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The Willoughbys

The Willoughbys

"The Willoughbys" is a delightful animated film released in 2020, directed by Kris Pearn. This whimsical dark comedy tells the story of four eccentric siblings, Tim, Jane, Barnaby A, and Barnaby B, who embark on a quest to find new loving parents. Voiced by a talented cast, including Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Alessia Cara, Terry Crews, Martin Short, and Ricky Gervais, the characters come to life with their distinct personalities and hilarious antics. As they navigate through unexpected twists and turns, the siblings learn the true meaning of family and love. The movie's charming animation, witty dialogue, and heartwarming message make it a must-watch for all ages. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "The Willoughbys" and download or stream its captivating sounds here.

A family legacy of tradition, invention, creativity and courage.
A folded piece of shiny paper?
A great man with a great home must have a great family.
A ha! Punch it.
A ha. Unclimbable Alp, they say.
A nanny knows things,
A proper meal for a proper family.
A proper three syllable name, like, uh... oh, Taffeta!
A well timed cat's...
After all we've been through, you abandon us? Oh!
Against all odds, the Willoughby children still had determination...
Ah, Sveetzerlünd. You're gonna love it there, Ruthie.
Ah! Not the candy crusher.
Ah. Exquisite.
All I wanted was to be a great Willoughby with a great family.
All kids love oats.
All my folks ever did for me
All right, you kids go pee. I'll be right back with the oats.
All they gave him was his name.
Although, I was six days old when I left.
And a cat. Get over it, yeah?
And as such, it can't end like this, can it?
And babies are the most childish children of all!
And by "they," I mean these two.
And by the looks of it, they never will be.
And can we empty it so I can sit in it?
And hope.
And I'm not leaving here without a Willoughby.
And love each other through thick and thin and it all ends happily ever after...
And maybe not wear a candy suit, you know? It's a lot.
And no one would ever have to go to the coal bin again...
And now you expect us to rear another child?
And once we're down there, we need you so that we can all stay together.
And plop herself down in your nanny cup?
And she's not a Linda.
And stole her phone?
And stuck in a coal bin while you get to play with orphans and eat meatloaf?
And that sweet woman that you insulted with your rude birth is Mother.
And this nanny knows these messed up Willoughbys left a baby on your doorstep.
And we always ate together... at tables, like a family,
And while they didn't get everything they wanted...
And you.
And you.
Another trespasser!
Any chance they survived that?
Any time, tiny girlfriend.
Are we getting close?
Are you harboring a raccoon again?
Are you wearing toilet paper again?
Aren't these pointy hats splendid, snugglebug?
As a Willoughby, I demand you leave our home.
As for the children, let me take care of them.
At least he's got a box.
Aww, Skinny Bones.
Aww. Unfortunately, these Willoughby kids would soon get some disturbing news
Ball burner.
Barnabys, what's going on?
But aren't good nannies expensive?
But how?
But I came back,
But I just couldn't bear to break your weird little hearts.
But I locked you up in your room.
But I'm so hungry I just want to eat my own tongue.
But it's not all bad. At least they ate every family meal together.
But my home!
But remember, this is an old fashioned story,
But she was a baby, and babies are the most childish children, so...
But the best stories are always in the windows where nobody looks.
But these Willoughby kids can't.
But they be perfect.
But this story got to me.
But we got there in the end.
But we have each other.
But we orphaned ourselves. We will unorphan ourselves.
But what if we didn't? It's like in the books.
But you ate all of yesterday's food yesterday.
But you need us to get down this alp,
Call me Phil.
Can I pull it?
Candy! I'm Commander Melanoff, and I live in the land of fun!
Cannibals will feast unless they freeze in glacial ice,
Change is hard. I've been there. I think maybe you just need to eat.
Charcuterie mouse!
Check it out.
Climbed the unclimbable.
Code Blue! She's not a real Phil!
Come on. Come on.
Commander, get us out of here. It's too cold to be mushy.
Darn it!
Definitely frozen.
Delicious dirigible.
Delicious lobster on a bed of coal! Ta da!
Determination, imagination, hope.
Did you fly in on the east wind or the west?
Do it.
Do not return till that thing is gone!
Do the hula, my love. [purring]
Do you honestly think she's just gonna walk right in here
Do you live here alone, or...
Do you remember that book about beasts with all the drawings
Do you think Nanny will be mad we snuck out and ran off with the dirigible
Does not come down.
Doesn't compare to the mounds of love we've climbed, sweet Mother.
Doesn't matter how good you are, does it? The world can be a pretty cold place.
Don't look in there.
Eating fancy rainbow food with your friends.
End of the rainbow? How far is that?
Escapes a juvenile detention center. The hunt for his
Even the wet bits.
Everybody, come on!
Explorers and aviators, artists and poets!
Faster, guys!
Father, we've made a horrible mistake.
Fear not, skinny orange boy, for I am your nanny!
Fill her up, buddy.
First off, too many levers.
For love.
From generation to generation to generation.
Gate, schmate. Phil ain't no sheep.
Get in here, you little mushroom heads.
Get it off! Get it off!
Go to the coal bin!
Go, Linda, before these children hurt you more.
Good day, sir.
Good day, sir.
Good morning, we're going to stop our parents from killing themselves.
Got a box like an orphan.
Gotcha! [grunts]
Grandy dandy!
Great Edmund, enjoy thy wall.
Ha ha.
Hang on, Willoughbys!
Happy now?
Having childish needs.
He wanted his old fashioned Willoughby life back.
He who goes up...
He'll be all right. Maybe.
He's not an orphan.
Hear it in my voice, okay?
Heaters. Fire. [howls]
Hello, I'm an orphan in need of service.
Hello, we'd like to sell our old fashioned house.
Help who? Our parents? We can't trust her. Remember this, Nanny?
Help! I don't wanna go! Let me out! Let me out! [yells]
Her what ifs? No more.
Here to serve the little children.
Here to service all your childish needs. I cook, clean... [sing song] sing!
Here, son, catch!
Hey! Barnabys, give me back my orphan.
Hi, beast. I'm Jane.
Hidden away from the modern world in their old fashioned home.
Hiya, Mel.
Hmph. Not hungry. [grunts]
Homes will be allocated. Schools will be assigned.
Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.
How are you... Oh. Parents, I got this. I got this.
How could something so tiny make so much poop?
How dare you?
How did they get the tiny people in the box?
How do you propose we discard of two insidious grown ups?
How will we restore honor to House Willoughby
Huh? [screams]
Huh? My name is Mother. Who is this Jane?
Huh? What
Hungry for freedom.
Hurry, kids. Stick with me. Come on.
Hurry! [grunting]
I accept your apology.
I am an orphan and I do what I want.
I am the Willoughby beast. Enter my home and I shall feast!
I call it Melanoff meatloaf!
I called Orphan Services for help, but
I can't knit!
I can't knit.
I can't see a thing.
I did warn you this story wasn't all fluffy and fuzzy.
I didn't mean
I do not predict leftovers.
I don't think so.
I guess we all need love. Even me.
I have no choice but to put you in...
I hear your childish needs, and as man of the house, I will provide.
I hope you're a nice beast because, um, we're nice.
I knew Phil had a sweet car!
I knit, you provide. It's simple.
I know where we can find the perfect home. Follow me.
I know you can do this, Skinny Bones. Now eat.
I know you miss your old fashioned parents.
I know you're hungry, but Willoughbys do not beg for food.
I know, narrators aren't supposed to get involved, but just a little nudge.
I left you kids there alone. I ran away.
I loaf it.
I love your factory. I need your factory. Give me your factory.
I mean, I never thought they'd fall for it. Did you?
I mean, next thing you know, she's going off to college, she could...
I mean, she could be the next president.
I mean, this is Darwinism at work, isn't it?
I mean... [laughs nervously] Yes, Mother. Don't!
I need your help.
I really hope we're doing the right thing.
I should have told you they were selling the house.
I think we know what that means, right, Tim?
I thought it was a rhinoceros.
I thought you were driving, darling.
I told you this story would be exciting.
I want her to stay.
I want to tell them how great their kids are.
I was building this all night 'cause I really wanted to help.
I was hired by your loving parents.
I was just trying to be a good nanny.
I will be free.