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The Simpsons - Season 13

The Simpsons - Season 13

The Simpsons - Season 13 is an iconic television show that premiered in the year 2001. This season is a must-watch for any fan of the long-running animated series. With its witty humor, memorable characters, and clever storytelling, Season 13 of The Simpsons never fails to entertain its audience.

The main cast of The Simpsons includes an ensemble of talented voice actors. Dan Castellaneta voices the lovable and bumbling father figure, Homer Simpson, as well as other beloved characters such as Krusty the Clown and Barney Gumble. Julie Kavner brings life to the caring yet sometimes scatterbrained Marge Simpson, while Nancy Cartwright voices the mischievous and trouble-making Bart Simpson. Yeardley Smith lends her voice to the intelligent and outspoken Lisa Simpson, and Hank Azaria adds variety to the show with his portrayal of numerous characters like Moe Szyslak and Chief Wiggum.

Season 13 of The Simpsons takes viewers on a wild adventure through Springfield and beyond. From hilarious parodies of popular movies like "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" to tackling important social issues with satire, this season offers a blend of comedy and clever social commentary that has become synonymous with the show.

One standout episode from Season 13 is "Blame It on Lisa." In this episode, the Simpson family travels to Brazil to find Lisa's missing pen pal. They discover a country full of vibrant culture, gorgeous landscapes, and a love for soccer. The episode delves into the issue of poverty in Brazil, highlighting the struggles faced by its citizens in a thought-provoking and humorous way.

Another notable episode from this season is "The Bart Wants What It Wants." In this installment, Bart develops a crush on a famous actress and follows her to Los Angeles. This episode not only pokes fun at the obsession with celebrity culture but also showcases the Simpson family's dynamic as they navigate the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Season 13 of The Simpsons is filled with memorable one-liners, catchy tunes, and heartwarming moments that have made the show a staple in popular culture for over three decades. From classic episodes like "Weekend at Burnsie's" to more experimental ones like "Trilogy of Error," this season keeps viewers entertained with its diverse range of storytelling techniques.

If you're a fan of The Simpsons and want to relive the hilarious moments and unforgettable songs from Season 13, you're in luck! You can now play and download these sounds to enjoy at any time. Whether it's Homer's iconic "D'oh!" or the catchy tune of the show's theme song, these sounds will surely bring a smile to your face.

So, grab a donut, sit back, and prepare to embark on an entertaining journey through Season 13 of The Simpsons. With its talented cast, clever writing, and timeless humor, this season is a testament to why The Simpsons has remained one of the most beloved animated shows of all time. Play and download these sounds here, and let the laughter begin!

A ha! A free baseball!
A ha! Oh!
A minus.
A bag of popcorn and a whipping.
A blackout?
A Buddhist wouldn't want any.
A class clown. And it sickens me.
A committee?
A converter that changes that horrible modem noise into easy listening music.
A Cosmopolitan is made with cranberry juice.
A cougar! Die, cougar!
A couple of stink lines around his butt, and I'm done.
A coupon for free guitar lessons.
A crazy dog's trying to kill me!
A famous historian.
A formal!
A fortune teller? Oh, no, you don't!
A frown is a much better umbrella than a smile!
A gang of crows in our bedroom.
A giant chocolate cake in my dress polyester.
A girl in the bar! What do we do?
A grizzly bear with a chainsaw.
A guy outside told me that.
A heavenly choir. You must be an angel!
A hole for what?
A hundred and fifty six million. D'oh!
A husband can give his wife. An annulment from his secret wife.
A keg of beer and a six pack to hold me until I tap the keg.
A koi pond!
A koi pond! It's beautiful!
A koi pond?
A library selling books?
A little action will really sharpen our senses.
A little touch of winter.
A lot of people think our dad's behavior has screwed us up.
A man could attach to his face is 87!
A man on a donkey!
A miscount!
A monster!
A mosquito came out of my Laffy Meal and bit me!
A mosquito? How'd that get in there?
A normal life full of normal social interaction.
A note from Marge Simpson?
A one, a two, a you know what to do
A robbery is in progress at the National Bank of Springfield.
A second grade sorceress so powerful
A shinier new dime!
A shiny new dime!
A tapeworm, then assistant to Lorne Michaels!
A thousand bucks to pretend it's the '70s.
A trip to the alma mater might really rekindle my love of getting people loaded.
A turkey!
A voice like his would give our house a much needed touch of class.
Abe Simpson's the name, and now that you're here,
About a thing she saw
About moi the way I feel about toi,
Abraca dairy.
Abraham Simpson.
Absolutely! Yep.
Absolutely. You're about to get a lesson
Academics are important.
According to this, your father was driving you to school?
Actor, novelist, barbecue sauce spokesman.
Actually, he hasn't.
Actually, I'm off campus.
Actually, Monty, I...
Actually, my father died a long time ago.
Actually, that smoke is a little too inviting.
After Chernobyl, my penis is falling off.
After everything I did, you're going to abandon me?
After her!
After that I starred in Wyatt Earp Meets The Mummy.
After they shoot your movies, who gets the leftover film?
After wrestling.
Again and again he's brought this town to the brink of annihilation.
Against my wishes!
Ah ha! Did you steal dolls from my daughter?
Ah, Ethnictown, where hardworking immigrants
Ah, geez. Right in the eyes.
Ah, geez. The old college clock.
Ah, honey, honey
Ah, honey, honey
Ah, jeez. You don't want old Gil going door to door.
Ah, sugar
Ah, sugar, sugar
Ah, the old college gates.
Ah, the old folks. It happens every heat wave.
Ah, there's nothing better than relaxing with my favorite magazine.
Ah, yes. Ronaldo. He went out months ago.
Ah, you pick things up.
Ah! 'Tis like the singing of the angels themselves.
Ah! Okay, Gabriel, this is a bar.
Ah! Ow!
Ah! The cursed one.
Ah! The sweet couple of seconds before
Ah. Rehearsing a play, I see.
Ah. The family car. We've been through a lot together.
Ah. The full Leonard Nimoy cycle, I Am Not Spock,
Aha! Methinks the play's the thing
Ahoy hoy, Executive V. P.
Ahoy hoy.
AII I need is to look in your eye
Ain't I a stinker?
Ain't it trippy?
Ain't that sweet, Chief?
Ain't you coming, Homer? Why?
Alizarian crimson
All forms of sugar are now illegal.
All gone.
All gone. Hmm.
All I have left of my Chester is his tattered old Army jacket.
All I'm hearing is I'm too fat.
All is bright
All is calm
All my other senses are getting sharper.
All nerds clear the launch area!
All of them great. I did the commercials myself.
All of them lanthanides.
All our times have come
All right, all right. Come on, Bart.
All right, but I'm doing this because he was Remington Steele.
All right, but take Maggie with you.
All right, everyone! Disperse immediately!
All right, family.
All right, Fat Tony! Your little game is over.
All right, garçons.
All right, Grampa. I'll help you get your license back.
All right, hand them over.
All right, I'll do it for my kids.
All right, I'll make base camp here
All right, I'm sorry. But I will not save the rain forest!
All right, I've come up with a composite sketch of my prime suspect.
All right, let's do it!
All right, let's see. English side ruined!
All right, look. Maggie's not playing with this ball right now,
All right, Mendoza!
All right, now, who can pick out
All right, Officer.
All right, quit stalling, Burns. Who'd you ice?
All right, seniors and señores,
All right, Simpson, you're under arrest, see?
All right, Son. We'll all go! First class!
All right, that's it! Shoo, you stupid crows!
All right, that's it. Get them out of here! This ain't no crow bar!
All right, turkey, where are you?
All right, we got lucky that time,
All right, you're dismissed. I'll take it from here.
All right!
All right! Girls night out!
All right! Totally... Gloria?
All right! Trash cookies!
All right! We'll help ourselves, yet again.
All right.
All right. But not the imported.
All right. From now on, no talking.
All right. I know what to do.
All right. Let's go, children.
All right. Let's keep this train wreck moving.
All right. Let's try the red one.
All right. Outside.
All right. Plus one?
All right. Time to throw in the Butterfingers.
All right. We will write a list.
All right. We'll be right back.
All right. When I yank down my girlfriend's tube top,
All right. You two are under arrest for joyriding.
All rise for the Honorable Judge Constance Harm.
All the individual records were set by crackpots who half killed themselves.
All these beautiful people make us feel like losers!
All this yelling is taking away my horny.
All those disclaimers made me want to do it more!
All three courses are dessert.
All you can eat for two bucks.
All you do is watch Itchy & Scratchy cartoons.
All you gotta do is play a prank on the principal.
Almost home.
Almost there.
Almost there. Just a little more. Wait!
Also available with lyrics.
Also known as "H Diddy and his Murder Ho. "
Also worked on David O. Selznick.
Although I wish they'd stop picking on Tibet Town.
Although overrun with ferrets.
Always making a big deal out of everything?
Always there for sick kids. Doing great things.
Always wants more...
Am I getting warmer?
Am I using too much glue?
Amber, tell her how I abandoned you!
American corporations should stop playing God with nature.
American currency!
An animal that only existed for three weeks in the 16th century.
And "Otto" is "Otto" backwards!
And "penis" is Russian for...
And 37% say she's a skank.
And a Blue Oyster Cult medallion. Cool.
And a book called Dying for Dummies.
And a happy and healthy New Year!
And a lot of gas, I'm your man.
And a Nostalgia Meal for me.
And a one, and a two, and a...
And all sugar pills will be changed back to highly concentrated opiates.
And all that love had gone
And along comes sexy Mrs. Dash.
And always get receipts. Makes you look like a business guy.
And another thing. No death races.
And Art Linkletter's House Party.
And back then, a suitcase was known as a Swedish lunchbox.
And back you go.
And Bart didn't make and hence, no one in the house made.
And Bart is set for the week.
And because I have no parents, my earnings remain unstolen.
And before he broke his jaw he never listened,