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The Durrells in Corfu - Season 1

The Durrells in Corfu - Season 1

The Durrells in Corfu is a captivating television series that takes viewers on a journey filled with heartwarming moments, laughter, and a stunning backdrop. Set in the 1930s, the show follows the true story of the eccentric Durrell family as they leave their dull life in England behind and embark on a new adventure in Corfu, Greece.

Released in 2016, the first season of The Durrells in Corfu captured the hearts of audiences around the world. The show is based on Gerald Durrell's autobiographical trilogy, "My Family and Other Animals," which recounts his peculiar childhood in Corfu. It beautifully portrays the idyllic island life, while highlighting the family's humorous encounters with the locals and their unique ways of adapting to their new surroundings.

The cast of The Durrells in Corfu - Season 1 delivers stellar performances that bring the characters to life. Keeley Hawes shines as Louisa Durrell, the strong-willed and resourceful mother who navigates the challenges of raising her four unruly children in a foreign land. Josh O'Connor portrays the aspiring writer Larry Durrell, while Callum Woodhouse takes on the role of Leslie, the animal-loving and adventurous brother. Daisy Waterstone adds a delightful touch as Margo, the carefree and boy-crazy sister. Rounding out the cast is Milo Parker as young Gerald Durrell, whose fascination with nature and animals sets the stage for many entertaining escapades.

One of the show's strengths lies in its ability to transport viewers to the enchanting island of Corfu. The serene beaches, vibrant markets, and picturesque landscapes serve as a breathtaking backdrop for the unfolding story. The stunning cinematography captures the essence of the island's natural beauty, making it impossible not to fall in love with the charm and warmth of Corfu.

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the world of The Durrells in Corfu - Season 1, you can easily access the sounds and music from the show. Whether it's the whimsical theme song or the melodic background music that accompanies heartfelt moments, you can play and download these captivating sounds to reignite the joy and nostalgia of the show.

The Durrells in Corfu - Season 1 is a delightful escape that will leave you yearning for simpler times and longing to experience the wonders of Corfu. With its exceptional cast, captivating storyline, and breathtaking setting, this television series is a must-watch for anyone seeking an enchanting journey filled with laughter, love, and the beauty of family. So, sit back, relax, and embark on this heartwarming adventure by immersing yourself in The Durrells in Corfu - Season 1.

A bottle of the finest rum from Jamaica.
A dozen Uruguayan strumpets below deck
A father would no doubt have ironed out more of their shortcomings.
A fellow foreigner, huh?
A man could look good with his shirt off and want to share some thoughts?
A man shouted at me.
A new branch of zoology,
A pack of lies! Is it a pack of lies?
A present for the house...
A Swiss delegate tried to argue
A tent. For you to live in.
A true boyfriend will love you even if you're wearing a dirty old sack.
A what?
A writer shouldn't be happy. It's counter productive.
Adolescents are all hard work, aren't they?
After my husband died.
After you've made me a spot of lunch.
Ah, I know what that means. Hung over.
Ah, kalimera, Spiro.
Ah, Leslie, bring me a footstool, dear.
Ah, we really need to get some beds.
Ah, yes.
Ah! Yes, that's quite enough of that story.
Ah! Aaah!
All creatures are.
All of you guided by a mother
All right then, I'll fight you for her.
All right there... my old matey?
All right, where should we start looking?
All right.
All right. I'll take him into town.
Along with Geoffrey and Prue if they're as sour as you.
Although I consider myself a citizen of the world.
Although when he writes about it,
Always first in the war... and the last to leave.
Always funny.
Always moving forward.
An immoderate volume of creatures.
An X for an X.
And a ripping wind, straight out of the arsehole of the Earth.
And actually, why am I delivering his letters?
And appeal to her snobbery
And as awful as it sounds,
And as I won't live forever, Louisa, I will give you a sum of money,
And clubbing Geoffrey to death in his sleep.
And Cousin Prue! And Geoffrey!
And England.
And er...
And even though you were very rude to Spiro,
And failure to pay compensation.
And five years if you're caught dynamiting fish.
And for all the failings of English men, at least I understand them.
And Gerry is grieving for this bat, of all things.
And he can't because during the week he's in jail.
And he's not my age!
And how did you think I would fall for...
And how you might be attracted to your... Goatherd?
And I can watch his face as I step off that yacht.
And I can't bear the thought of any of you children being poor forever.
And I don't want or need a pale imitation of him.
And I have Aunt Hermione.
And I know we've got money problems.
And I know.
And I like you.
And I was going to pretend to be a travelling donkey salesman.
And I'd like to end the tour at the Villa Mavrodaki. No!
And I'm entitled to be here.
And I've missed you.
And I've put the bats somewhere safe!
And if you could say that he wasn't involved in the robbery,
And if you ever want to type it, you'll have to give Larry his X back.
And impressed by yours.
And in time that might become actual nursing.
And it turns out I got the wrong Kosti.
And it's clear you need help.
And it's just going to go on and on.
And just sit quietly with.
And Larry, once a respectable Bournemouth estate agent,
And lives far away with his grandparents.
And many, many dresses, I gather.
And my new boyfriend.
And no cerebral ganglion, obviously. Yet they are armed...
And not feeling connected and anxiety for his sibling.
And not just like a bad mother!
And not speaking Greek yet, will that be a problem?
And now we've stopped moving forward
And perhaps you and your family would help as well?
And played with her pooch Leonard,
And secondly...
And she deserves to be applauded.
And she likes everyone to know it.
And since I'm not getting any, at least we can help Mother.
And since you ask, I brought us here because...
And sooner or later we are going to have to go home and resume our lives.
And tainted by misguided notions of commercialism.
And the bowls.
And then her hair started falling out.
And then how would my, my poor... messed up children have coped?
And then perhaps... permanently.
And then they are gone...
And to be blunt, she has a lot of family money
And we are sinking.
And we are the poor type.
And why do you think that is, dear?
And worse than that, none of you seems happy.
And yet all I've managed to do is bring up one unteachable son,
And yet you seem untypically... relaxed.
And you all earn precisely nothing.
And you call me empty headed and sex mad.
And you said you hated all those Brit exiles sipping G&Ts?
And your er... family...
And your principled defence of your children.
And, Spiro, please don't shout at anyone, it'll make things worse for Kosti.
And... erm...
And... hormonally?
And... how is prison?
Animals are often treated so badly here.
Animals are walking germ dispensers. Are they safe?
Any recommendations?
Anyway, deep breath, Sven and I are...
Anyway, he seems to enjoy being...
Anyway, I've taken my uniform into the garden and shot it, so...
Anyway, it's Friday afternoon, so there's your wages for the week.
Anyway, Leslie's lost his interest in guns
Anyway, so, yes, you and Sven...
Anyway, the Countess is inside.
Apples are not good in Corfu.
Are there any more biscuits, Margo?
Are you busy or just being rude?
Are you one, because you'll never ever get another girlfriend?
Are you single?
Are you so different in Sweden?
Are you sure you want to work here? Oh, yes.
Are you sure? I met a fascinating Turk in a bar in town.
Are you, er, tying your shoelace?
As everybody seems so intent on shoving us together, he's clearly not interested.
As Florence Nightingale said, Just don't kill anybody.
As I remember it, his wife had an affair.
As soon as I can find a husband, I'll be off.
As we British so romantically call it.
As well as in bed.
As you seem incapable of providing a secure home.
Ask for work, so I can help out with the money.
Ask me. I know everything.
Ask yourself why, because I've given you a loving and happy home.
At last, we agree on something.
At last.
Aunt Hermione can be a bit of a thug.
Aunt Hermione has a history of meddling.
Aunt Hermione! Welcome!
Aw! Did you drop your hammer in the lavatory again?
Back in the real world, that is what people are
Basically means cruelty and alienation.
BBC News will be on soon.
Beautiful tempting goldfish...
Because art is clearly run by buffoons
Because Geoffrey snores, apparently, like wildebeest being murdered.
Because he's got a girlfriend.
Because he's like the murderer Crippen. I've added the Greek suffix opoulos because we're in...
Because I don't want Mother to hear.
Because I have decided...
Because I wanted us to be happy.
Because I've been fooling myself.
Because Larry can't write and he might kill us.
Because the world is a dangerous place, Judge.
Because, as a woman, you get upset.
Because... he's a bit different.
Become a man or wear a coat over your bikini.
Before I met your father I turned down lots of men.
Besides, it's the 1930s, darling.
Bias cut dresses were all the rage. Hair... Shall I tell you about hair?
Both of us...
Bought a cravat. Ha!
Bringing that filthy old lecher into our house?
Britain plans to triple the size of its air force
Brutal beating?
Bugger off.
But above slaves. Hurrah!
But all is not lost. You will come home now.
But as senior family member, I have legal grounds to claim custody of Gerald.
But he has got a kind of visceral doggedness.
But he has to appear in court next week.
But he is at the top of a slippery slope.
But he is barely an adult.
But he ran out of ideas some time ago.
But he was wearing a wedding ring... Oh.
But I accept that the choice must be yours.
But I am quite willing to acquire one through my lawyers
But I am the Countess's guard dog, in human form.
But I like the Greeks, their honesty.
But I still prefer St Paul's Cathedral.
But I wish to see everyone gathered here this evening.
But I'm a helluva lot more competent than you are at this moment!
But I'm distressed by what this family's become.
But I'm very glad he's developing his spiritual interest, too.
But it is nice for him.
But it seems the modern criminal expects more.
But it's good, isn't it?
But it's true, I'm used to being on my own.
But Lady Marchmont's head was in turmoil.
But Leslie finds someone, and he's a hero?
But not the lavatory, in case you get any ideas.
But sod him. Because I have a captain friend who has a big boat that he's taking me out on, on Thursday.