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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (2010) - Season 3

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (2010) - Season 3

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is not a movie or a song, but rather an animated television show that first aired in 2010. Created by Pendleton Ward, this critically acclaimed series quickly gained a massive fanbase thanks to its unique blend of humor, fantasy, and high-stakes adventure. Season 3 of Adventure Time further solidified its reputation as a must-watch show, bringing back beloved characters and introducing exciting new storylines.

The show follows the adventures of Finn, a brave and kind-hearted young boy, and his best friend Jake, a shape-shifting dog with magical powers. Together, they explore the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, encountering a colorful array of friends, foes, and weird creatures. Adventure Time is known for its surreal and imaginative world-building, where candy kingdoms, talking animals, and ancient prophecies coexist.

The cast of Adventure Time provides the perfect voice acting for this quirky universe. Jeremy Shada voices Finn, bringing to life the enthusiasm, bravery, and occasional clumsiness of the character. John DiMaggio lends his dynamic voice to Jake, skillfully capturing his laid-back attitude and hilarious one-liners. Other notable voice actors include Olivia Olson as Marceline the Vampire Queen, Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum, and Tom Kenny, who voices multiple characters including the iconic Ice King.

Season 3 of Adventure Time brings a mix of self-contained episodes and overarching storylines that develop the show's lore. One of the standout episodes is "Memory of a Memory," where Marceline accidentally triggers a painful memory and Finn and Jake embark on a journey inside her mind to heal her. This emotional episode delves deep into the characters' backstories while delivering some hilarious moments and catchy tunes.

Another memorable storyline in Season 3 is the introduction of Flame Princess, voiced by Jessica DiCicco. Finn's fiery love interest presents new challenges and explores themes of friendship and personal growth. Episodes like "Incendium" and "Burning Low" mark important turning points for Finn's character development and relationship dynamics, adding depth to the show's narrative.

Adventure Time is also praised for its catchy and memorable songs. Throughout Season 3, viewers can enjoy musical numbers that range from silly and humorous to emotional and heartfelt. The show's soundtrack features a blend of genres, including rock, folk, and even rap, proving its versatility and creativity. Some notable songs from this season include "All Gummed Up Inside" and "I Remember You," each leaving a lasting impact on fans.

If you're a fan of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake or simply curious about this animated masterpiece, you can find and download these sounds to relive the magic of Season 3. The distinctive voices and iconic songs will transport you back to the Land of Ooo and its enchanting adventures. So don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Adventure Time, where friendship, love, and imagination collide.

A a a a a aah!
A booger, and Gunter would get together
A candy cane man, one of the Gumdrop Girls,
A day or two?
A deer scronked your head, and you lost your mind, man.
A dolphin!
A hobo fire, fire, fire.
A little.
A pig, Tree Trunks, a two headed duck,
Aaaah! Aah!
Aah, eh, ooh, unh
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Ohh!
Aah! Wait!
Adorable cuteness is!
After purchasing this crown
Ah, no one's home.
Ah, no. He left.
Ah, ooh, yeah.
Ah, the element of surprise.
Ahh... see you on the other side!
All I know is, I never saw Betty again.
All of our friends.
All right, Susan.
All right.
All right. That's it.
All this... crazy... nonsense.
ALL: Whoa!
ALL: Whoo hoo! Yeah!
Am I... in glob world?
Ana' the toilet paper's //ke, "What?"
And beating up Finn and Jake!
And burn up.
And crug up his schemes!
And Finn the human ♪
And Finn the human ♪
And Finn the human ♪
And how do we do that?
And how do we do that?
And I have a surprise for you.
And I ran out of air in outer space
And I want to be sure they don't wipe their buns on my cake.
And I'm a crazy clamshell!
And I'm gonna help her whether you're coming with me or not.
And in my little ice wheelbarrow,
And ketchup.
And make you leader of the pack!
And mess up my stats?!
And now I have to die!
And regain my sanity!
And rocket ships haven't been reinvented yet.
And save you!
And saw my fiancée in front of me,
And sit in it like I'm a magic angel.
And that my life is just me running in place
And that's when it started... the visions.
And the milk curdles and I get all stinky and sticky.
And then buried it without looking inside.
And then Finn bonks me on the nose!
And then I would be like "Hey, Zul Nut! "
And then I'm gonna fall out of love.
And then I'm gonna totally fake die of a fake heart attack!
And then maybe Betty, my princess...
And then they'll be happy and leave us alone.
And there was a Banana man
And there was magic in the air.
And they're cozy!
And they're not gonna win.
And this is for you.
And watch videos on the floor next to a fire
And we'll be done with him.
And we're gonna find them!
And we're here to dominate you!
And when I poke my little toes out from under the milk,
And where was I? I'm your best friend!
And you buried the treasure right here?
And, hey, guys, let's keep the acting subtle.
Anyway, back to the Turtle Princess.
Anyway, long story short, imagine me crouched down
Anyway, start the next video, Beemo.
Are you mad?
Are you still messed up about those little guys?
As you can see, my skin is beginning to turn blue,
At a supernatural rate,
Aw, come on, Finn!
Aw, geez, I'm filthy.
Aw, man.
Aw, nuts.
Baby, I told you never to call me here.
Bad news, dude.
BANANA MAN: There's a move!
Banana man! Get your butt on board!
Bb bb bb bb bb bb bb!
Be careful!
Be patient.
Because that idiot's about to walk right into the sun
Because you forgot how the sun works.
Because you were giving me the silent treatment.
Beemo is camera.
Beemo, eject tape, please.
Beemo, fast forward to triple speed.
Beemo, Princess Bubblegum,
Beemo, you're brilliant!
Before he uses them against us!
Bliblob, I'm lookin' at you!
Boooo eeep!
BOTH: Aah!
BOTH: Beemo, get the camera!
BOTH: Beemo! Beemo! Beemo!
BOTH: Nice!
BOTH: Phew!
BOTH: Susan Strong!
BOTH: The Ice King!
BOTH: What?!
BOTH: Whoa!
BOTH: Yaah!
BOTH: Yeah!
BOTH: You sound weird
Bow down to me, Cute King, and my legion of cuties!
Boy, it sure is quiet around here!
Bravest warriors, I ask you,
Brrr! You guys cold?
But but how are we to bleed if none of this is real?
But before I can leave the library,
But darest I?
But driven out by Lubglubs.
But everything changed
But he played in those boogers for hours.
But I lost track of it.
But I threw them away.
But I'm already too far gone to know what to do.
But I'm glad you're here to see me off.
But it's a place to hang up the old toothbrush.
But it's not even my birthday!
But strength isn't your strength.
But Susan brave, too.
But that's fine, because you're made of snow.
But this time, you were here, too.
But we will also win it!
But what if they're in trouble?
But you're not gonna stop me
But, you know, maybe they're encoded or whatevah.
C Contemplative? No
Can I come in and watch the secret tapes with you?
Can I join your puppet party'?
Can I please just get one victory... once?!
Can I use it to control others?
Can we fast forward?
Can we sit on the floor?
Candy people.
CANDY PERSON: I'm gonna get clean!
Careful, man.
Carpenter of the year or anything,
Catch you later, Gunter.
Check it out!
Chill out.
Cinnamon Bun, Peppermint Butler, Phil,
Close your eyes and don't open them till I tell you.
Collect branches for the hobo fire, dude.
Come on, come on.
Come on, Finn!
Come on, Finn. Let's bail.
Come on, let's go back to the hut.
Come on, now.
Come on, people.
Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. She knows this place.
Con tem plat C let's put on a play!
Could / have five more minutes, please ?
Could this be the Ice King's evil secret?
Crup, Jake!
Cute King, wait up!
Dance p
Dance party!
Dang it, Beemo, just turn to your right a little.
Did 14 minutes of cardio.
Did you notice that?
Did you save everybody?
Didn't really come together quite right.