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The PJs (1999) - Season 1

The PJs (1999) - Season 1

The PJs is a popular animated television series that premiered in 1999. Created by Eddie Murphy, Larry Wilmore, and Steve Tompkins, the show follows the lives of the tenants in a housing project called the Hilton Jacobs Project, also known as the PJs.

Set in the fictional urban community of Hilton Jacobs, the PJs showcases the daily struggles and humorous adventures of the diverse group of characters residing in the project. With its satirical nature, the show cleverly addresses social and political issues through its witty and relatable storylines.

The main character is Thurgood Stubbs, voiced by Eddie Murphy himself. Thurgood is the superintendent of the Hilton Jacobs Project and often finds himself dealing with the various problems faced by its residents. His wife, Muriel Stubbs, is voiced by Loretta Devine, and together they navigate the challenges of living in a vibrant but troubled community.

Other notable characters include Juicy, the substance-abusing homeless man voiced by Murphy, and Smokey, a smooth-talking con artist voiced by Shawn Michael Howard. The talented voice cast also includes the likes of Michael Paul Chan, Crystal Scales, Ja'net Dubois, and Pepe Serna, among others, who bring the vivid characters to life.

The PJs is famous for its distinctive animation style, using a technique known as stop-motion animation, where three-dimensional models are moved in small increments to create the illusion of movement. This technique, combined with the show's clever writing and strong performances, has helped it stand out among animated sitcoms.

With its humorous yet poignant storytelling, The PJs tackle a wide range of issues faced by underprivileged communities, including poverty, crime, and social inequality. The show cleverly uses humor to shed light on these issues, making it an entertaining and thought-provoking watch.

If you're a fan of The PJs (1999) - Season 1, you can show your support by playing and downloading the sounds from the show. Immerse yourself in the hilarity and wit of the PJs as you enjoy the memorable voices and catchphrases from the talented cast.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be entertained by the wacky and endearing characters from the Hilton Jacobs Project. Whether you're a fan from the 90s or discovering it for the first time, The PJs is sure to leave you laughing and reflecting on the challenges faced by communities in our society.

A "K"? Who the hell asks for a "K"?
A beautiful vehicle like this unprotected?
A blistering 105 with no relief in sight.
A book on tape.
A can of chicken noodle soup.
A carnival?
A certain amount of heating oil.
A cold front coming up from the gizzards
A couple of little boys looking up to you,
A dangerous criminal has tied us up. Go call the police.
A goat's head wrapped in paper towels.
A good super wins the respect of a toilet.
A Grand Master Flush, the toilet of tomorrow.
A great adventure!
A guy passes out for three days
A ha!
A ha!
A ha! I see you changed your name.
A ha! I should have known!
A hands free apparatus for his voice box.
A hot water heater.
A janitor who made a mistake
A Korean grocer yelling, "Come back with that apple"?
A little dolly, eh?
A little hard work will teach you to ditch your responsibilities.
A little lemon zest.
A little man with a plunger.
A long line of satisfied ladies!
A magic bouillon!
A mangy old... Wait a minute.
A massage chair.
A massive storm system they're calling El n****.
A pie I don't remember tasting.
A place where little boys shouldn't be.
A porno movie? In my crack house?
A possum had gotten into the garbage
A rattling noise.
A rundown, dirty old building?
A slower white athlete?
A sweet little button nose?
A talkin' toilet.
A thinking man's idiot.
A tip envelope?
A tip envelope?
A toilet that never needs plungin'.
A week ago? A week ago?
A whole year early.
Aah! Not the face!
Abandoned refrigerator. It's dangerous.
About trying to get that door back.
Abracadabra, alikazam, take this hex from off my man.
According to my records,
Add flour.
Africa apate uhuru!
After all the years of faithful service I've given them?
After nine events, Thurgood Stubbs has a commanding lead.
After Red Moley scared the urine out of 'em.
After the Mayor's banquet celebrating me?
Again? I just fixed the door last week.
Again? Wasn't his throat enough?
Against the burglar you caught.
Ah choo?
Ah ha!
Ah, a commercial.
Ah, hell no, back on up.
Ah, here we go.
Ah, I'm too excited to eat.
Ah, if only whole place had gone to pot.
Ah, it feels so good to get back to the soil.
Ah, now I'm ready.
Ah, that's the smell of Thurgood, the smell of defeat.
Ah, there's no proven link
Ah, there's that old warm feeling again.
Ah, those were the days.
Ah! Chocolate milk.
Ah! Hold that innermost thought.
Ah! Rats! Ah! Rats!
Ah! This is low.
Ah! You smell that, boys?
Aha! You're a crackhead!
Ahem, yeah, I'm here to pick up some winter supplies.
Ahem, yes. Friends are wonderful.
Ahhh! Don't eat me!
Ahhh! Find the defendant not...
Ain't he a fugitive from justice?
Ain't I delicious no more?
Ain't it a shame it all bled through.
Ain't nobody supposed to have to eat no dog food.
Ain't nothing to do, Muriel!
Ain't there any albino kids you and your friends can go pick on?
Ain't you ever heard of an overdose?
Ain't you never heard of a silencer?
Al Roker predicted frost.
Alas, I cannot.
ALL CHANTING: Go, Thurgood, King of Porno.
ALL CHANTING: Save the theater. Save the theater.
ALL CHANTING: We don't need no water, let the...
All claims against Mr. Stubbs' Wild Ride,
All I need is a onion, some mulberries,
All I need is one minute.
All of our friends went to camp.
All of that with my plunger of Christian love.
All our friends from the Hilton Jacobs projects are here!
All right then, grab my chain.
All right, 6:00 a.m. A week ago.
All right, all right, everybody out,
All right, all right, I'll get you some aspirin.
All right, all right, people.
All right, all right. Is everybody here?
All right, all right. You had your fun.
All right, as long as we understand each other.
All right, boy, you're on.
All right, boys, you can come on back now. We just funning.
All right, bye bye.
All right, Calvin. We'll take it from here.
All right, everybody, calm down. Quiet. Quiet now.
All right, everybody. We're having a lottery.
All right, first some hot sauce.
All right, here we go.
All right, here's Walter with the equipment. Hey.
All right, I had a 40 for breakfast.
All right, I know! Hop right!
All right, I won't tell nobody.
All right, I'll show you how things will be
All right, I'll try it.
All right, I'm hexing all your vegetables!
All right, it's Mrs. Avery.
All right, Juicy, drop 'em.
All right, let's go.
All right, listen.
All right, look.
All right, now listen up! It's about the go kart.
All right, now shut up.
All right, now you're catching on.
All right, now, now. Maybe if you just drop your lines in,
All right, one gypsy fortune teller.
All right, people, you heard the man.
All right, people. Please. Please.
All right, Tarnell, you the dealer.
All right, that was me.
All right, that's enough. I gotta go to work.
All right, then a dumping we will go!
All right, then, get me nachos.
All right, then, Haiti Lady is once again our voodoo queen!
All right, they finally named one after us.
All right, this crime scene is hot.
All right, Thurgood, time to put the clown in the cannon.
All right, we'll just find another way to get your DNA.
All right, what's going on here?
All right, which part of my soul
All right, you gonna die on the throne, queenie.
All right, you got me.
All right, you. You're under arrest.
All right, you're all excused.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. All right, look.
All right. All right. If you must know, I'll tell you the truth.
All right. Are you ready, Smokey?
All right. As long as we understand each other.
All right. But not fatal.
All right. Hey, I said sit down.
All right. I fold.
All right. I got this plunger,
All right. I'll leave you boys alone.
All right. Now I'd like to propose a toast.
All right. Now, this is gonna require some periods of no sex.
All right. Plant him.
All right. Rupaul and Little Richard.
All right. Trap's closing, Thurgood.
All right. We will begin the contest
All right. Well, Smokey, you're a man.
All right. You heard her, boys.
All righty, then. Merry Christmas.
All that kicking and it wasn't Super's body.
All the miscommunication we've been having about my bad mood.
All these years, I took care of you.
All this disappointment has tired me out.
All we get is a sign?
All we need is walkie talkies.
ALL: (CHANTING) Go toilet! Go toilet!
ALL: (CHANTING) Old door! Old door!
ALL: 98, 99... One dollar!
ALL: Amen.
ALL: Aw!
ALL: Aw!
ALL: Aw!
ALL: Burn!
ALL: Burn! Burn!
ALL: Good job, Super.
ALL: Hilton Jacobs!
ALL: Hilton Jacobs!
ALL: Hmm!
ALL: Ho!
ALL: Ho!
ALL: Holy crap!
ALL: Hope I don't wind up in jail.
ALL: I'm a fiercely proud black male.
ALL: Merry Christmas, Super.
ALL: Mmm hmm.
ALL: New door! New door!
ALL: One, two, three, four.
ALL: One, two.