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Add resource has better make some other reason cock
And a great help for getting deals closed
And assessing without confidence is a horrible thing to behold like a relief pitcher who fumbles the ball
Bring your mother tell you never to talk to strange
Doesn't like chicks fucking festival
Don't get the wrong impression just because we share a lot doesn't mean i'm not unsavory
Donkey shit
Excuse my french
Fucking american dream
Fucking crazy right
Ha ha
Ha ha ha ha.
Have enough money saved up to retire to a beautiful little greek island with beautiful little greeks
I don't like a bangkok hooker sunday morning maybe last time
I don't wanna talk about cheerleaders unless i'm talking about fitness soapy shower with them
I hate these countries
I hope the bellboy on the room service card
I want to be strong yeah marching band
I was a kid I wanted to be a cheerleader
I'm a big fan of dakota pig theory of assassinations everyone 's gotta pay
I'm a mess i'm a fucker
I'm drunk tired i've been fornicating for the last two hours
I'm sorry about the car corner kind of conversations level
It's freezing out here my balls alot bonbons
It's not retirement home for sausages there
Just consider me the best cocktail party story you ever met
Kind of over the how to go once I can certainly find anyways
My handler calls me a facilitator facilitator of fatalities
My name is joe johnson are so aluminum siding in minneapolis
Only interested in the mothers of us twenty pounds of thirty years
Smell ya shouldn't have to tell you
Sometimes people need to be eliminated
Tiny tiny carry with a large walk funny
Turn down
Two mexicans walk into a container one of them 's image it yet it's gonna take fifteen inches long so the midget says to the bartender they call miami got the human swizzle stick you know what they...
Understood this is an erection problem
Vietnamese girl I once knew I don't like so locked together I couldn't get away from her spring roll two drinks at the play look later I was at all you can eat buffet
Yes we should be worth something