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The Simpsons (1989) - Season 28

The Simpsons (1989) - Season 28

The Simpsons is not a movie, but rather a popular animated television show that has been entertaining audiences around the world since its debut in 1989. Season 28 of The Simpsons aired in 2016 and further solidified the show's remarkable longevity and cultural impact.

The cast of The Simpsons is an ensemble of talented voice actors who bring the iconic characters to life. The main cast includes Dan Castellaneta as the lovable and often clueless Homer Simpson, Julie Kavner as his ever-patient wife Marge, Nancy Cartwright as their mischievous son Bart, Yeardley Smith as their intelligent and insightful daughter Lisa, and Harry Shearer who voices a multitude of supporting characters such as Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, and Principal Skinner, among others.

Season 28 delves into yet another set of wacky adventures in the fictional town of Springfield, with humor that appeals to both children and adults. The show's timely satire and social commentary are often the highlight of each episode, tackling current events, politics, and popular culture.

If you are a fan of The Simpsons and want to relive some of those classic moments or enjoy new episodes from Season 28, you can easily find sound clips, theme songs, and memorable quotes online. Through various platforms, you can both play and download these entertaining sounds to enjoy at your own convenience.

The theme song of The Simpsons is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable in television history. Composed by Danny Elfman, it perfectly captures the humorous and offbeat nature of the show. Many versions of the theme song exist, ranging from full-length renditions to shortened bumper versions, all of which can be found online for your listening pleasure.

Beyond the catchy theme song, The Simpsons has produced numerous memorable quotes and catchphrases that have become a part of popular culture. From Bart's legendary "Eat my shorts!" to Homer's enthusiastic "D'oh!" and Mr. Burns' condescending "Excellent," these phrases have been ingrained into the minds of fans everywhere.

So, whether you are a lifelong fan or a newcomer to the world of The Simpsons, Season 28 offers a delightful blend of humor, satire, and heartwarming moments that continue to make the show a beloved classic. With an incredibly talented cast and an endless supply of laughter, The Simpsons remains an iconic television series that is enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Play and download the sounds from Season 28 of The Simpsons here, and embark on another adventure with the Simpson family and all their zany neighbors.

A beachside bacchanal
A business deal gone wrong.
A charge plate?
A chessboard where the pieces are lipsticks!
A cinder block with a stretched out belt
A corking revenge rap.
A cute little guy I could take to the circus and the movies
A decluttered life is a h... (gasps)
A decluttered life is a happy life.
A decluttered life is a happy life.
A diorama of the sky from the night you were born.
A dog? He saved a dog?
A fabulous new bar, just got interesting.
A family member must sign me out.
A few of these French Canadian bikers
A founding member of The Five Boyfriends,
A great musician only needs her instrument.
A hundred bucks to walk you to the curb?
A hundred dollars! (gasps)
A man can have two faithful companions.
A man who discovered Rick Ross
A menu
A non food answer.
A pop up thermometer in him, just in case.
A posh club, beautiful single men and women,
A pot of goals. All right.
A sophomore at Exeter?
A soulful R&B quintet.
A team?!
A telescope and a hose
A thousand bucks a kidney?
A thousand yards away.
A traumatic incident on the property.
A very touching scene.
A white nerd.
A wonderland of boutiques
About playing the owner in commercials.
About the Declaration of Independence, Lou.
Absolute goulash!
Absolutely not!
Actually, more like Macedonians.
Adolphe. A name that will only be associated
Affairs were launched on my dance floor
After spin class.
After World War China
After you put your fingerprints on this knife.
Against your boy Friday?
Agreed. Now, are we done here?
Ah, cha cha cha!
Ah, good thing I was joking.
Ah, ha
Ah, I guess this summer's really over.
Ah, Skunk a san.
Ah, there sure is, you can let me scratch your husband.
Ah, there.
Ah. I still don't remember you, man.
Ahoy hoy. This is Sector 7G, where...
All doors would open for Monogram Monty.
All I got was a pack of cigarettes
All I had to release were the June bugs.
All I have left is my family mausoleum.
All of his buttons fell off of his shirt.
All right, all right.
All right, because up until now I've been such a great guy.
All right, but who's the boys?
All right, come on, deer and pig.
All right, deviant out.
All right, I'll tell you what:
All right, that's it. I'm comin' in there!
All right, then.
All right, you've served your purpose.
All right.
All the little children have a the adult anxiety now
ALL: Aw!
ALL: Aw!
ALL: Aw!
ALL: Aw...
ALL: Aw...
ALL: Aw...
ALL: Combing is murder!
ALL: Ooh...
ALL: Yay!
Also, Dollard St. Laurent.
Also, spiritually and emotionally.
Also, we both have to sign this permission slip.
Although we interpreted the theme a bit differently
Altoids, butterscotch candy,
America's number one doggy daddy.
An old boarding school chum,
And a college education!
And a little bit to Baz Luhrmann.
And a man who dated Betsy Ross.
And a man, I might add a very short man.
And a store to support.
And a willingness to eat anything you cook.
And after I read it, I knew I'd jacked my last courtesy shuttle.
And all his briny shoggoths,
And all they can do is stare blankly.
And as God is my witness,
And by an excess of cataracts.
And coated with powdered diamond.
And consummated on my floor floor
And could you move a little to your left?
And Dead Man Chalking.
And deliver me some egg rolls.
And do the word search on the kids' menu.
And don't forget, we have a baby and an iguana.
And everyone left the hot tub
And face down their demons.
And finally earn the town's respect.
And for some reason, we're going back to Kamp Krusty.
And get me a quarter ton of lake ice.
And getting drunk on a boat
And go to work at, well, the sexiest nuclear plant on Earth.
And Grampa?
And Hanoi Honey Barbecue Banh Mi Pho furter.
And he was never heard from again.
And he was whipping me so hard.
And her point value?
And I am here with the legendary Nurple Purpler Nelson Muntz.
And I didn't bother to check.
And I handled it as well as a freshman at Michigan State!
And I respect that.
And I used you to escape from the home
And I want to break out of our rut,
And I wanted to make the dope feel like a dingus.
And I worry you drink too much beer.
And I'd wager five million on it.
And I'll be darned if this sad wino
And I'll start by leaving my hair mussed up.
And I'm stuck window shopping
And I'm with Homer Simpson, a man who just stole a caboose.
And I've never been good at zipping up dresses.
And I've never gotten over you.
And if you turn me down,
And it changed my life.
And it said...
And it's silly for me to...
And it's the greatest feeling I've ever had!
And it's wrong to take advantage of the elderly.
And Jacuzzis full of brisket.
And left the store satisfied.
And Lisa's only "B." Super joy.
And Maggie, when we visit Gil,
And make it snappy.
And maybe bloodshot eyes.
And maybe not so precious?
And most of his invitees are either dead or fictional.
And my heart is palpitating.
And never tell them the other exists?!
And next week, we will have the MRT,
And next week, we will have the MRT,
And no one goes to Heaven.
And no one pays those prices.
And nobody crashes my party.
And Nongender Normative Malibu Stacy.
And not a hint of mischief.
And not worry about ratings?
And now I'm glad everything's all right.
And now we've got nothing.
And now, Itchy and Scratchy
And one for the doctor.
And possibly a scofflaw
And presiding over it all was me,
And promised him the box to live in.
And she could leave on her own.
And sign up for another free trial under a new e mail.
And since we're family, we don't talk!
And so... Aw, I didn't get it.
And still retain the ability to function.
And that's amore.
And that's why I invited you here.
And the dog gives us all the love we could handle.
And the girl thinks she's Queen of the May.
And the kids are still having fun at the park with Grampa.
And the king of a hip hop empire.
And the pursuit of a goose.
And the thing I love about you most
And the Williams sisters.
And there he is, the living logo of Golden Goose Records,
And these weren't just any hot dogs...
And they both have different sleep schedules.
And three wolves!
And throw everything out, think of the kids.
And throw it away. HOMER: Boring!
And to keep him, I'll give up beer.
And to prove it, here's something I drew last night.
And to prove it, I'm eating a carrot.
And trust me, I know cheap.
And underwear 'cause this dress is mighty short.
And use it as an excuse to meet me?
And vote!
And we forgot to bring diapers.
And we're really gonna need some laughs then
And when I say never, I mean forever.
And when they do, Old Sam the Sign Hanger
And which courthouse we surrendered at
And why, if you were trying to be close,
And write your name on your drink cup,
And you call yourself a veterinarian. Ha.
And you did, you became even more horrible.
And you have any flair at all,
And you know what we found inside?
And you played it on the jukebox.
And you.
And you're a tone deaf pauper who lives in a grave.
And you're gonna write it.
And you're wrong now.
And your older, smarter brother is going to help you.
And, uh, this Piccadilly Circus walkup is his wife.