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Home > Shanoa Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
A little girl in a place like this.
A vampire.
Are we finished?
Are we still trapped here?
Are you lost?
Behold my gift, the secret art of ecclesia.
Darkness face the dawn.
Doesn't matter.
Fade back Into Darkness. That is your fate.
I am the blade that dispels the darkness. That is my sole purpose in this world.
I am the morning sun come to Vanquish this horrible night.
I ask you, grant me a battle.
I cannot lose combat is my sole reason for living.
I do not know.
I have a destiny to fulfill.
I have a task I must complete.
I have failed. My mission.
I have the strength to challenge Dracula now, I'm sure of it.
I must prove my worth to you. Is that it? Very well, let's begin.
I sense great power within you. I will use it to measure my own.
I wish to measure my strength. Come, let's begin.
I won't hold anything back.
I won't let you stop me.
I've learned to trust only my glyphs.
If that's true, I ask you grant me a battle.
Is that so?
It's been illuminating.
It's time to die.
Leave him to me.
Let's begin.
Little girl.
My duty is clear.
My duty is complete. The light of peace will scatter the shadows.
My duty is done. It is over.
My master never covered this, but I judge you my enemy.
My power is not meant to be used against the likes of you.
One day man shall look to dawn without need to fear the darkness.
Stand in my way and you will fall.
Such agility. You're no ordinary man.
Such passion. I've forgotten what that feels like.
Surely Dracula is not so easily defeated.
Thank you.
That is my sole purpose in this world.
That is the power of our glyphs, the mighty art of Ecclesia.
That whip you're from the Lost dynasty of hunters.
That's no concern of yours.
The time has finally come. This is the very reason I exist.
Then it appears I have no choice.
This power is your bane. It will destroy you and Dracula both.
Very well, let's see if my strength is enough to carry the day.
Very well.
We've no cause to fight.
What is it?
What is this place?
What point did this battle serve?
When I said I could defeat Dracula, it was no idle boast.
Which of us is real?
Who will I face?
Why do you oppose me?
You defeated Dracula, then I request a match with you.
You defeated Dracula.
You really believe you have the strength to defeat Dracula?
You'll not be satisfied with any explanation.
You're from the Lost dynasty of hunters.
You're no ordinary man.
Your clan completely vanished. That's why we sought out the power to stop Dracula.
Your powers aren't enough to defeat me.