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Ah, excellent choice.
And Justice, where was your tiny mind for that through?
And never this gallivanting, you gibbering idiot.
Another blood in the family escutcheon.
Behold, I am the kegging king.
Boost Heist. This bowl is getting heavier by the minute.
Don't think for a moment that I shall forget this.
Dude, that should all They'd better count for something.
Fill those gutters up immediately, Smithers.
Good confound this infernal game.
Has uh.
He nanny, nanny and Hut cha cha.
Hmm. I feel strangely jubilant.
Hooray for Monty.
I dare you to do that again, you young gutter snipe.
I demand a do over.
I haven't felt this much pep since the night I called cut Calvin Coolidge.
Is this the end of Monty?
It really gets my dander up.
It seems that all you're good for is cleaning the gutters.
Kudos to me.
Let go of me, you brute.
Little some display of high spirits makes me ill.
Look at me. I am on top of the world.
Look at them topple like tear gassed liberal organizers.
Look who's wearing the cat's pajamas now.
Mull soon learn I'm not all sweetness and light.
No, no, not you. Not again. Hmm. Twill, isn't that just the yeah?
Ohh bless this unmanageable orb.
Ohh dear, you don't you know who I am? I'm Charles Montgomery Burns.
Once again, they've been busted by an insensate's view.
Once more, the mighty sinews of mighty burns reign supreme.
Pat, you puny triumphs. Don't frighten me.
Patience, Monty. Let the poison run its course.
Peach push.
Perhaps they require another transfusion.
Prepare to feel the awesome wrath of Monty Burns.
Puppy cock.
Push the button again so I can start my approach.
Push the button you slack jod cretin.
Quit lollygagging and push the button imbecile.
Set the curve by pressing the button New Noodle Head.
Smithers help.
Smithies School. That is a strike.
Smooth move twinkle toes.
So it seems as though the tide has turned.
Soon now you think your cock of the walkie.
That will cost you cost you dearly.
The first one to laugh meets with a horrible accident.
They think it went a little farther that time.
This plebian pastime certainly has its chimes.
Time is money.
Twill isn't that just the bees knees?
Up too late, Cave painting last night.
Use the button to set my position under head.
Watching your clumsy gyrations makes me puke.
We are not amused.
We'll just see about that, my clamorous contender.
Well, it wasn't very spiffy.
Where I feel like a spray young 65 year old again.
Who frabjous day kaloo kalay?
Who in the blazes move those pins?
Who there this impudent effrontery must end?
Who? There? Better luck next time, yeah?
Whoa, perfect game.
Whoever saw that will have to be shut.
Yeah. Ah.
Yes, yes. Enjoy this. Well, you can, you pathetic boob.
Your outbursts are beginning to create.