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The Jeffersons - Season 2

The Jeffersons - Season 2

The Jeffersons - Season 2 is a classic American television sitcom that originally aired in the 1970s. Created by Norman Lear, it serves as a spin-off of the equally popular sitcom, "All in the Family." The show premiered on CBS in 1975 and quickly became a fan favorite with its humorous take on social and racial issues of the time.

The star-studded cast of The Jeffersons - Season 2 brought the characters to life with their incredible performances. The main characters include:

1. Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson: A self-made businessman with a loud personality and big dreams. George's witty remarks and larger-than-life demeanor consistently stole the show.

2. Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson: George's loving and level-headed wife, known for her warm heart and ability to keep George in check.

3. Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson: Louise and George's kind-hearted son, who often found himself caught up in the hilarious situations created by his father's ambition and stubbornness.

4. Roxie Roker as Helen Willis: The Jeffersons' next-door neighbor, a calm and understanding woman who, with her husband, Tom, shared many interesting conversations about race and society.

5. Franklin Cover as Tom Willis: Helen's husband, who happens to be white. The friendship between the Jeffersons and the Willises showcased the show's humorous and progressive take on interracial relationships.

6. Marla Gibbs as Florence Johnston: The sassy and quick-witted maid of the Jefferson family, known for her back-and-forths with George and her dry sense of humor.

The Jeffersons - Season 2 continued to captivate audiences with its clever writing and memorable episodes. Each episode tackled various social issues such as race, class, and relationships with a lighthearted approach, providing a refreshing perspective on the topic.

The show's theme song, "Movin' on Up," became iconic and is still widely recognized today. Its upbeat melody and catchy lyrics perfectly reflected the Jeffersons' journey from their modest Queens neighborhood to their luxurious Manhattan apartment.

If you want to relive the hilarious moments and delightful themes in The Jeffersons - Season 2, you can now access and download these classic sounds. Simply visit our website and immerse yourself in the laughter and wit that made this show a timeless classic.

Whether you're a fan of witty banter, social commentary, or simply love quality sitcoms, The Jeffersons - Season 2 is a must-watch. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the laughter and life lessons that this groundbreaking show offers. Play and download these sounds here, and let The Jeffersons take you on a memorable journey filled with humor, heart, and unforgettable moments.

A "Your Honor, here comes the judge," judge?
A baby boy was born in a cotton field
A bartender ain't just some guy who pours drinks.
A bartender is the drinking man's psychiatrist.
A bigger allowance, Pop.
A birthday cake. Go out and buy one.
A black girl, Weezy, pure black,
A book? What book?
A bottle of English.
A cab?
A can of assorted cookies.
A check for a thousand bucks.
A cookbook?
A couple of other clubs in this town
A couple of times,
A couple of trespassers and a pot of cold stew.
A crowd is the loneliest place, George.
A cruise?
A cup of tea would be nice.
A dau...? Hey, hey, hey, hey!
A day? Good.
A delicious sense of humor, Mr. J.,
A fortune?
A friend should be able
A friend.
A golden ladder.
A good father's supposed to pay for his son's education,
A good head on your shoulders.
A good home cooked meal for a change.
A good maid always cleans behind the refrigerator.
A good picture of the family.
A great author when she's creating?
A great big old wedding cake, triple decker, all chocolate.
A great stereo.
A guy who's got a compulsion to work.
A ha!
A ha! A ha! A ha! A ha!
A ha! Don't you "a ha" me!
A handsome prince, of course.
A handsome prince?
A horn, cuff links, and a bike.
A horn?
A hundred dollars
A hundred dollars?
A last minute check is not a present.
A little possum goes a long way.
A lot lately?
A lot of drinking lately. Why?
A lot of us old guys do have problems with their families.
A lot of your colleagues do.
A luxury liner.
A man like you
A mother can tell her own son from a bird.
A person who's always bringing the office home with him.
A po' black or a po' white,
A po' what?
A policeman found it.
A real looker.
A reason for all this drinking.
A self made man who came up the hard way,
A short haired Cambridge man himself.
A sleek racer with distinctive red stripes
A thief. My own son, a thief!
A truck for a truck."
A very nice chap on the other end,
A very special game with Judge Markel.
A whole year.
A wife should respect her husband.
A woman raised you, George.
A woman's job is working for a man.
A young, handsome dude from a good family?
Aah! That ain't going to work.
About $80.
About his father's death.
About me helping you with the dishes anymore.
About me?
About my own college graduation,
About not using this term paper?
About our engagement this evening...
About taking hassles from your boss,
About the party?
About the poor Rice Krispie that came from a broken home?
About the way Florence is acting.
About the way to make it in the business world.
About this being a special day for someone very special?
About us going out with the Hendricks.
About what you're going to say in your speech?
About what?
About what's wrong with our system.
About you, Mrs. Jefferson.
About your business experiences.
About your turning down that job offer.
About your wife.
Actually, Celia and I
Actually, George is eating rabbit.
Actually, George, you haven't lost anything.
Actually, I thought cauliflower was rather good.
Afraid I can't make it Thursday.
After 18 years?
After all these years, I just wanted to meet you.
After all, $500 is a big fine, even for George.
After all, 70 is a very special birthday.
After all, hasn't he been a good son to his mama?
After all, her job brings her to America
After all, it was my own fault I had the accident.
After all, it's a very special day for me.
After all, when you reach three score and 10...
After all, you taught me everything I know.
After all, you went to all this trouble to get him here,
After all, you're just like a daughter to me, dear.
After going out with you, he's only "99%" Wilson.
After that hair cut, you're going to need it to buy a hat.
After the way you behaved with your wife.
After what I've done?
After what you did to me?
After you, friend.
Again, sir. Oh, yes, indeedy, sir.
Against black neighborhoods.
Ah ha, door, that was it.
Ah ha, so that's where you got these crazy ideas from.
Ah, ah. I'll fix it.
Ah, are they busy?
Ah, but your team always had the prettiest cheerleaders.
Ah, come on, Louise. Forget about the dishes
Ah, Daphne, she was in my lasagna period.
Ah, Edward Villella.
Ah, glad to see you. Come on in.
Ah, good morning, partygoers!
Ah, got it.
Ah, hello, Momsy womsy.
Ah, hello, Mrs. J. Aren't they beauties?
Ah, here it is, possum stew.
Ah, hi, Mr. Jefferson.
Ah, I was right!
Ah, Lionel,
Ah, look, I'll take these.
Ah, Louise, you look beautiful.
Ah, Mr. J, I see you have a guest.
Ah, Mr. J, I thank you from the bottom of my back.
Ah, Mrs. J, thank you for the use of your... Daphne!
Ah, Mrs. Jefferson, how are you today?
Ah, mum's the word, eh, Mum?
Ah, Neptune's ambrosia.
Ah, not bad for an amateur.
Ah, Rev. Perry.
Ah, that's what it is!
Ah, the same old George.
Ah, the treasure of the deep.
Ah, what's the big surprise you got for us?
Ah, would you like to have some punch,
Ah, yes. Her name is Tracy Williams.
Ah, yonder comes Sitting Bull.
Ah, you have
Ah, you heard about the party? Absolutely spiffing.
Ah! Voila!
Ah! You got to be reasonable.
Aha! His date.
Ahem, ahem, ahem.
Ahh, mm. Marvelous.
Ain't a father supposed to want that for his son?
Ain't he?
Ain't it better with a friend
Ain't it the truth?
Ain't it? A cruise sounds marvelous!
Ain't much to tell. I'm George Jefferson,
Ain't no "just" in front of 20 bucks.
Ain't no hassling, ain't no dirt,
Ain't no reason for us
Ain't no rent.
Ain't no secrets between us.
Ain't no use.
Ain't nothing in this world could make me go up there.
Ain't nothing special about the Harlem store.
Ain't nothing to think about.
Ain't nothing you can do in a spot like that
Ain't ready for mixed marriage.
Ain't somebody going to get that door?
Ain't somebody, it's him, Keller.
Ain't that right, Bentley?
Ain't that right, Willis?
Ain't that something?
Ain't that something?
Ain't that the latest?
Ain't you got no better way to spend your time?
Ain't you got no sense?
Ain't you old enough
Ain't you supposed to be in the kitchen?
Alice Johnson was an angel.
Alice Johnson?
All about the birds and the bees.
All his friends were telling me how
All I can tell you is, her appetite is perfect.
All I could find was this one, Tom.
All I have is a $5.00 bill.
All I know is I'm trying to get into this locker.
All I need is a snappy title.
All I see is you and Weezy on the beach in bathing suits.
All I stole were a few diamonds,
All I want is some coffee, Mom.
All I've got is a sore back.
All I've got is floors to scrub and windows to clean.
All it takes is will power.
All kinds of guys can go into that smoke,
All of a sudden you're willing to eat fish,
All of a sudden, I was in the subway.
All of central Illinois will be under three feet of water.
All right now, if you want to go and ruin
All right, all right. I'll do it your way.
All right, everybody, this is Skeeter Jackson.
All right, fine.
All right, Florence.
All right, George, give me a straight answer.
All right, George, go ahead. Name one.