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The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls is a heartwarming animated film that tells the story of a lovable group of underground-dwelling creatures. Released in 2014, this movie takes place in the enchanting town of Cheesebridge, where the Boxtrolls live. Led by the curious and brave Eggs, voiced by Isaac Hempstead Wright, the Boxtrolls face danger as they seek to protect their adopted human friend, Winnie, voiced by Elle Fanning. With a stellar cast including the voices of Ben Kingsley, Jared Harris, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost, this film is a delightful adventure for all ages.

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of The Boxtrolls, where laughter, love, and loyalty are at the core. If you are eager to relive the magic or discover the stunning sounds of this film, you can play and download the captivating soundtrack right here. This collection of music will transport you back to the joyous moments of Cheesebridge and the unforgettable journey of the Boxtrolls.

A boxtroll cannot choose a new life because a boxtroll does
A boy troll? Yes, or a box boy? A new species. Never seen before.
A couple of goodguys vanquishing evil and all that.
A horrible tragedy. Let’s deal with it in the morning!
A lady like that is like a fine brie. Raw... dangerous...
A performance by madame frou frou.
A second chapter! People love a flawed hero!
A vision!
A white hat indicates privilege, prestige, position! It must be earned.
A white hat? You?! Absurd!
A.. A white hat for mr. Snatcher!
Aaaah! Mister snatcher!
Aaaarrgh! Now, now boss... don’t get yourself all worked up.
Acquire them! Acquire! Acquire! Ha..Ha..Ha..!
Aged for centuries in secret ­
Ah! Little miss portley rind, you shall play ze sweet little baby trubshaw. Uhhh..
Ah! Wonderin’ why they
Ah! You were with the boxtrolls last night?
Ahem? Oh... sorry. He says they were hiding and then they heard me yelling at them...
Ahh, there he is. Eggs!
Ahh! I got him! Do it! Mr. Gristle; Now!
Ahh. I’ve missed so much.
Ahh. What? Eww... the river?
Ahhh.. Foot! There’s one!
Ahhhh!!! Outta my way..Kid!
All good fun, but we do have this school funding initiative to vote on.
All I saw was filthy boxtroll monsters.
All right, first thing’s first... Off with the box. Aaaaaaaah!
All right. All right. As soon as that
All together!
All.... but.... one....
Alright then. But prepare to say bye bye to your brie.
Alright, you petty thieves. Bring me your loot!
Am I not right?
An ocean of guts exploded over us like a hurricane of yuck!
And as soon as he began to snore the boxtrolls came in to withdraw poor baby
And I’m not going to let that be ruined by some little boxtroll sewer rat
And now I will tell the heroic story of the
And now we go like this.
And that's the story of thetrubshaw kid don't do what father trubshaw did
And then they...
And they took fish, and... I don’t know where they took him...
And we all know what that means... Ha..Ha..Ha..
And what did he ever get! Nothing!
And when the redhats tried to take me away from him...
And where are the rivers of blood and mountains of bones?!
And you say that even if you’re not pleased to meet them.
And you’re scared or lonely, and they are never, ever too busy to talk to you...
And, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Lady nooo!
And, winnie I really do mean it.
Another villain off the streets! Ha! Haaa!
Archibald snatcher has lied to you all!
Are you sure about this, boss? You know what cheese can do to you...
Aromatic? Okay? With an undertone of a mother’s smile on a warm spring day? Hmm...
As your lordship! I... I crushed them myself!
Aww, ain’t that lovely? Yeah... all happy ‘n tidy.
Barghhh bah... but, just in different ways.
Bat! Cheese.
Be a dear and have the butler give it a wash, would you?
Be better spent on this. I the briehemoth!
Be obsessing over grotesque monsters. I’m not obsessed!
Because... I am the trubshaw baby!
Been sitting here for months. All in favor of...
Believe the boss meant evil is nearby, mr. Pickles.
Best inventor
Beware the bloodthirsty monsters! They'll fry your eyes;
Bo..Bo... box... boxtrolls
Boom! He.. He..He..
Booooo! But she’s lying
Bowing down to me, like a gentleman, a lord with a white hat! Fish!
Boxboy! Boxboy! My son.
Boxboy! Look what you did!
Boxboy! You did it!
Boxtroll friends are going to die... Tonight.
Boxtroll is dead, you may have... My... hat.
Boxtroll monsters have stolen a child. No
Boxtrolls aren’t monsters. They never ate the
Boxtrolls didn’t eat me. And he’ll stop snatcher!
Boxtrolls don’t hurt anyone! Let them go! Yes, well, I need them.
Boxtrolls! And they’re naked!
Boy? Or boxtroll?
Bugs for dinner?
But ­ now gentlemen, I apologize... Sorry! Back to
But a man a great man! And his...
But builders... like him.
But don’t that sound like we’re the villains? Huh.
But father I really... bed!
But father! I saw boxtrolls again! Shoo. Shoo. Shoo.
But first, I need a helper from ze audience!
But he’s not a..
But my fellow white hats and I decided the money would
But one night...
But wait til I tell him! The trubshaw baby! Alive!
But.. You’re all alive!?
But... winifred!
By boxtrolls
Can I have the hat back now? Pleeeeaseee... what
Carry on like everything is normal? Hurrmmm...
Caught every last boxtroll and I am a man of my word
Cheerio to your cheddar. Goodbye to your...
Cheese, hats, boxes they don’t make you. You make you
Child! Do you want to end up like the trubshaw baby? Dragged
Chose to be evil, disgusting monsters instead of good guys like us!
Colleagues? Best chums?
Come back and let me hit you!
Come on eggs
Come on let’s go. Now!
Come on, ya squirmy monster. Your days of evil doin’ are over.
Come on! I’m being reasonable. I can be unreasonable.
Come on... come on..
Come out of your homes!
Come to snitch on old snatcher did you?
Come. Such a naughty boy! We have so much to discuss. Alone
Curds way? Milk turns into it.
Curious, how peculiar. I do believe... Evil is afoot.
Cutting open the roquefort next?
Darling, it’s time to take off that dress and... burn it.
Decade hanging upside down scrambled his noodles good.
Deepest apologies, your lordship. But I found
Deserves something a bit more... Significant.
Did they drag you down to their hideous caves? Huh?
Did they eat your family? My family
Did they let you watch?! I mean, make you watch?!
Did you hear a word he said?!
Distinguished members of the cheese guild we were here to celebrate
Do anything to help you. They always listen and never get angry...
Do do doo do doo... Do do doo do doo...
Do the honors.
Do you know how expensive that cheese was? What?!
Does your.. Does your father know you’re here?
Don’t be afraid anymore. Sparky! Fragile! Get up! Get up and fight!
Don’t dawdle or the beasts will tear you limb from limb!
Don’t do it. It won’t change who you are
Don’t forget about our party tonight, frou frou!
Don’t forget. I’m a size six and a­half. Order ahead.
Don’t make no sense. That’s evil prevailing over good. If lord portley rind
Don’t move. I’ll be right back. But which ones are the ladies?!
Don’t stand there gawking. Get him! Chase time!
Dramatical! Don’t you mean “dramatic”?
Dreams and shove them down everyone’s throat!
Dresses like a boxtroll, but, uh... Looks like a boy.
Earn my white hat... and join you in the tasting room.
Eggggs! What are you doing with them?
Eggs, wait!
Eggs? Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!
Eggs? Eggs? Acquire them!
Eggsbert. How nice, I... Umm, adore names from the bible.
Ehh! Oof. Eek!
Enough!! Ish tashting time!
Ermm... fish... Fish fix no problem
Errr... if you’ll just give me my father’s hat back.
Even if I don’t mean it! Sir what? Well, I never!
Evidently not! That was the closest you will ever come to a white hat.
Eww! Not again.
Eww! You have got to help me, fish! Okay.
Eww.... blech... hmm...
Excuse me, I’d like to move! Step a side! Pick me...
Father, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to.
Father, I’m sorry ­ sorry! Can’t stay. Too much work to do.
Father! Father! Not now, winifred!
Father! Winifred!
Father? Father. Mmm hmm. Yes... yes..
Father? Son!
Fear not, the monsters have been vanquished!
Finds out that boy is alive, it will ruin everything I’ve worked for!
Fish, fish, everyone! Listen!
Fish, grab hold!
Fish, help me.
Fish, shoe, sparky...
Fish! Shoe!
Fish..No! Eggs! Eggs!
Flattened to extinction. Every last, slimy one of them.
For this is to work, there are a few things you need to know. When
For this night baby's dad trubshaw quite forgot to lock his door
Fortunately, we still have our little... Agreeeeement. Um.. Ehhh...
From boxtrolls
Frou frou? I uh...
Gentlement! Look at all these boxes left lying about. How
Get up and fight. Stand up! Fight back. Please! Do it for me!
Get up! No! No! Don’t don’t just hide! What are you doing?!
Get up! That thing will kill you! My, my, what a surprise. Don’t look
Get yer picture taken with the trubshaw baby! A
Get your grimy paws off of my machine!
Gift... me... my... hat...
Give up, trubshaw! Boxtrolls lost looooong time ago.
Gnaw on your knees, gobble your gizzards...
Good citizens of cheesebridge,
Good lord. Not sure who should be more terrified the boxtrolls or us.
Goodness always triumphs over evil... right mr. Trout? Mr. Trout?
Grab hold!
Ha ha! Stop it!
Ha, right again! I ...Wait, what? I was given to you?
Ha! Haaa!
Ha! Missed me!
Ha... ha... ha... foot.
Ha... ha... ha...! Over there mr. Trout!
Hah... sort of.
Hark! Here come the exterminators exterminated.... ha..Ha..Ha
Hark! Here come the exterminators of justice we exterminate.... justice
Have you any idea how long it will take my men to fish it out of the river?!