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New Girl - Season 1

New Girl - Season 1

New Girl is a popular television show that premiered in 2011 and ran for seven seasons until 2018. Created by Elizabeth Meriwether, this quirky comedy series has left a lasting impact on audiences with its unique blend of humor, romance, and friendship.

Set in Los Angeles, the show revolves around the life of Jessica "Jess" Day, portrayed by the talented Zooey Deschanel. After a devastating breakup, Jess finds herself looking for a new place to live. She ends up moving in with three male roommates, Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris), and their peculiar yet lovable loft becomes the backdrop for the series.

The chemistry between the main cast members is truly one of the show's strengths. Zooey Deschanel brings her quirky charm to the character of Jess, showcasing her comedic prowess and infectious energy. Her performances are always a delight, whether she's belting out a spontaneous song or delivering hilarious one-liners.

Jake Johnson portrays Nick, a grumpy bartender with a sarcastic sense of humor. His on-screen presence, coupled with his undeniable chemistry with Deschanel, adds depth to their evolving relationship throughout the seasons. Max Greenfield's character, Schmidt, provides the show with a dose of hilarity and over-the-top narcissism, making him an unforgettable member of the loft.

Lamorne Morris joined the show in the second season as Winston, replacing the original fourth roommate, Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.). Winston quickly becomes an integral part of the group, offering his own brand of quirkiness and endearing charm. With his deadpan humor and love for competitive pranks, Winston adds another layer of comedic brilliance to the series.

New Girl's ensemble cast is completed by Hannah Simone, who portrays Jess's best friend Cece. As a model with a dry wit, Cece brings a different dynamic to the group and becomes intricately involved in their lives and mishaps.

One of the standout features of New Girl is its clever and fast-paced humor. The writing is sharp, filled with witty banter and hilarious situations that keep viewers engaged and entertained. The characters' idiosyncrasies and quirks create humorous scenarios, and the show's ability to find humor in even the most mundane situations is commendable.

Furthermore, New Girl beautifully explores the complexities of relationships and the importance of friendship. The show doesn't shy away from addressing real-life issues such as heartbreak, career struggles, and personal insecurities, all while maintaining its lighthearted and comedic tone. The strength of the friendships depicted on New Girl is truly a source of inspiration for many viewers.

In addition to its compelling storytelling and comedic brilliance, New Girl also boasts an impressive soundtrack. The show features a diverse range of music, including indie-pop gems, classic hits, and contemporary tracks. The catchy theme song, "Hey Girl" by Zooey Deschanel's band She & Him, perfectly captures the show's playful and upbeat vibe.

Overall, New Girl - Season 1 is a delightful journey filled with hilarious moments, heartwarming friendships, and memorable characters. This iconic television show has left an enduring mark on pop culture and continues to be cherished by fans worldwide.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of New Girl and relive its magic, you can listen to the show's incredible soundtrack and play and download these sounds [provide a link here]. So grab your friends, get comfortable on the couch, and prepare to laugh, cry, and fall in love with this fantastic series all over again.

A 90 minute sesh is pretty standard for me.
A bear might fall on our trampoline.
A bear might fall on our trampoline.
A boom!
A chocolate fountain.
A container you're comfortable getting urine in.
A couple things you could work on. Uh...
A Daffy Duck impression.
A damp towel is where I draw the line.
A guy thing. Territory. You don't know.
A guy thing. Territory. You don't know.
A hat.
A hundred dollars? How does Schmidt buy groceries with 100 bucks?
A hundred percent. You're not my friend now. You're my enemy.
A ******* kid with a keyboard...
A kitchen island? Be a man. Let your counter attach to itself.
A little bro juice. Shot for Benjamin.
A little human warmth...
A little number on. Why don't I just tell you? It's $5 kabillion.
A little sharp, aged cheddar? Mm hm. Manchego?
A little slut who can dance...
A little yellow T, Cali roll.
A lost soul...
A lot
A magic bear, that's all it is, just stop
A man and his will to survive.
A normal man can go maybe three times in a night...
A pair of grey, shiny, twill, flat front trousers...
A pie made out of pumpkin
A pie made out of pumpkin
A scissor. Really, Schmidt?
A sex cretary does scheduling, light filing, basically runs the office.
A sex receptionist answers calls all day.
A slippery germ brick.
A stripper pole, a love grotto and a steering wheel in the shape of a boob.
A tampon?
A top of the line, conical burr coffee grinder.
A wallet.
A wallet.
A week? A month? Is this my favorite bedspread all over again?
A winter hat won't stop us thinking about you from time to time...
A wise man foretold of a magical night...
A. k.a. Cece, because she's Indian.
Aah, and you know, like:
Aah, you're the best, Beth.
Aah! Oh.
Aah! Damp towel! Damp!
Aah! It's cold! My testicles are in my abdomen!
About a month ago. While I was writing the Halloween madrigal.
About anybody else before.
About how I make too much money, I dress too fancy...
About me seeing your peen.
About the meaning behind the cactus...
About what she meant when she said, "I'll see you soon."
About, uh, how moved we are by jazz music.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely, and you know what? It all pools up...
Absolutely. Why so much?
Absolutely. Say, Winston, do all top dogs need the biggest room...
Account number one: A $15 receipt for a Chinatown box turtle.
Actually, I don't know what it is. She's, uh... She's a little hard to read.
Actually, I don't know. The English writing on the box says:
Actually, I don't trust what "cool" means to all of you...
Actually, I still have some questions.
Actually, I think I undid a dent there.
Actually, I'll just figure it out myself.
Actually, I'm sorry, I do have to go.
Actually, I'm sorry.
Actually, it says that because, you know, heh, I made it specifically for you.
Actually, it's Diane Keaton's autobiography...
Actually, let's not laugh when you're near my penis.
Actually, scratch that. My mom's got your number in case of emergency.
Actually, that's not fair. She might be a really nice ho.
Actually, the ancient Egyptians...
Actually, uh, this is my fault.
Adventures in Babysitting, Prancer, Newsies, Curly Sue.
After this, I don't know, it's just...
After you, Jess.
Again, why do you wanna see it?
Ah, excusez moi.
Ah, I'm so sorry. Did he get weird? He's weird about cooking.
Ah, let me see here.
Ah, never mind.
Ah, straight bourbon in a plastic cup.
Ah, true spirit of Christmas.
Ah, yes! The mighty, mighty Lions of Des Moines.
Ah! I got a charley horse. Oh, God.
Aha. I see you found Santa's house. I was looking for it.
Ain't no thing. Ain't no thing.
Alcohol. Any kind of alcohol you have. Just give me anything.
All dressed up. What, are you in The Temptations tonight?
All good, man. I got your second set, so thank you.
All I can say Is that my life is pretty plain
All I hear is I can't use my bathroom because you're poor.
All night long
All of them.
All right, all right.
All right, American, you ready? Let's do the count.
All right, bring it in.
All right, bye.
All right, can you stop?
All right, Dirk, what about Deb?
All right, everybody leave the room. I need to talk to Kim.
All right, everybody relax.
All right, everybody stop!
All right, everybody, I think we need to take shots.
All right, fine, I'll help you.
All right, fine. I'll clean. You go to the store.
All right, give it a shot.
All right, I am not ready for a four way. That's...
All right, I can do 200.
All right, I get it. I'm an idiot.
All right, I think this was a really nice talk, Future Nick.
All right, I'll see you.
All right, I'm sorry, okay? You're so quiet.
All right, I've got to...
All right, just get in there, man.
All right, let's go. Let's go, Schmidt, okay?
All right, now let's go and get a drink.
All right, Schmidt.
All right, Schmidt.
All right, so a ménage à trois...
All right, so that's everything.
All right, so what do I owe you? Let's figure this out.
All right, then do this. Pretend this is Spencer's face. Punch it.
All right, well, I'll pay you guys back. I just...
All right, well, I'll pay you guys back. I just...
All right, you wanna go? This New Year's, I wasn't at my parents' house.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Wait
All right. Yeah.
All right. I am gonna text Kyle and tell him to meet us at the bar...
All right. I wanted to say that...
All right. It was just a suggestion.
All right. P Funk, what's up, dude?
All right. So far, Nick Miller's list of fears...
All right. That's how I like it, baby. All right.
All right. Then go ahead.
All right. You in? You in? Okay.
All that crystal is is rock poo, Schmidt.
All that's left is, like, a... It's, like... It's kind of like a health bread.
All the models are there. It's 12 models in two rooms.
All the reasons why they shouldn't get back together.
All these bars filled with emotionally vulnerable women.
All they want you to do is tell them that their photography has potential.
All this space...
All this time, I thought he was just sitting here, drinking beer and complaining...
All trash belongs:
All you are is a guy with really beautiful hair.
All yours.
Allowed me to realize the one thing that was missing in my life.
Allows me the opportunity to have as much sex as we want.
Almost a lawyer.
Almost strangle each other.
Also a gentleman's shiv.
Also, I like to sing to myself a lot.
Also, there's, like, a lot of potentially cool...
Also, what happened to the refrigerator and the sofa?
Also, you're gonna take this paper, and you're gonna sing a duet with me.
Alternative percussion players and role models.
Am I gonna stay locked in a photo booth for the next hour...
Am I self sabotaging? Am I secretly a Cylon?
Am I talking too much? I don't wanna ruin the moment.
Amanda? From the bar?
Amazing. Hey, Ma! How are you? Yeah.
Amongst other endorsements that I had.
An earring. What does it look like?
An Indian ******* baby? Who wouldn't want that bone structure?
An orphan...
Anchor me, anchor me!
Anchor me, come on.
And 4000. Yeah.
And a beautiful ex husband.
And a crotch of gold. Hmm? Yeah, I'll hold.
And a little racist. So you'll watch Jess?
And a lot of PDFs.
And a master's in agriculture. He's kind of like a degree collector.
And a project bursts into flames.
And a subscription to Cricket.
And all I want to do is have meaningless sex...
And all of us lost our keys to the mailbox.
And all you do is talk about yourself.
And also kind of hot.
And also, we can hear everything you're saying.
And at the end of the day, they respected that.
And besides, Caroline is way hotter than that voice in my head...
And bluebirds come and help me dress in the morning.
And calm down, all right?
And Cece let you wear it?
And cheese. And cheese, actually.
And come running out of your room? I did.
And come to the mall because I need to figure out what to buy Paul for...
And concentrate on all of the things that you do by accident.
And control them for the rest of the year.
And couldn't get out of the road, so I braked. And I had to accelerate...
And damn it, you will not take that from me.
And dance my face off?
And don't bother me anymore.
And don't tell Schmidt until you're sure.
And emotionally abuse me for years?
And eventually, Nick is gonna come to you...