, boy.
Smell my feet, Marceline.
So I sing
So it's up to the four of us to stop him.
So what are you two up to now?
So, how did you pass the time?
Some bad things happened to me when I was little.
Sorry, the light of the party
Strong enough for an ultravampire...
Sulked off into exile,
Susan just know somehow.
Thanks, Jake.
That is literally my entire plan!
That means..
The demon Marceline staked us all.
The gold leaf was stupid.
The humans are long gone.
The only spot in the kingdom left unscoured
The same time I got un gunked.
There you go
They'll tear this world apart.
This is all my fault!
This is where the song's coming from
This late in the tourney.
This party is so crazy!
Those who see the world with pure, childlike wonder
To export worldwide!
To test my new lab out on you.
TWO BREAD TOM: Yes, please.
Unless you count killing vampires as curing.
Unto your sworn princess within a hangman's fortnight.
Wait, you hear that? Listen.
Was it just on the breeze?
Was to start making the candy people.
We can't afford to lose more livestock.
We're gonna take it to the source
Well how 'bout you?
Well, I've heard enough. Come on, Finn.
Well, you got me
What do you think about picking up the
What is with
What what?!
What's this? Don't you have any human?
When you finally find it
When you turn it around
Where's that beautiful music coming from?
Whoa ho ho. Whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Whoo! Whoo!
Whoop! What what?!
Why are we back? How did it happen?
Why'd you let him degenerate
Winners... Grand Prix and Moniker Des Louise.
With Jake the dog and Finn the human
Would you wipe out an entire species?
Y'all see that? I killed a vampire
Yeah. I'm lucky
Yep. It tastes just like you'd think.
Yo, chill, Jake
You always act like a a loner, right?
You always wanted kids
You dumb vampire!
You let him go, you tranch! Who do you think you are?!
You see it?
You sucked the life out of defenseless animals.
You sure you're not coming, Marceline?
You would gotten it over with a thousand years ago
You'll never get away with this."
You're monsters. You'll always be...