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Sex and the City - Season 2

Sex and the City - Season 2

Sex and the City is a beloved television series that aired from 1998 to 2004, and it became a cultural phenomenon. In its second season, which aired in 1999, the show continued to captivate audiences with its witty dialogue and relatable characters.

The main cast of Sex and the City includes Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, the show's protagonist, and a fashion-forward columnist who explores the intricacies of love and dating in New York City. Cynthia Nixon portrays Miranda Hobbes, a cynical and ambitious lawyer who often struggles with her love life. Kristin Davis plays the sweet and optimistic Charlotte York, a gallery curator seeking true love. And last but not least, Kim Cattrall portrays the bold and independent Samantha Jones, an unapologetically sexual PR executive.

Season 2 of Sex and the City delves deeper into the complexities of modern relationships and the challenges faced by its four leading ladies. As usual, Carrie narrates the series with her whimsical voice-overs, sharing her personal experiences and answering her infamous rhetorical questions.

Throughout the season, the characters faced a plethora of romantic endeavors and intense emotional dynamics. Carrie finds herself in a love triangle between her ex-boyfriend Big (Chris Noth) and new flame Aidan (John Corbett). Meanwhile, Miranda tries to navigate single motherhood after an unexpected pregnancy, and Charlotte continues her quest for Prince Charming. Samantha, true to character, explores her sexuality and embraces her independence.

What sets Sex and the City apart is its ability to boldly address topics surrounding sex, dating, and relationships that were considered taboo at the time. The show fearlessly tackled issues such as infidelity, open relationships, and sexual exploration, challenging societal norms and sparking conversations.

The soundtrack of Sex and the City Season 2 perfectly complements the show's narrative. Each episode is accompanied by a carefully curated selection of songs that enhance the emotion and atmosphere. From iconic classics like Madonna's "Like a Prayer" to contemporary hits like Alanis Morissette's "Uninvited," the soundtrack captures the essence of the era.

If you're a fan of the show or simply seeking to immerse yourself in the world of Sex and the City, you can play and download these sounds here. Relive the emotional rollercoaster, laugh along with the characters' witty banter, and let the music transport you to the vibrant streets of New York City.

Sex and the City Season 2 remains a fan favorite, as it not only entertains but also sparks contemplation about the intricacies of relationships and the unending quest for love. With its well-developed characters, sharp writing, and timeless themes, the show continues to resonate with viewers worldwide.

So grab a cosmo, slip into your favorite pair of Manolo Blahniks, and get ready to laugh, cry, and ponder the complexities of love and life with Sex and the City Season 2.

A "good on paper guy" is a guy with great credentials...
A 25 year old virgin was getting me a Cosmopolitan.
A big bed.
A big rock.
A big thing?
A big yellow umbrella. You can come by and say hello
A big, hard rock.
A big, throbbing, rock hard sausage.
A bottle of their best champagne later...
A bribe, so, you'II hang out and talk
A bride four weeks from her wedding has no time to meet for coffee,
A caste that from coast to coast, rich and poor...
A casual meal with Eric from yoga...
A chapter entitled:
A Christian soap opera?
A couple of those dancers were on wires.
A few days later on the way home, Charlotte couldn't help but notice...
A few days later, I realized you could change a man.
A few moments later, emboldened by our conversation...
A few nights later, after a late show of Gimme Shelter at the Waverly...
A frequent guest on MSBNC, Kevin was not just argumentative...
A fuck buddy is a guy you dated once or twice and it didn't go anywhere...
A fucking class?
A genetically mutant strain of single men that fed on Zabar's...
A glamorous city like New York offers a sea of single and fabulous things...
A good coach disciplines and criticizes.
A good coach encourages and motivates.
A guy doesn't call you for three days and you're ugly?
A half hour later, and I was back at Big's, the site of so many past little deaths.
A hard rock.
A Iazy ovary?
A Iittle bit.
A Iittle uptight.
A Iot of women fake it and until five minutes ago...
A Iot of wonderful artists worked as bartenders for years.
A key?
A mere two days after I had said, "I love you"...
A mineral water.
A month.
A pleasure. I've heard so many wonderful things about you.
A plus, B, D, incomplete.
A real shot in the arm for my sexual self esteem.
A really big bill.
A regular?
A sex column.
A sex schedule? Very romantic!
A surprisingly fabulous combustion that no one saw coming
A threesome in absentia.
A toast.
A toxic bachelor and the owner of Thorn, a downtown restaurant...
A very active secret sex life on the Internet as "Rick9Plus. "
A week and three non dates later...
A week later, Charlotte finally got her chance to break in the new merchandise.
A week later, I kept my date with Dr. G, celebrity shrink.
A week later, Miranda threw Jeremy a going away party.
A wo man!
A woman's anatomy is a Iittle more complicated
A young 72.
Aaron Melman.
About that....
About the same time, we went out to our favorite bar...
About three weeks ago when I saw them at Cafe M.
Absolutely. Who we are in bed is who we are in Iife.
Across the airshaft.
Across town, it was 2:00 a.m. and Miranda was no closer to sleeping.
Across town, Samantha was facing her own uncertain future.
Actually, I was thinking you seem very happy.
Actually, I'm going off it.
Actually, in Thor's case, it was more Iike being branded.
Actually, it is. Something Iike 85% aren't circumcised.
Actually, l feel great. l slept on the plane for once.
Actually, no.
Actually, no.
Actually, that wasn't an invitation. It was just restaurant chitchat.
Actually, this whole house smells Iike mildew.
Actually, we're still dating.
Aesthetics are important to me.
After a break up, certain streets, locations...
After a few "get to know each other" phone calls...
After a few weeks of not seeing Big...
After a week of being a social pariah...
After all this time, you don't have so much as a drawer there?
After all, he'd been so sweet and attentive with the bread.
After an impressive six course dinner...
After breakfast, Charlotte and I went shopping.
After dinner, Harrison invited Samantha up to see his view.
After dinner, I stood on my third step trying to work him.
After I left my friends, I found myself pulled to the site of the engagement party.
After I rewire your Iamp, I'm out of here.
After I sleep with them, I completely Iose interest.
After Jeremiah got fired, we celebrated downtown...
After Miranda was done saving her own life...
After Rick9Plus went home...
After spending too much time and attention on men...
After two months, despite all his sweetness and charm...
After two years.
After two yoga classes and a hit of the best Hawaiian gold she could find...
After we do it in the morning, he wants to Iie there with me.
After we finish with the Iighting, we'II move to the kitchen
After we have a cigarette...
After we made love, I knew it was over.
After we talked Miranda in from the ledge, I met Patrick for a movie.
After what he did to you?
After what seemed like an eternity of not quite fitting together, we suddenly fit.
After work they went back to her place where Steve, the bartender...
AIan Miller's phone.
AIec, I've gotta go. I'II keep you posted, okay?
AII I have to do is try the shoes on?
AII I'm saying is, uncut men are the best. They try harder.
AII Iast night and I'm just....
AII marriage did was convince him he hated committing.
AII men are. That's why you have to just stake out some territory.
AII my rules just went right out the window.
AII of the other times?
AII press needs to be cleared through me.
AII right, buddy. It's go time.
AII right, I get it, no jobs of any kind.
AII right, I'II just get us a cab, okay?
AII right, it's a problem. But you'II work it out.
AII right, maybe I have.
AII right, somebody puked on the deck.
AII right, Sugar Ray, the bed's all yours.
AII right, that's enough!
AII right, then I'II go.
AII right, well.
AII right, you know what?
AII right! I did it! Sex without beer!
AII right.
AII right.
AII right. In case of emergency, only.
AII right. Yeah, okay.
AII righty.
AII righty. I promise, no funny stuff.
AII the great places are taken by January.
AII the women I've slept with have been faking it?
AII these brownstones are over 100 years old.
AII these people have jobs and pay their bills.
AII we talk about anymore...
AIice told me so many nice things about you.
AImost five years at this gallery. What do you do?
AIthough, he does have this sweet side. You just don't know him very well.
AIways, in the rain.
Alan Miller was a divorced architect she met in aisle three at the Food Emporium.
All her life, Charlotte had imagined doing exactly that
All I knew is that it felt somehow illicit.
All I knew was Big and I had been reincarnated...
All over town, people were getting lucky.
All right? You know I do.
All she could do for Javier House was construct it.
All the fashion heavy hitters were there.
All these years faking to myself that I was happy being single.
Alligators in the sewer, pets in the microwave...
Although neither of them could admit that a dog saved their marriage.
Although she'd made some good points, I stopped seeing Dr. G immediately.
Am I expecting too much?
Am I really that good in bed?
Am I wrong?
Am l in there? No, of course not.
Amazingly, Samantha was still with James. A monogamous relationship...
An excellent first date pedigree.
An hour and a half later, crippled by our inability to look away from a car crash...
An hour and a half, tops.
An hour later, adrift in a sea of Italian wool crepe...
An hour later, I had solved the unsolvable friendship equation.
An hour later, my Arabian Nights fantasy...
An hour later, Samantha had her first Big Mac...
An incredible woman who must be drunk because she just agreed to marry me!
An ophthalmologist I once faked orgasms with.
Ancient history. I'm the one with the power now.
Ancient man didn't need shrinks to survive.
Ancient man left cave drawings to prove they existed.
Ancient man only Iived till 30.
And a few nights later, John and I went out for a movie.
And across town, Miranda was late for the firm dinner.
And all they want is these big flaming drinks.
And as a result, they can talk to me about anything.
And at 4:00 a.m., I decided he couldn't sleep either.
And because he had a lot of time, he had a lot of tools.
And besides, going through something Iike that makes him more sensitive.
And by the way, if Luke is a freak, Ben is bound to be a freak, too.
And by the way, never never call me again.
And Charlotte learned you don 't have to rely on men 's affections...
And Charlotte met a deadline head on.
And Cindy got tired of Matthew's idiotic jokes and incessant market chatter.
And confused.
And downtown, in the Meatpacking District...
And finally, the most important break up rule:
And get me Richard Johnson, ASAP.
And he brought a girl!
And he had the nerve to invite you.
And he hates the ballet.
And he just comes right over?
And his answer was l do
And honey, you should have seen my tan.
And I actually managed to hold onto those friendly feelings, until....