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All in the Family - Season 1

All in the Family - Season 1

All in the Family is a groundbreaking American television sitcom that first aired in 1971. Created by Norman Lear, this critically acclaimed show grappled with controversial social issues and challenged traditional sitcom norms, revolutionizing television in the process. With its witty and irreverent humor, All in the Family pushed boundaries like no other show before it, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture.

The show revolves around the Bunker family, centering on the character of Archie Bunker, brilliantly portrayed by Carroll O'Connor. Archie is a blue-collar, conservative bigot who frequently clashes with his family and neighbors due to his narrow-minded views. His long-suffering wife, Edith Bunker, played by Jean Stapleton, provides the perfect foil to Archie, offering a kind-hearted and naive perspective on life. The dynamic between Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton is one of the show's greatest selling points as their chemistry is both hilarious and heartwarming.

Adding fuel to the fire is Archie's daughter, Gloria, portrayed by Sally Struthers, and her liberal-minded husband, Michael "Meathead" Stivic, played by Rob Reiner. This intergenerational clash brings comedic tension to the show, as Gloria and Michael challenge Archie's traditional values at every turn. The stellar performances of Struthers and Reiner, coupled with O'Connor’s undeniable talent, make the show an unforgettable viewing experience.

All in the Family masterfully tackled politically charged topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia at a time when these issues were rarely discussed on television. The show dared to address social taboos head-on, with a sense of humor that both entertained and educated its audience. Its satirical approach allowed viewers to examine their own prejudices and biases, promoting a deeper understanding of complex societal issues.

Apart from its extraordinary cast, All in the Family also boasted a catchy and iconic theme song, "Those Were the Days," sung by Archie and Edith Bunker. This memorable tune set the tone for each episode, capturing the essence of the changing times and reflecting on nostalgia for a bygone era.

Whether you missed it the first time around or are looking to relive television history, All in the Family Season 1 still stands as a testament to its enduring impact. You can fully immerse yourself in the hilarity and social commentary of this beloved show by watching or downloading the entire first season.

You can play and download the sounds from All in the Family - Season 1 by visiting our website. Immerse yourself in the witty banter, emotional moments, and thought-provoking discussions that made All in the Family a groundbreaking phenomenon. Join Archie, Edith, Gloria, and Meathead as they navigate the complexities of family life and challenge societal norms.

Experience the charm and brilliance of All in the Family - Season 1, and see why this groundbreaking sitcom remains an iconic piece of television history. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the laughs and thought-provoking conversations that have captivated audiences for decades.

A 'lectrical engineer ! Yeah !
A brunch. It figures. She's readin' Cosmopolitan again.
A certain Mrs. rhoda greenspan...
A guy who wears glasses is a four eyes. A guy who is a fag is a queer.
A little dent ? And you were making a federal case out of it.
A minute or so ago...
A pipsqueak like you, you have the nerve to insult the commander in chief
A real pip.
A second choice all American a man, and I mean a real man,
A station wagon filled with nuns.
A station wagon filled with nuns.
A what ? A brunch.
Aaah !
About everything.
According to our records,
According to them, you were coming out of the parking lot when it happened.
Actually, it was set up that way originally,
Actually, something interesting did happen today.
After they paid for the lawyer, they had $3,200 left over.
Afterwards, did you jiggle ?
Against black people ? Mr. bunker ?
Against black people.
Against who ?
Ah, well, I hear them. We got a couple of hebes workin' down at the building.
Ahh yeah. Maybe she could at that.
Ain't they still pickin' handkerchiefs out of their sleeve, huh ?
Ain't they still standin' around,
All his pinko stuff, well, that's all right.
All I did was the same thing.
All I'm sayin' is, don't blame me !
All right, all right
All right, all right, all right !
All right, all right, Edith. You're gettin' me all wet.
All right, all right. Come on, will youse.
All right, all right. Leave it there, huh ? Cosmopolitan.
All right, Archie, enough's enough. Just give me the letter.
All right, Edith, I'm going over to kelcy's bar,
All right, Edith, leave it there.
All right, Edith.
All right, it's bad enough you gotta make fun of me.
All right, let's see.
All right, Lionel, all right. You don't have to give me their "dun and broadstreets."
All right, now, here it is. Now, keep quiet. [ Tv: Crowd cheering ]
All right, now, Michael, promise me something.
All right, that's your "submissive" society.
All right, wise guy, so I'm dependable.
All right, you two. That's enough of that. Michael, I need you.
All right. "Harris and whipple.
All right. All right. I'm a polack.
All right. For now we'll just turn down the sound. Why ?
All right. Go ! [ Chuckling ]
All right. What do you got ? Yeah.
All set, Archie.
All that sociology and studyin' that welfare stuff, I don't call that no hard work.
All the things we've been talking about
Along the following lines
Alongside of you, he's like a green kid.
Alvin haymond's 88 yard run back, and I missed it. It's your fault !
America means it's his God given right, and anything else is un American.
America means it's up to him.
And all I'm saying, Barney, there's a time and a place for everything.
And all the other minorities their just and hard earned share of the American dream.
And ask your son in law to sit up like a human being.
And cookin' and marketing.
And could you help me set the table too ? Roger will be here in a few minutes.
And don't give me that look. You didn't think it was so hot neither.
And even if he wasn't and I said if what difference would that make ?
And everybody behind him. Yeah, they was all movin', Edith !
And flowers. I've just never seen such
And for another thing
And get that ridiculous hat off your head !
And God forbid I'm in there shaving.
And have two stores ? [ Edith ] Oh, my goodness !
And he always says the same thing.
And he doesn't know about any of this.
And he don't bring in none of his friends.
And he's an intellectual and he wears glasses, you make him out a queer.
And he's doin' a good job of it too.
And he's got a bumper sticker on his car that says,
And I been to church more than 4 times in 22 years too.
And I don't care what color he is.
And I heard your wife, my flesh and blood, repeat it.
And I know that tribe.
And I mean leanin'. [ Chuckling ]
And I mean plowed. Wham !
And I mean the all time all timers.
And in your president's opinion,
And it was one minute after 4:00.
And mom likes just about any kind of flowers. Will a dollar be enough ?
And my father, Mr. bunker. Mr. bunker.
And next week they should do 1,500, easy.
And no matter who it is, we ain't home, huh ?
And one minute later, after the picture was snapped,
And our embossed stationery with the initials intertwined at the top,
And people who contribute to society.
And pull that skirt down.
And right after you snapped the picture, he was moving again.
And she says well spoils the flavor.
And that's 200 better than the week before.
And the bleedin' hearts and weepin' nellies like youse two.
And the first time you see her, she's leanin' over the counter.
And the Japanese are a race of midgets,
And the whiplash in our neck is quite severe.
And then he wouldn't sign the letter. I wouldn't have neither.
And then the next minute, after the picture has been snapped,
And we don't need any strange little birdies flyin' in and out of it.
And where they're going,
And you know what you can do with your Jack lemmon.
And you know what you can do with your John Wayne. What about John Wayne ?
And you pick up the chair, and ta da.
And you polacks are meatheads
And you saved this, huh ?
And you write what I dictate.
And, Gloria, you get up and straighten out some of the pictures on the walls.
And, oh, Roger, have some fancy cashews
And, uh, archery.
And, well, the office has had clients out this way before.
Any chair. Okay. All right, I'll get another chair
Any gourmet will tell you, the only way to eat meat is rare.
Any man deserves my respect, he's gonna get it regardless of his color.
Any one of those guys has got more brains in his little finger...
Anything for sandwiches ? You can't get anything more natural than baloney.
Anyway, daddy, why can't you watch Jack lemmon with us ?
Anyway, you gotta go see this Wanda. I'm gonna go see it.
Archery ? Yeah, it's good for the arms and the shoulders.
Archie !
Archie bunker is...
Archie, an accident ? Daddy, are you all right ?
Archie, I brought you some juice.
Archie, I'm makin' a joke. Can't you take a joke ?
Archie, look. You might as well face it. You're all alone in this.
Archie, maybe you can bring back a pitcher of kelcy's tap.
Archie, say you're sorry.
Archie, the sister is collecting for the underprivileged children.
Archie, this is "Mr. Whitney fitzroy I v."
Archie, this is Mr...
Archie, we don't have no writing paper like that.
Archie, you're always watching football.
Archie. Mmm ?
Are you all right ? Can I get you anything more ?
Are you kiddin' ?
Are you serious ? Certainly. All right, go.
Are you, uh, comfortable, Mr. bunker ?
Aren't the colors vibrant ? And you know, they smelled heavenly.
Aren't you gonna be late meeting Steve and the guys at the tavern ?
As a matter of fact, it was your rather eloquent appeal to my secretary...
As long as we're together."
At approximately 6:30 in the evening.
At rabinowitz et al,
Aw, come on, Steve.
Aw, come on. I mean
Aw, go on, will ya, meathead.
Ballpoint pens ? I can't write to the president with ballpoint pens.
Because guys like you are unwilling to give the black man, the Mexican American...
Because I got nothin' to beef about.
Because I wanna say something.
Because if the drinking water in Washington, D.C. is becomin' unsafe,
Because in a meeting people sit down together and exchange ideas.
Because sometimes strangers is best.
Because there's a black guy that works down at the building with me,
Because we got poverty. Real poverty. You know why we got that ?
Before you say anything, let me warn you.
Besides, he don't, uh, camp it up, you know ?
Besides, I ain't sittin' still for no preacher tellin' me...
Besides, I only played two seasons.
Bobsleddin'. There's a manly sport.
Boy or girl ? A boy.
Boy, the strength hey, do me a favor.
Bring me some bicarbonate of soda, will ya.
Bring us over a beer here, will ya, Edith.
But even if you are, it doesn't change things between you and me.
But he could prance and flit all over this room with it.
But he didn't ask for it.
But he thinks that you're a
But I ain't ******* !
But I could tell you something that could shock you pretty good.
But I didn't curse the reverend from right in the front pew.
But I didn't know we had atheists !
But I don't mind, though.
But it tastes like instant, huh ?
But that's where it ends.
But then we realized the area that you live in and your name,
But then, he wouldn't get her anything, and it'll make mom's day.
But they advertise in the times instead of the news.
But this Wanda thing has got what they call...
But when they goes besmearin' when they go besmearin' the name of a great linebacker,
But who had the good taste to pick it out ?
But you didn't mean to call me Emily post. Oh, jeez.
But you wouldn't happen to be one of them, would you ?
But you're forgetting one thing. You didn't have to hustle with black skin.
But, uh, m m Mr. bunker no, no, no ! Get away from me, you !
By the way, did you fix the tv ? Sure did, Mr. bunker.
By the way, that's a nice suit you got on.
Bye, Lionel. See ya, Lionel.
Can they move ! It's in their blood.
Can't I rely on you to do nothin' right ? The man that mails, jiggles !
Can't we at least sit down like rational people and discuss this ?
Cannot stand up. Can't get up.
Care for an olive ? Uh huh.
Certain things are no different now than they ever were.
Certainly I jiggled
Certainly, start at the beginning.
Chair in place, head on the wall.
Cheaper than a repairman, believe me.
Cohen just go on readin'. Go on, go on.
Cohen and Ginsberg "
Cohen and Ginsberg. What ?
Come here, Lionel.
Come here.
Come on, come on. One time. Forget it.
Come on, daddy ! Oh, no !
Come on, daddy.
Come on, Edith. Who are they from ?
Come on, mom. I'll help you with dinner.