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The Simpsons - Season 2

The Simpsons - Season 2

The Simpsons - Season 2, which aired in 1990, is an iconic television show that revolutionized the world of animated comedy. Created by Matt Groening, this beloved animated sitcom follows the lives of the dysfunctional Simpson family and their adventures in the fictional town of Springfield. With its witty humor, clever parodies, and endearing characters, Season 2 of The Simpsons became an instant sensation.

The cast of The Simpsons - Season 2 boasts a talented ensemble, with Dan Castellaneta as the voice of Homer Simpson, the lovable but bumbling father figure. Julie Kavner lends her voice to Marge Simpson, the patient and devoted wife, while Nancy Cartwright brings energy to the mischievous Bart Simpson. Yeardley Smith voices the intelligent and precocious Lisa Simpson, and Hank Azaria lends his voice to various recurring characters like Moe Szyslak and Chief Wiggum. The cast also includes Harry Shearer as the voices of Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders, among others.

Throughout Season 2, The Simpsons delivers an abundance of hilarious and satirical episodes that hold a mirror up to society. From the classic episode "Bart Gets an F," in which Bart struggles with his grades, to "Lisa's Substitute," where Lisa develops a crush on her eccentric substitute teacher, the show tackles a range of relatable and entertaining storylines. Additionally, the season features notable guest appearances from celebrities like Dustin Hoffman, Tony Bennett, and Danny DeVito, who bring their unique charm to their animated counterparts.

This television show has also become legendary for its memorable theme song composed by Danny Elfman. The instantly recognizable tune, along with other iconic soundtracks from the show, can be played and downloaded from [website]. The catchy tunes and sound effects from Season 2, such as Homer's famous "D'oh!" and Bart's mischievous laughter, have become ingrained in popular culture.

The Simpsons - Season 2 is particularly cherished by fans as it solidified the show's place in television history. It further developed the characters, expanded the show's universe, and established the trademark humor that has remained consistent throughout the series. Each episode is filled with clever references and pop culture gags that resonate with viewers of all ages.

In conclusion, The Simpsons - Season 2 is an iconic television show that continues to captivate audiences with its humor, wit, and lovable characters. The talented voice cast, witty writing, and clever parodies made it a groundbreaking series that set the standard for animated sitcoms. Whether you were a fan from the beginning or are just discovering this classic show, Season 2 of The Simpsons is a must-watch for anyone looking for laughter and entertainment. So don't miss out on the sounds from this legendary season available at [website]!

A blindfolded chimp with a pencil in his teeth has more chances than you.
A blockaded bishop is of little value, but I think you mean a pawn.
A book made him cry!
A built in video game?
A car for all the Homer Simpsons out there.
A comic book? Boys never change.
A couple more games and I'll hit the books.
A dash of rosemary, a smidgen of thyme, a pinch of marjoram.
A frabulous, grabulous, zip zoop zabulous present!
A free ticket to a big league park, but I was too tense to enjoy the game.
A guy I think was an explorer left this in the bar.
A half brother?
A hundred and fifty?
A little girl needs you.
A long Iost half brother. How Dickensian!
A man who got things done. Towel, Simpson.
A man's suit should make him a prince.
A manhunt, or "woman hunt", is on
A marriage can't be reconciled in a few hours. It takes a weekend.
A masterpiece? Or just a guy with his pants down?
A million dollars?
A million dollars? Smithers! I want this Homer Simpson fired!
A million dollars. My wife cost me a million dollars.
A million dollars' worth, you snake woman!
A millionaire! I kept the wrong one.
A mother knows everything.
A new kind of Mace? Really painful.
A new wing for our museum, and a portrait...
A payback for all the things Bart has done!
A political discussion at our table. I feel like a Kennedy!
A pool table? I'm not going to turn his home into a saloon.
A princely sum
A program length advertisement!
A racehorse eats oats before he or she wins the Kentucky Derby.
A real fly is more sanitary.
A rested employee is a vigilant employee.
A separate soundproof dome for the kids? With restraints and muzzles.
A Simpson on a T shirt! I never thought I'd see the day.
A six month supply of the drug, gravity boots, scalp massager and a T shirt.
A sprinkle of chervil, half a teaspoon of turmeric and a whisper of MSG.
A stadium's too big for flash pictures to work, but nobody cares!
A stunning knockout by a thunderous punch in the 12th round.
A subject pulls levers to get heat and food.
A teacher strike, a power failure. Anything that'll cancel school.
A thousand bucks? I can't afford that!
A thousand bucks. Of all the rip off screw job, cheap joint....
A tool every handyman needs. It's a jigsaw! A drill!
A useless, old, worn out....
A visitor at my chamber door And nothing more
A world of infinite delights to tantalize your senses...
A year later, I married your mother and we had you.
A year later, the carnival came back...
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, l, J, K, L, M, N, O, P S.
Abe. You were going to say something.
Accidents decreased by the number Simpson is known to have caused.
According to my sources, you are simultaneously planning...
Achingly beautiful.
Acids in your hand could damage it. We want it to last forever...
Activewear, I need a price check on a wool shawl.
Actually, I value every second.
Actually, it's a big, ugly Olmec Indian head.
Actually, the range was far from home.
Actually, they do know a great deal about mummification.
Afraid so, infinity plus one.
After all, that kidney you donated to me really hit the spot.
After all, tomorrow is another school day!
After Bill McCIoskey pops out, our post game show starts.
After dinner, it's down to business.
After me, you're the man around the house.
Ah, distinctly I remember It is in the bleak December
Ah! "Never fly solo again."
Ahoy, mateys!
Akira, I'd like two sharks, an octopus and an eel.
All my friends are in school...
All my life, I've looked for a car that feels right.
All my precious sacks of gold...
All right then. I don't want to seem like an ogre.
All right, all right. Time for Dr. TV to perform a little surgery!
All right, all right. Who took the funny pages?
All right, class, the topic is world literature.
All right, family. I want the truth.
All right, I'll show you.
All right, let's take care of some business.
All right, look the wife straight in the eyes and tell her
All right, off you go to spend it on penny whistles and MoonPies.
All right, spilled milk. What are you so mopey about?
All right, take one and pass the rest back.
All right, that's it! Go to your room now!
All right!
All right!
All right!
All right!
All right!
All right!
All right!
All right! A local boy!
All right! All right! I'll walk in the mud!
All right! Good boy!
All right! I'll take her! Lousy brain.
All right! No line!
All right! This is what you're gonna do. Hang up and call me back.
All right! This is what you're gonna do. Hang up and call me back.
All right! Twelve big ones and free grub!
All right! We eat tonight!
All right.
All right. First question: Have you slept with anyone famous?
All right. Good. That's how I'm going to express myself. Good night.
All right. If he passes, we can keep him.
All right. If he studies hard, passes finals, and becomes a perfect dog...
All right. Ned, Maude, what brings you here?
All right. Play friendly with your new teacher, children.
All right. What's that?
All those coins were worth three cents?
All your degrees and that's the best you can do? You make me sick.
Allow me to introduce you to my wife's lovely...
Allow me to present the Dimoxinil action set.
Also with us for this animated discussion...
Although he doesn't like school...
Although he's going at her like they're already married.
Although sometimes I wish I had been.
Am I just a little bit overweight?
Amariah begets Ahitub. Ahitub begets
Amen! Has Dr. Hibbert made his point?
An absence of mood swings and stability in my life.
An ancient Indian what?
An electronic version of table tennis.
An ox with a hump and a dewlap.
An unthinkable, utterly impossible present!
And a little less
And all I really needed was the blood of a young boy.
And behave yourselves.
And could you describe for us in your own words...
And for God's sake, hurry!
And green birds on their shoulders.
And he mispronounced words like "abdomen."
And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children.
And Hercules used his mighty strength, and bingo!
And here comes Snowball II. We kept this one.
And his instant pizza pie.
And his office was dirty!
And I never have.
And I say taxes are too high!
And I want that baseball card where the guy's flipping the bird.
And I was going to buy that ivory backscratcher.
And if Todd wins, you have to mow my lawn! And do a decent job for once.
And incidentally, thanks for not making fun of my genitalia.
And it's going to be a real apology in front of everybody.
And let me remind you, you're under oath!
And Lisa is losing a little respect for you.
And look at me, man. Now I drive the school bus!
And look at me, man. Now I drive the school bus!
And look, a whole pitcher to myself.
And look, I've brought noodle kugel.
And Lord, we're thankful for nuclear power...
And now The Top Hat Channel is proud to present Broadcast Nudes.
And now with some insights, one of the stars of our nuclear family...
And now, get set for our fabulous halftime show...
And now, some aftershave.
And one and two and three and reach...
And published by McGraw Hill.
And that golden lariat. She can tie me up any time.
And that man broke my promise! I've had it!
And that ugly customer was the last Indonesian rhino on earth.
And that's how we shave.
And that's what happened.
And the battle is well and truly joined.
And the forensics championship is coming up.
And the minute your back is turned, I'm heading for that gorge.
And the most important book of all, the Tao Te Ching by Lao tzu.
And the nuclear power plant. That's closed too.
And the policeman on the phone said:
And then when I got out of the service....
And this smudge that looks like my fingerprint?
And we'd stay at home and talk, like this.
And what was Ringo's response?
And when he wakes up he makes honking noises.
And yet I feel a great sadness in my bosom."
And you owe him big.
And you think that people are gonna pay you $4.50...
And you were there! And you. And you. And you.
And you're not going to love me because I'm ugly and bald.
And your card was just great.
And your card was just great."
And your son misses you.
And, joining us via satellite from Vienna, the home of Freud...
Another barrier broken. Right on, sister!
Another comic book has returned to the earth from whence it came.
Another day and I would've needed a Valium.
Another fringe benefit. Nurse!
Antonowski, Conroy, Falcone, Martin, Thorsen, and Walsh.
Any man I could marry would have to
Any more new business?
Any time you're hungry, day or night, Cook will make you anything you want.
Anybody can try. I want you to win!
Anybody mind if I serve as bartender? I have a Ph.D. in mixology.
Anyone that has mastered intergalactic travel, raise your hand.
Anything else I can get you?
Anything else?
Anything that decreases entertainment related injuries.
Anything you say! Good luck, lady! You'll need it!
Apologize? For what? Clearing the table? Having a sense of humor?
Are cartoons too violent? Most people say, "No! What a stupid question!"
Are we in Africa yet?
Are we talking about the same movie?
Are you going deaf, or are you just stupid?
Are you gonna use your sauce? Dry fish sticks! This sucks.
Are you sure there isn't soft tissue trauma in the face?
Are you sure this is the way?
Are you throwing away happiness for me?
Are you trying to get me drunk?
Are you? You go ahead and call your precious dog warden, you old axe...
Aren't you forgetting something?